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The Ghost In The Penthouse


I have had my fair share of the 'unseen world' (as I like to call it) and though at times I have been terrified, I think my body is now starting to get use to the things that I experience. The most recent, which I'd like to get off my mind is the spirit in our office.

Myself and some team members have recently moved into a new building in Techno Park in Stellenbosch, and we were lucky enough to have the Penthouse floor. We were excited to have an entire top floor all to ourselves but soon found out that we have an unseen visitor.

During the second week of us being here, two members of the team, Grant and Ernesto, stayed to work late and while no one else was in the office (as they need access cards to get into the building) they got a little bit freaked out when they heard footsteps going from the kitchen to the door of their office and hearing doors open and close. On having a closer look and examining every corner on the Penthouse floor, they could see no one - the office was empty. Soon after that Graeme was in the kitchen making coffee for us, when he heard a sneeze come from inside the kitchen (keep in mind this kitchen is probably 2meters long and a meter and a half wide - very tiny), no one was there. As this is something that happened just among the guys in the office, us ladies started thinking it was all a game to scare us... Until we had our own experiences. It was my turn to make coffee for the team and I had just finished and was walking out the kitchen door when I heard someone whisper in my right ear 'baby'. I turned around, and there was no one there. Shivering I speed walked back into our office cubicle and told them what had happened, and to go get their own coffee from the kitchen. The other girl, Carla, had the same experience as the first guys, just working late and hearing footsteps in and around the office.

Recently, on speaking with a woman that works on the same floor as us, just in a different cubicle, she too said that she thought the place was haunted but didn't want to say anything because she was too embarrassed. Her story was that she was working late one night and the door to her office that was closed, opened up. She said she got up to close it and heard the click saying the door was firmly shut when the very next minute, the door swung open again more forcefully. She said that she freaked out and switched her PC off and ran out the office.

The most recent to date, is hearing someone knock on our office door, but when all 6 of our team members, who are sitting together on the Penthouse floor, look up - no one is there. I must say that experiencing this spirit within a working environment has been exciting and welcoming; it has been strange to feel that it might have followed me home - though of late nothing has happened in the home front again. I don't want to link the two up, but as I have been home I have experienced someone call into the same ear again 'baby' to the point where I turn around thinking that it's my boyfriend, Richard, only to find out it isn't. Just last week as I was clearing up after dinner I could hear someone come down the stairs stamping their feet in a hurry and run into the lounge and back upstairs. As it was just myself and Richard in the house, I again thought that it must be him. To my surprise though I realized it couldn't be him because he was in the shower and he would still be walking towards the bathroom in the short amount of time it took me to get to the stairs and see if it was him. One more experience that also happened in the same week; I was in the shower and having one of those steamy hot, hot showers when all of a sudden I felt a chill on my right shoulder and cheek - almost like someone had put one hand on my right cheek and one hand on my right shoulder and gave it a little squeeze. It gave me the shivers and I ducked back underneath the warm water and started singing to calm myself down.

Lately we have just been telling this spirit that they are welcome to stay around us, but we don't want it to frighten us, and since we have started saying that, things have died down a bit.

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narcissa (4 stories) (77 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-30)
good story... But I didn't understand one thing, -why did you want it to stay? I would've freaked out like hell and rushed out of the damn place that very night! Kudos to people who post such stories on here -you really DO have a nerve!
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-28)
Probably something that is connected to the land the building is buit on, or it is attached to something or someone in the building. I am curious though because you mentioned that you have heard the same word spoken to you in your own home am I correct? Could this be connected to you? I am glad that things have died down though for you though.

Thank you for sharing.


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