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A Visit From The Dearly Departed?


This story happened to me in 2001, which is a year that was very turbulent for me. I lost both my mother and father that year and what happened to me one cold winter night, I will never forget.

It was a late cold night in November of 2001. I awoke to a headache and decided to head to my bathroom for an aspirin. While I was opening my medicine cabinet, I noticed someone walk by the bathroom door to my kitchen. Thinking nothing of it, and thinking it was my wife going to get a drink, I took 2 aspirin and was on my way back to bed. I got into bed and started to stretch out, thinking that my wife was not in bed and still in the kitchen, when I stretched out and felt her next to me! I jumped straight up and woke her from her sleep. I asked, "Were you just in the kitchen?" She said, "No? I wasn't, why?" I said, "Somebody's in the house!" I reached into my drawer and pulled out my 9mm pistol and commenced to search for an intruder. I walked to the kitchen expecting to see someone. What I saw was nothing. The back door and front door were locked and bolted. All windows were shut. Not an intruder in sight.

When I look back on it, I remember that the person who passed me in the hall made no sound. It didn't feel threatening in any way. Could it have been my dead mother or father coming back from the grave?

One week later I came home from work depressed. It was close to Thanksgiving and I remember it was a cold day. My mother had this big crystal on the front door that shined a certain way when the sun shined through the window. I walked down that same hall as I had done many times before. I started to cry for her. All of a sudden, I smelled her sweet perfume like a ton of bricks. I knew there was nothing there in the house left of her's because I gotten rid of everything due to it being too painful to remember. At that moment I felt happy and relieved. Maybe it was her saying, "Son, I'm okay. I may be gone, but I'm always here with you."

I'll never forget these experiences.

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HappySpirit (187 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-31)
Wonderful story! Yeah, your mama was definitely letting you know that she loved you and was still around. I enjoy these kind of stories - they remind us all that death isn't the end and love doesn't die.
Argette (guest)
12 years ago (2012-03-28)
That is a very sweet thing for your mother's spirit to do, reassure you. No one loves you like your mother, right?

I put this in my favorite. It made me smile, but feel sad, too.

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