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Our 2nd House


Before I begin to explain the mysterious things that happened in our 2nd house and still currently occurring until now, let me give a bit background about the house.

We acquired the lot from the previous home and lot owner last 2003. Lot area is 400 square meters and surrounded with fruit trees. Most of the fruit trees are mango tree, alligator pear tree, Jahore oak tree and other trees. However, the previous lot owner cut most of the trees even if we purchased those trees upon payment of the lot, leaving only Guyabano tree and the huge Star apple tree. They say that those two trees bear fruit every season so they decided not to cut them down. Our house was then constructed around 2004, a wide bungalow type. Most of the time our 2nd house was quite since we're only there during the evening time to rest and during weekends. Most of our time is spent in the 1st house/store where our family business is located (cake shop and cafeteria), 5 blocks away from the 2nd house. During day time, we leave the 2nd house alone. Our 2nd house window type is sliding clear glass windows, so it is very visible for someone outside to see what's inside our house and my mom dislikes putting window curtains on the living room area and kitchen area because she likes sunshine to enter the house.

Our neighbors are aware that no one is inside the house however some say that they've seen someone inside the house either walking or standing in the living area or in the kitchen area. Sometimes they say that a radio or lights are on. It's kind of weird because we always switch off the main electric switch for precaution since no one is using electricity. My Mom or Dad would just laugh or shrug their shoulders if someone told them about the incident or sometimes send us home including my brothers to check the house but when we reached home, nothing is unusual. We also had a neighbor who happened to have strong paranormal senses. He said that we are living with earthbound spirits however they are not that dangerous to deal with.

There is also one occasion when my cousin was instructed by my mom to clean the house. She was just alone at that time, so she decided to turn on the radio loud. While she was sweeping at the kitchen area, the radio turned off automatically. She checked if there was a power interruption and checked if the fuse was busted all ok nothing busted. She just turned the radio back and continued cleaning until she reached the living area where the radio is located. While cleaning the area, she noticed that the volume was decreasing and witnessed that the digital numbers on the volume monitor was decreasing. As if someone was turning the volume knob. Frightened she run to our store and reported the event to my mom. My mom just instructed my younger brother to accompany her upon cleaning the house.

Also, when me and my Dad watched "Gags, Just for laughs" the 2 doors on the lavatory and comfort room area slam shut. My Dad and I looked at each others faces in awe. We are a bit noisy while watching the show. There are times when the wind chime in the living area chime without a breeze blowing or we hear someone knocking on the back door. Our dog sometimes barks in front of the Star apple tree at night or early morning. Sometimes my other cousins are tempted to play spirit of glass or use Ouija board to communicate with them, however are hesitant to try since it is a serious game. We just leave all things to God.

The house has been blessed a second time but maybe they are happy to live with us in our house that's why they don't leave. We concluded that they don't want any noise because most of the mysteries happen only when we are a bit noisy.

I don't consider our 2nd house is haunted. We just thank God that no one is being hurt or sick in our family. We just respect our invisible house mates...

Thanks for reading... Comments are very welcome!

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dickron (3 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-09)
Hi AshGrove!
Your right that some of our things are a little bit laid back. I don't know why my parents wanted those things, I just don't mind it so long as it is working. We are living in a hilly county. Some of your theory are probably right, those thing might be cause of natural things such as wind blows and other natural occurrence, however there are other events that are un explainable and difficult to think and analyze.

Thanks for reading!

AshGrove (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-05)
Interesting experiences. From your posted account, your family sound laid-back people and your mothers appreciation for openness and sunshine comes across as very positive. The effects of draughts and airflow through the building may of course be an explanation of some of what you describe. I'm sure you'd all have considered such obvious causes - drapes not only allow privacy but they diminidh draughts too of course. The digital radio turningitself down is difficult to rationalise. Some older designs did have weighted, mechanical controls and dials rather than up/down (logic-based) buttons. Best wishes.
dickron (3 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
Hi claudia...

Thanks for reading! I will post more stories... 😆
Cholulteca (148 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
Hi Dickron,

Interesting story, thanks for sharing it 😊,
All the best,
dickron (3 stories) (21 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
Hi kiwi!

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it! It just so happen that my parents would send us back home to check if what our neighbor reported are true and also check if there would be robbers, however things are fine and I guess that those entity appear only to other person and not to us. I believe that they just want harmony. Funny thing is that they are the one who stop us when we are noisy. 😆

You also are also right when you elaborate in not putting any shading in our windows because there might be other real live person inside. Also playing spirits are really dangerous as what seen movies and read on factual books

Just in addition... My mom just recently put a see through type of curtain but it does not cover the whole window, just half of it... (wink wink)
KiwiSpirit (1 stories) (43 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-03)
If in fact you are living with other entities who consider your 2nd house as to be their home, your reports are very interesting consdiering they seem to be interactive with the living and are able to detect noises from our realm. From so many accounts regarding entites who can intelligently interact with the living there is much to consider with what consequence or effect may accompany such interaction. If they are able to slam doors and operate electrical equipment, one can only best hope that they do not have mallicious of malevolent intent. What I am getting at is, what would stop them from slamming another object other than the door and seriously hurting someone
(Not intending to scare you, but be aware)
Again referring to the thousands of stories which involve harmonious shared accomodation with other enteties, it seems that evil intent is not the majority of most cases. As for the real world though regarding your parents wishes for not providing shading on your windows is not such a good idea in this day and age where the likely danger of visitors is from a real live person or persons who could monitor you from outside. And your parents shrugging off reports of someone sharing their home and using appliances as being funny and sending their kids off to check it out? C'mon...) I don't mean to cause you offense but I will point out anything to anybody where I feel I could be helping you out.

Oh and if you were to ask my opionion of using an ouija or seance ceremony out of shear amusement, I'd probably curse and say don't even think about it...

Thank you for your story


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