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Some Strange Occurences


I am a 25 year old male from South Africa. Since I was a small boy, I had some very strange occurrences happen to me, some of which my parents told me later, and I have no recollection of them at all.

Starting from what my parents told me;

We went to visit friends of the family when I was about 3-4 years old. Upon arriving at their house, I told my parents that I do not like the place, and no matter how hard they tried to figure out why, I just refused to tell them why. On the second night of the trip I told my mother: "I do not like sleeping in that room, there is someone in there who doesn't like me ". To this day I cannot remember anything of what happened there, nor that we even went there.

A second account is one where we went on holiday to the coast (we live inland). We were driving along a mountainy region and I told my dad that I think we should stop at the closest spot, without giving any apparent reason. My parents wanted to push on so we could get to our destination as soon as possible, but I was adamant, getting very anxious. We stopped, and as soon as they calmed me down we continued our journey. There was a rock fall on the road, and judging by the dust in the air, it must have happened a few moments before.

The next recollection is my first that I can remember myself; I was 13 years old at the time;

I was sitting in our TV room at my parents' place, watching a movie; my parents already went to bed. My dad was the only smoker in the house at the time (the reason why I say that will be clear later on). The TV room is quite far from their bedroom, so the noise from the TV did not bother them at all. I heard footsteps in the passage, and as I turned around to look, there was no-one there. As soon as I turned towards the TV, I saw someone behind me lighting a cigarette, and again there was nothing as I turned around. I went to my parents' bedroom, thinking that my dad was checking up on me and with the intention of asking why he didn't just say something when he was behind me. Upon getting to their room, both my mother and father were fast asleep. I felt very weirded out since I had a lot of funny feelings in the house before.

A few years later I had a very disturbing occurrence. I was laying in bed (about 17 at the time) I had a dream about someone close to me passing away in a car-wreck. The following morning my father came in to the room and told me that my cousin passed away the previous night.

After that I didn't have any more experiences until very recently. I had a few occasions where I would wake up startled, unawares as to what woke me up.

About 18 months ago I woke up to someone at my bedroom window. I jumped out of bed, thinking that someone might be breaking into my house. I grabbed a weapon of sorts, looked out of windows but saw nothing at all. The next morning I walked around the house, looking for tell-tale signs of someone walking around earlier. There were no footprints whatsoever outside my window. (There is a garden underneath my window, and it was the rainy season, so the ground was wet)

Two nights ago, a friend and I was sitting in the kitchen chatting about odds and ends. The kettle started boiling, and abruptly stopped about 20seconds later. Neither my friend nor I touched the kettle, and I checked, the kettle's switch was in the "off" position. We decided that it was a bit too freaky to stay in the kitchen, and moved outside to the patio area. Nothing happened any further. That night while sleeping another unexplained thing happened. Since I was the only one in the house I normally sleep with my door open. The door to my bedroom slammed shut, and for a few moments I could not open the door, no matter how hard I tried. Finally the door gave way, and there was a chilled air about the house, not the normal winter-chill, but the kind that makes your hair stand on end. I couldn't sleep anymore, so I put on the TV and waited for anything else to happen, nothing did.

My question is: Is there some kind of entity attached to me? No one in my family had anything of the sorts happen to them. These things happened to me over the years, and I have moved to 4 different houses in the mean time. I also have some dreams from time to time about things that didn't happen, feeling way too realistic. It has happened before those events do happen as I have dreamt about it.

I would be very happy to answer any questions that you might have. I really need to understand what might be wrong with me (not "wrong" but "different" might be a better word), or if there is an entity that is attached to me.

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Komatist (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-10)
Hi folks,

James: Thanks once again for your post, I love it when someone explains themselves clearly.

With regards to the cigarette flare, some explanation might help with what I saw. My dad is married to my stepmother, her ex-husband died about a year before they got married. He was an alcoholic and smoked quite alot, and that made me think that it might be him. I might be very wrong, but the silhouette I saw was quite clearly in the shape of a human.

The door slamming shut; yes, no windows open whatsoever.

Where I live the ground is a clay-ish type of turf, so even when the ground dries up, you will still see footprints. As soon as I woke up, I only got a glimpse of a very "undefined silhouette" for a lack of a better explanation. It disappeared almost immediately.

Thanks for the advice on how to hone my gift, funnily enough my girlfrind sometimes claimed I read her mind. 😊

Zzsgranny, thanks for your post as well, I will most definitely give it a try.


zzsgranny (18 stories) (3327 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-08-08)
Komatist: Another way to test your ability without another person is a simple deck of playing cards... Choose randomly several cards and keep them face down so that you don't have any idea which cards you have... From that stack, choose only one card and concentrate on it to see if you can get an impression...It's kind of fun, and sometimes you're off a bit, like you get the impression of a 4 of diamonds and it's actually a 4 of hearts...Or, you could be wayyyy off and get an ace of spades, and the card's a 3 of hearts!...Test yourself and keep track of how many times you're correct and wrong, time of day, weather conditions, etc. As these all have bearings on your psyche...

I don't think this is a single entity...I'm thinking you're open to the paranormal, and if you practice you can hone your skill... Just understand that once you open up fully, you may not like everything you see or sense...

Have fun and thank you for posting 😊
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-05)
Komatist ~
It does me good for you to say my explanations help you understand a bit more. All of us here have different experiences and ways of expressing, and much insight can be gained by sharing.

The debunking approach gives reason its due, and reason is not the antagonist of spiritual experience. For instance, the cigarette lighting flare you saw might have been an optical misfiring or the brain adjusting itself to something else. I've seen enough visual spots over time to know it happens, but then again I wasn't there to see the total definition of what you saw, and apparently it startled you enough to check on your father, so I cannot say anything definitively.

