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Guardian - Blessed To Cursed


This happened in the business property we own. This property is rather a big one for a small business, it is building surrounded by big yard. The place where this property is located is not a safe place. It is surrounded by slums. This place is very popular for thieves, gangsters, drugs and every bad thing you can imagine. So even though we have employees sleeping inside the building we also have guard dogs for protection. Above all of this we have a Guardian or a protection god who protects this property. This Guardian is called "Muni" one of the village gods', south Indian villagers worship for protection against theft and evil entities. The usual offerings given to this God are meat preferably chicken and Cigars. Sometimes alcohol is also offered. We have a small temple built in the property for him and everyday one of us will light the lamp inside this small temple.

According to my late father who was the fourth occupant of this property this temple and the Guardian was established more than 60 years ago by the first occupant. It was before the English occupation of the country. Since the establishment every occupant mostly depended on this guardian for protection. I have to mention no one ever had anything stolen from the premises. Several times thieves have attempted to steal things from this place but have been caught every time. I also have to say the property and the people who were inside were never harmed even when India was experiencing some of the worst riots ever. Somehow the property seemed to be unharmed even though the surrounding properties had taken damage. Everyone believes the Guardian is protecting the property and the occupants.

On several times the Guardian has been seen or experienced by people including my father, some employees and some outsiders.

One of the strange things my father and others have noticed is that at night when it's around midnight the guard dogs never go near the Guardian's temple and also at night these dogs never take a particular route inside our property something like a walkway which is believed to be the guardian's usual walking route, when he's on duty protecting. Sometimes dogs scream and bark for no reason and have woken employees and. Some employees have seen moving shadows of some unknown person or thing and they swear it could never be a human because of the strangely tall shadows. None of the employees or occupants have feared or complained of this guardian since they believe he is protecting them. I like to mention a few things happened in this property.

This happened to my father several decades ago when he used to stay at night in that property. One night after a day's work he felt very sleepy and tired, so he placed his folding bed in a random place in the property and fell asleep. He forgot or was too tired to notice that his bed was on the pathway where the Guardian took his usual walk. Not realizing this he had slept there. After sometime closer to midnight suddenly he was thrown aside by some unknown force. The loud noise this created had woken everyone and when they saw what had happened everyone was shocked. When this happened all the dogs were barking like never before. He said it seemed as if the dogs were seeing something humans could not and they were very scared of it.

My father is 5'11 and may be about 80kg or more. He was well built at that time. It is not possible for some human to throw him just like that not to mention he was thrown around 6 feet away, not only him but also his steel folding bed which is even weirder. He had felt as if someone had kicked the bed with an enormous force. After this everyone had concluded it was the guardian and he had become angry because the bed was put in his walkway. It seems the guardian had seen it as an obstacle to his duty. To this date the walkway is kept free and we have never experienced something similar.

The second incident happened in 2004 when my grandfather died. When someone in the family dies Hindus usually don't light lamps which are used to worship god. They will start lighting after two weeks. I do not know the exact reason behind this custom but this has been the case for thousands of years, at least in my family's tradition. It is also believed when someone dies the God's will not be present in that house or place for a few weeks, until some Poona (A special worship) is made. The reason behind this is also unknown to me.

Because of my grandfather's death we were not supposed to light any lamps in our home or at our business property. So none of the holy lamps were lit including the Guardian God's. In one of the mornings of the few weeks without lamps some people from the neighbourhood (slums) have told our employees that the previous night one of the guy's from the slums who walks to his workplace early in the morning, had encountered something near the gates of our property. They have also told that this guy was so scared now he is having high temperature.

It seems this guy usually walks to work in the road where this property is located. He seems to start work early and as usual he was walking along this road at around three in the morning. When he was closer to our property he had seen some unknown shadow near the gate. He was very curious what it was so as he's walking in the other side of the road he had just stood there and stared. What he saw had made him so scared that he ran back to his home shivering and became sick shortly (but he was alright later). I have to mention here that this guy and people who live in the slums are not the usual Tom and Bob. These people are very poor, very brave and at times very violent. They are usually not scared of anything since everyday they do all sorts of dangerous things to feed themselves. The word scared is not in their dictionary. So there is no possibility that this guy had seen some random shadow and got scared. There are not many people who have the nerve to play some practical jokes on these people because they know the result would be severe. So there is no way someone had played a bad joke on him.

