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The Ghost That Committed Suicide


I was on a business trip with a colleague in Bogor, Indonesia about 2 years back. While we were there, our partners arranged all our hotel bookings, and they booked us at an old looking hotel but very well established. The partners even went as far as booking us our very own rooms rather than share a room. I was slightly happy, as I was not close to my colleague and I felt that I did not want to share a room with somebody I was not comfortable with. After dinner we decided to rest early and went to bed.

At about 2:30am, I woke up because I needed to use the toilet. When I was finished and was back in bed, sitting, I started hearing footsteps by the entrance door. The entrance door to where the bedroom was is quite some distance because the room we were booked into was an en suite. So, from the door it goes straight to the living room, and on the right side is the bedroom, which I happened to have not closed the bedroom door.

At first, the footsteps sounded as though somebody was creeping around because of how slow the sound of the steps were. I just sat there listening. Then the footsteps started getting faster like somebody was walking very quickly. All I could do was just sit there and sit quietly waiting. As the steps got faster, it sounded like somebody was running and just as I sat there a figure of a woman appeared running. However, the woman stopped right in front of my door, turned and looked at me. It was mere seconds that we stared at each other. She then turned back to the living room and started running again forward, and what's in front of her is the length of the living room and then the windows.

I did not hear anything anymore but I did continue to just sit there quietly under my covers. I am not sure how long I sat there but when the door bell rung, I just got up to open the door and saw my colleague standing in front of my door. I invited her in and she just started crying. I asked her if everything was all right, and she said that she experienced something quite scary. I did wonder if it was anything like mine. She related the story of her waking up because she heard a loud 'bang' outside her balcony and when she went to check there was nothing. Before going back to bed she went to use the toilet, and while she was in the toilet she noticed her bathtub curtain was closed. She thought it odd and decided to open it, and when she opened it there sat a woman looking up at her. She said she did not remember how she managed to run out and to my room. That night we slept together with the lights on.

The next day when we managed to tell the story to the hotel staff, they told us that there was a woman who committed suicide on the 5th level, which was my level, but she fell and died on the 3rd level on the balcony. I suppose my experience with the woman was not as terrifying as my colleague's experience, it was easier for me to let it pass by the next day.

That day we packed our bags and changed hotel, and shared a room.

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cross_angel87 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-02)
What's the name of that hotel again?

I'd like to see for myself LOL 😆

TravelDi (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-04)
Javelina - Thank you for the welcome and comment. That truly an experience I will never forget! Eventhough my part was not as scary as my colleague, but because I too saw the ghost, I can imagine how it would look like with the ghost sitting in the bathtub. I still felt the chills even as I was typing up the story, and I made sure it was during the day with lots of people around me! Till this day, when I'm staying at hotels, I will request a room without a bathtub! I wonder when will I ever enjoy a nice hot bath hahaha!
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
11 years ago (2011-03-03)
First I'd like to say 'Welcome to YGS'.
Now I have to say is Holy Crap! What an experience you two had, huh? That would have me changing hotels too. Even though this sounds like a residual haunting, it still is a bit shocking to have this happen without notice. I mean, how does this keep people coming to their hotel? I could understand if it were advertised as haunted because many of us would go there just for the ghost hunting experience and the chance to possibly document whatever we could. But to have this happen to unsuspecting customers is kind of like shooting themselves in the foot. I'd be upset about the lack of concern myself.
Now that I've thrown my little tantrum I must thank you for sharing this story with us. It truly is the type of story that most of come here for, so you certainly fit right in.

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