The boiling electric kettle? Well, although you checked, you know electrical stuff can occasionally "act up" when a button or switch has not been fully clicked off. The curious thing is that your door slammed shut that same night. And, I assume, no windows were open?

Which leaves the someone at your window. If you were sleeping at the time, what woke you up in time to see it? If your curtains were open, how long did it remain? You say it was the rainy season, so was the ground boggy? Could footprints, which are seldom deep anyway, have sponged up? In other words, could it actually have been a living would-be burglar?

As with any gift or talent, we develop extra-sensitivity by practice. We all hear about instinct and know about immediate reactions, and in my definitions, the sixth-sense, if you will, engages both instinct and immediate reaction.
Say, for instance, you ask a friend to test your mind dimensions and ask him or her to think of something and then you close your eyes (to better shut out other sensory input) and see yourself going into that person's mind. What you immediately see, that's your test answer. See how often you are correct, and practice until your correct scores start moving up. Or without another person involved, go somewhere you're not totally familiar with and with the same process, see what you "see" around the next corner or bend in the road or bush.
What it boils down to, is encouraging the ability to "see" what's in the universe. And it applies to the visible and invisible. Furthermore, what's invisible usually finds a way to be visible to us.
Enough for now?
~ James
Komatist (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-08-02)
James, thanks for the explanation, it makes much better sense now.

As far as the debunking, the account where I saw someone lighting a cigarette in the TV reflection. It was only my parents and me in the house, my dad being the only smoker. When I went to his room, he was fast asleep.

The other account where there was "someone" at my bedroom window, there were no footprints under the window, it was the rainy season so the ground was wet.

The kettle boiling on its own really baffled me, as neither I nor my friend even touched the kettle. As far as my door slamming shut and me being unable to open it, I don't really have any other explanation as to what it could be, I was alone in the house when it happened.

You also mention that I possess a gift or talent, how can one develop such a gift/talent? I believe that if I do have it, it might be for a reason.

Thanks for the responses, I do appreciate it.

JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-29)

You do understand my point, but I'd like to make it a little more exact, at least as I can theorize from your account:
Yes, I would say it does not appear to be a single spirit following you about. Why do I conjecture this?
First, the long intervals between events. A single entity would dog you and ratchet up the annoyances to quickly achieve its purpose.
Second, the experiences were of varied types and do not seem to form any sort of pattern.
Third, while I can believe your accounts, you mention no attempt to debunk, that is, to investigate other possible explanations. You may well have done, but you do not mention it.
Fourth, "normal" is not in one corner and "paranormal" in another. They run along the same spectrum (only perhaps in other simultaneous dimensions) and thus, the degree of "bleed-through" may vary according to degree of energy involved and purpose.
For instance, one spirit may come across powerfully to dispense a warning or message; another spirit may just be visiting and "playing around."

I suggest that you possess a gift, the way some of gifted musically or mathematically, and can more naturally sense some things on the other side than other people can. As with most talents, we can ignore them or use and develop them to benefit others. Your choice.

Compliments again on your fluent use of English. You write better than most of us born to it!

All the best in your quest to put these matters in proper perspective. ~ James
Shadead (91 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-29)
In my view I think it could be that as James stated you recieve messages and such and they don't mean you harm they just want help. If you want to not be bothered by them and I understand if you do it could be rather distractive then follow Miche's blessing idea and just keep a positive mind set.
Its you who lives your life not the spirits let them know it.

Best of luck,
Komatist (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-29)
Thanks for the reply folks.

Michelle: I do not feel threatened in any way, I would just like to know why the entity wants my attention. Is there any way that I can (safely) try and communicate with it?

James: What I understand from your post is that it might not be just one entity, but that I am open to various ones, and I might have thought it to be only one?

Please forgive me if I misunderstood, english is not my first language.
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-28)
Komatist--Thank you for the well-written account. You will get various responses and interpretations and advice, but this is mine:
I think what has followed you is yourself. It doesn't appear you're being singled out and in danger of being "possessed" but rather that you possess a certain degree of ability to pick up transmissions, and it's quite likely you'll always carry that about.
Whatever makes sense to you, just remember always, YOU ARE IN CONTROL, no one else, as to how you let events affect you.
All the best ~ James
miche101 (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-28)
hi there... As far as the dreams I, too, have dreamt of different events happening & later on they actually happened. This still happens to me... Where the dream is very clear, vivid, a little too realistic-like & what ever I had dreamt of came true (which has me wondering sometimes). I guess what I am trying to say is you may have heightened awareness that you have not known before that is coming through to you in your dreams... If it helps, do some research on 'dreams that do come true'...I did a little... Per the article I read 'psychic ability' was mentioned.
As for your other experiences... It could very well be someone wanting to get your attention... Music playing or tea kettle blowing without your intervention or the 'feelings/vibes' you're feeling, sights or sounds you encounter in the house... Someone definitely wants you to know its there...
I don't know what your religious beliefs are... But if I was you I would invest in some holy water & some down time blessing your 'entire house/property' with the holy water & with prayers... Tell it 'it is not welcome, must leave your home, not to come back'...
Do some research into using 'sage & salt' (spices) for your window sills & the grounds around your house... Get rid of anything with 'welcome' on it... I was told that this is considered an 'open invite' for spirits to come... I had my own hair raising encounters myself... So I can understand/appreciate your story.
Do research... Get yourself holy water & you must bless every room in your house with this holy water & while doing the blessing talk positively telling whatever is in your house its not welcome in your home & it must leave.
Good luck,
Michelle 😁

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