He had described the unknown shadow or thing as human shaped and more than 7 feet tall. In this country there aren't many tall people. He has said that the shadow was smoking what looked to be a cigar. It also had a huge body enough to crush an elephant. With this physique the guy was so curious who it was or what it was the guy had tried to see its face and for some unknown reason got scared. The rest is history. The people who came to inform us had also told us that a few days ago another guy also has seen something strange near the gate but he didn't inquire what it was and just went on. This was the first time something like this has ever happened in that premises.

From the things we had heard we all accepted it to be the guardian but something which created doubts in our minds at that moment was why should he leave the place and stay outside the gate. The accepted explanation at that time was because there was a death in the family; his lamp was not lit for many days in a row. Then again I got the question, the temple having been there for more than 60 years why at least not once this guardian was seen or felt leaving the property gates? I never got the answer nor anyone gave it any thought, things went back to normal after those few weeks and everyone believed everything was fine. Still I am not fully convinced this was the case.

One year after this incident almost half of the mentioned properties were acquired by someone else. We lost so much in money in this deal. My father had his reasons for making this deal which was acceptable. Four years after this incident my father died of ill health which was unexpected. He was sick for one week and he just died. We never saw it coming.

In the years to come I started to believe very strongly that this was all connected. The day the guardian left the property was very significant and would impact the future of the property and people involved in it. Still my family and employees strongly believe this Guardian is guarding the premises.

Later I will explain the other abnormal things happened after and before the Guardian was seen outside and all the impacts.

Everything happened so far had made me believe destiny can be changed not only by hard work but also by evil.

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Sakie (1 stories) (23 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-13)
We too believe that a guardian who we refer to as Gari-Deevta (Lord of the home) guards our homes! We also make special offerings to him seeking his blessings and as a mark of gratitude for his services. From stoties that I have heard, Gari-Deevta is tall and sturdy who ensures that our home is protected against all evils and negative energy!
golden_swastika (3 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-03)
[at] allesgute154 - very interesting and sounds similar, I think we are surrounded by so many invisible powers all the time, positive and negative.

[at] sheetal - thank you:)
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-19)
hi golden_swastika excellent explanation & excellent story. I started reading and it hooked me until the last line. I also heard something like that in my village also. Awesome story...
allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-04)
Dear golden_swastika,

I have had a similar experience. I'm from Goa and the family deity from my father's side is Mangeshi. Besides the main temple, there are other smaller temples in the complex. It is said that the puja of Mangesh is not complete until you worship the Mul-purush (the first man or guardian of the temple). This deity is offered cigarettes. At night, if you are staying in one of the rooms in the complex, you can hear the sound of a staff (or stick used by watchmen). During one of our stays there, when I got up to see the origin of the sound, I could see nobody. My dad later explained to me that it is the mul-purush or gram-devata guarding the temple complex and its people. He is never seen, but is always there.

Another story, you might have heard is of this temple called Shani-Shingnapur. It is the only temple in India dedicated to the Shani god. The story goes that houses in this village don't have doors and no robberies happen there because Shani god himself guards this village. And if anybody dares to steal, that person never goes unpunished.
golden_swastika (3 stories) (16 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-05)
[at] Althachi
This happened in South India, Chennai.
This Guardian is worshiped around South India.
Althachi (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-14)
Hey... Can I know in which part of India this incident happened?

Coz I have heard about similar kind of guardian who was offered Liquor and meat and Dogs are there companion, etc... Want to know whether this one is also the same.
prowler (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-19)
i think that the negative occurences took place because you people stopped lighting the lamp which was meant for the guardian. That must have made him angry. Do something to appease him, like lighting the lamp, making offerings to him and seek his forgiveness. May be that will make things normal. The problem with such deities/gods is that once you stop worshipping them they get angry and trouble you.
bhavyapattz (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-20)
oh I am realy sory for your dad and grandfather. I am hindu too and I know after someones death no one worship god for 3 weeks in our religon. No one know why. They just do.thanks.
Waiting for your next story.
maneater12 (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-23)
just say go away and take down the alter then get high post fencing that easy

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