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I've experienced "hauntings" in two family homes. It started when I was 14 while I was taking shower. A cold breeze hit me and at first I thought nothing of it. I felt it again and a weird feeling came into the pit of my stomach. So I got out, grabbed a towel and my clothes and went into the bedroom to dress. While I was drying off/dressing at super speed, something I couldn't see let out a nasty growl on the right side of my mom's bed. I ran out of there.

Later, my bed began to shake at night. I thought perhaps it was me being paranoid and shaking therefore shaking the bed. So I had my brother sleep with me. He woke up before me and then woke me up because he felt the shaking. After that, me, my brother, and sister all slept in my mom's room with the door closed and locked. I would hear things moving around in the front room, see shadows in the hallway, hear whispers...

I was home alone one day and brought my dog inside. I was too scared to go alone to the back bathroom, so I had my dog wait outside the door. There was a loud crash noise from my room and my dog ran away. She wouldn't go back there again.

After we moved from that house, other neighbors started hearing things. This was my first but not the last experience. We later moved into a house a family friend lived in. For awhile I was okay, but then I began having nightmares of things attacking me, making me not able to speak or move. It was horrible. One night a friend stayed over. I never told him anything involving my experiences with ghosts. He saw something in the hallway from my room and asked if my house was haunted. Alarmed, I asked "WHY?" He had seen the figure of a black man looking into the room. I was so scared. I liked to pretend I never felt anything in the house. But once he told me this, I couldn't just ignore the "problem". His friend came over to pick him up and couldn't believe the activity/evil that was in the house.

He told me two dogs lived there among other things... I have seen one of the dogs on two occasions. Both times I thought at first it was my dog, but quickly realized it wasn't. The first time I saw it, I only caught a glimpse of white legs and paws. The second time I was getting into the fridge and I glimpsed a white dog face to my right. For once, I didn't feel threatened by a spirit.

Later on, I could hear knocking and scratching on the walls coming from outside. There was a loud vortex like sound coming from the backyard. My dog would bark and freak out sometimes. I thought it was odd that never once did my family wake up from him barking. I became too scared to fall asleep and would stay up all night and wait for day break to go to sleep. I later found out from my friend's friend that he just "knew" the land I lived on had been a landfill sometime ago. It didn't register to me until I remember a neighbor boy telling me this same thing a couple of years before he stated this.

I now live in apartments by a cemetery (nice choice huh?) and have a daughter. Sometimes she'll watch something in the apartment that can't be seen and laugh or just stare. It scares me for I don't want her to be able to feel/see the things I do. It's awful and horrifying.

Another experience I had was in Fairfield, CA at Rockville Cemetery. A former boyfriend took me there late one night because he was bored. The second I stepped onto the soil I got a bad feeling from the place. I felt as if I was being watched, followed. I didn't see anything or hear anything, but that feeling was overwhelming and I made him take me back to his house. I will never again go back there, a lot of people from the area have told me stories of their experiences. It is a very haunted place.

These are my stories, though they do lack some detail. I became an insomniac and developed a phobia of people breaking into the house and of spirits. I have to have an animal with me wherever I live, for I believe if there is something there, they will know. I sleep only against a wall with my back facing the wall for fear of something coming up behind me and touching me. I could go on and on.

If anybody knows of hauntings in Red Bluff, CA, please let me know! Thanx

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Paratea23 (1 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-12)
I used to live in Red Bluff CA! Growing up my house was haunted (1051 Washington St, It's a gray building) and people said things about the house on the corner next to ours too. It's the one with Cherry Trees all round it and its Victorian. I don't know what kind of haunting that Victorian has, but it always felt I was being watched from that house. (nothing scary though) In my own house there were all kinds of sounds. Anyway, I too have had nightmares of things attacking me and making it impossible to move or speak, I don't know why though. I'll tell you though that whole area up there has got something going on. I wish more people would write about it.

spiritualawareness (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-12)
I know this is years after your post. Are you still having problems with the paranormal activity? I read this tonight, and I felt the need to get ahold of you somehow. I wish to talk to you about this, if you still want to.
A friend who understands and can help with all your questions,
johndominguez (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-01-11)
i thank I am the one the took you ther I am john call me or text me at 707 721 6111 I still go ther we need to talk abot rock ville
Thadicus (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-05)
Interesting story. I just recently went to the Rockville cemetery. Nothing showed up on my film, but I too got a strange feeling there of being watched. I was wondering if you are a sensitive?

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