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Tall Shadow


Disclaimer: I promise you this story is not fiction, it is a true experience and I did not make up any of it. It started I would say back in like maybe January of 2010.

Every kid or teenager likes to be a little frightened here and there right? Well, one night, me, my sister, and my friend were feeling rebellious so we decided we would make a ouija board and try to communicate with the dead, or the non-living, you could say. We turned off the lights, and lit a few candles. We used a metal ring, a sharpie, and a white board.

So we asked a question, "Is there anyone here with us?" No movement.

We asked the same question maybe a minute later. When we asked it again the third time, it slowly started moving to 'yes'. We got freaked out and slid it to goodbye and flipped the board over, turned on the lights and blew out the candles. We were so scared, even though nothing happened. We shredded up the board and threw it away that night.

Around this time of year, my sister was with her boyfriend who claimed to have an experience such as this, that he knew it was stupid to play with one and he got mad at her.

About a few weeks later, she started experiencing weird things, such as hearing things in her room (where we played with the ouija board).

She claimed that she was seeing this huge, tall, shadow in her room that would watch her sleep at night. She explained that it was darker than her room when her room was pitch black, that she would get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and she would come back and it would be in her room by her bed again. She said it was sooo tall that it would touch the top of her ceiling and would be hunched over in a weird shape.

Her boyfriend had told her while he was with her, that she went in to this weird, quiet, stiff state and would not say anything, or move. She would just stare at him. She told me she didn't remember anything while he was telling her, but that she saw the same shadow in his bedroom door beforehand.

During all of this, she had a dream that everyone was screaming, saying, "theyr'e coming! They're coming! They are going to get you! Ornias is going to get all of you!" The next day she looked up this strange name and found it was a 'harrasing demon' out of all the demons there is in the bible.

Weeks later, I was so freaked out that I contacted someone I found on a website about our problem. I'm not sure if shes legit or not but here's our email to one another.


From me:

Okay, about 2 weeks or so ago, me, my friend, and my sister decided to make a Ouija Board. We lit candles, and we turned off the lights. We did do a prayer before we started.

We asked the board if there was anyone there. Nothing happened, we waited a minute and asked it again, it slightly started to move to the yes. We got totally freaked out and slid it to goodbye and flipped the board over.

Later that night we shredded the board up and threw it away. And ever since we played with it, strange things have happened to us. I guess my sister's boyfriend believes that she went into this trance for atleast 30 minutes. She wouldn't talk to him, she would just stare at him with her arms out as if she wants to hold his hand. She says she does not remember anything. And she said that same day she saw a shadow in the door way that was atleast 7ft tall. And its hunched over really bad.

The past week, almost every night, shes been seeing this same shadow in her room. Shes really creeped out.

And I guess she had a dream that some one was yelling out "They're coming! They're coming! They are going to get all of you" then she said that Ornias and Gnoll is coming for everyone.

The next day she looked up Ornias and found that he is the harrasing demon, so she's a little freaked out.

What should we do?


Erika, Az.

Her reply:

Hi Ericka,

First let me say, "Yipes and holy crap!"

You all got yourselves into a rotten situation that understandably seemed somewhat innocent at the time. It even may have felt safe being that you said a prayer prior to using the Ouija Board. As you now have seen and learned, there was some serious risk involved in dabbling on the board even a little bit.

But know that you are far from being alone in suddenly being met with unexplainable events following the use of an Ouija Board - even possession.

It sounds odd to say that word "possession" but essentially what you've described your sister doing without her knowledge is a form of something else taking over. Which is so not a good thing - of course.

So, what to do you ask...

When you destroyed the board after opening a doorway to communicate with the other side - you left that doorway wide open. Closing that doorway is essential so nothing else likes with it sees and pays you a visit, too. Blessing the home that you all were in would do this - meaning whomever lives in this home should walk through and bless it from top to bottom.

Now then, dealing with this demonic thingy - your sister needs to bless her living space ASAP and keep a positive, religious necklace on to keep it away! But if this thing continues to be able to take over your sister - that's a whole other level of nasty that needs to be dealt with on an exorcism level - and sadly I'm not kidding!

That's the article...

Okay then... When I say bless the house... Start by placing a bottle of spring water in the sun for a couple of hours (by a window will do) get a cross that can be worn around your neck later on... Go to the furthest corner of your basement (if it's an apartment the furthest room) and dip your cross into the water and splash it in the form of a cross and say a small prayer like, "Bless this home and keep out anything negative. In Jesus' Name." Do this in each corner, the wall in between corners and the windows... Do the door to the room/basement last... Then go to the top floor and do the same thing (be sure to get the closets... Each corner), then the main floor and do the door to the home last so whatever is there has a way out to leave... Then let the owner wear the cross for as long as they would like... A couple days, or couple weeks...

If your sister lives in this house... She needs to do this to her bedroom as well... And wear that cross for a couple of weeks... If she lives elsewhere she needs to do this wherever she lives... I do this in every place I move's safer so nothing will come in... And it does work... Every time... Have faith in that... Jesus let's no one down...okay?

Let me know how it goes... I learned my lesson with a Ouija Board the hard way too... So don't worry... You all aren't alone... You will get rid of it... And so will your sister... If it persists please do seek the help of a priest... They have the most experience in such things and some paranormal investigators locally do work with priests so aim to look for one... But still...don't worry... Demons won't win...okay?

Keep Strong...



After reading this, I was completely freaked out. I was begging my mom to help me bless the house, she wouldn't. She told me I was freaking out about nothing.

After a few months, I began to realize that my sister was probably making this all up, and one night, it was too hot in my room, so I decided to sleep in the living room. When I woke up, I looked around and saw something dark, darker than the room I was sleeping in. It wasn't a defined shape, but there was for sure something there. I was soo scared, I turned around and buried my face into the couch.

Ever since this, I haven't experienced many more things; there would be things here and there, but nothing real serious.

I hope you take my story as a warning. This isn't a joke, its serious when it comes to demons.

Thanks for reading my story (:

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KandiieChoklatee (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-10)
I once played with an Ouija board and we called Elvis Presley, I think. And nothing happened to us. Mainly because the Ouija board was a can cover... With scratched letters... Anyways, you should bless the house ASAP, when your mom isn't home (you said she didn't let you).
Keep us posted
Kenzie x
Spes et amor do fortitudo
krill123 (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-10)
Blessing your home is definetaly a good thing. But the next time you wake up in the middle of the night and this dark shadow is there... Tell it "In the name of jesus christ, leave this place and never return".
If this doesn't work for you, then you could try what aboriganese do... They give it a nickname and laugh at it. These shadow figures feed off fear so laughing at it makes it go away. Call it fred and ask it where wilma is... That kind of thing.

Good luck to you and your family.
TigFewton (guest)
13 years ago (2010-10-10)
Wow, I just love the Ouija advertisement at the bottom of your story.
wolfv3s (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-10)
hey eskenney.
This story gave me the creeps, like seriously. Before I read your story I was making plans with some friends to try to contact the spirits with a self made ouija board. But after reading this, you made me realize how very dangerous it can be to mess with these things, thanks so much for uploading this. I hope you get your house blessed soon.

ItsMeKrissi (11 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-09)
hey eskenney,
Great story and thanks for uploading the e-mail you sent to that person plus all the information!
Did you bless your house yet? Or did you just let it be as it was?

Krissi ❤

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