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It was my regular summer holiday visit to my mom's native along with my brothers. Just like every year the summer holidays was fun... We live (family) in down south and my mom's native is in north east so usually summers are much cooler up there. The guest house we stayed was one of my great grandfathers property build during the time of British raj.

It was a beautiful place to stay with a lovely garden and breath taking hill side view. Me my cousins we all used to live together as we only used to get time once in a year to catch up. I was 16yrs old and my bros were 14 and 12. My cousin sis was 16,18, another was 19 and her bros were 17 and 15 all the elders slept in a diff room and me and my cousins in a separated rooms but side by side rooms, which was shared by a spacious living room in between. We hardly used to watch T.V. After our regular dinner which is very early around 7pm we were sent off to bed. But we never used to sleep, we used to lock our bedroom doors attached to the hall-room and used to gather up in living room sofa pass our time singing songs dancing, playing guitar and narrating different stories (gossip as well).

As the days passed by all left to their house only me and my brothers along with one of my cousin bro were left in that guesthouse. And out of my cousins I was the only gal so I had to sleep all alone in that huge bedroom and my bro's and my cousin in the other room.

One night I heard strange noises on the roof and on the wall. Ignored it and went to sleep. The next night it continued at the same time around 12am I still ignored it. On the third day I heard those noises which were like as if someone scratching the roof with nails, and then the noise was passed on to the walls. And that got me a bit scary. I immediately went to the next room where my bro's were sleeping but for my surprise. The boys were missing I panicked and went clueless thinking what to do. But never dared to go back to my room or even cross the hall room to go wake up my mom and aunt. And I felt safe in that room. Hardly realized when I dosed off!

After few hours my bro wakes me up and asks what am I doing in his room. It was an embarrassment to tell him that I was scared last night with all that noises because I knew he will make fun of me after some time if I tell him that I was getting scared in my room. Then I asked them where were they last night when I came to their room. Now they were scared of me because they were fearing that I may tell mom and aunt about them missing at mid night from their room. My bros and my cousin were very nice to me and told me the secret that, they went for fishing to the nearby lake last night and not to tell mom and aunt about it. So now that I had their secret I also opened up and told them the reason why I was sleeping in his room. My bro's as expected smiled on me and said it would be a cat on the roof and I was over reacting. I felt the same and ignored it.

The same night it was all calm and normal but the day after the noises re appeared and it was getting louder and louder. I tried hard to ignore then thought to take a look outside the window whether it was really a cat or something which was making all the noises. But I could see nothing. I decided to tell my mom about it. And next morning during breakfast I told this to my family. As expected I got the same reply. I was really embarrassed and told my self not going to tell this to anyone ever.

That same night something very different happened. When I was sleeping I felt very cold all of sudden so I got up to pick up my socks from the bag near by and put them on went back to my bed covering myself completely with thick sheets. All of sudden I felt as if a light flashed on my face and I opened my eyes. Still inside the sheet. And could feel my bed moving. That was definitely not a dream and I at once screamed. And the more I screamed I felt my bed shaking more. I screamed as hard as I can. Calling my mom my bro's name loud. Then finally I took the sheets off my face and for my surprise my bed stopped shaking. By then time my bros came running to my room and switched on the lights saw me crying. I explained them what happened at first they didn't believe me. But then my cousin explained that one of my cousin sis who was here experienced the same incident last year. After I spoke to my cousin sis on phone she told me that she experienced the same incident more over she felt as if some one lifted her and threw her to the other end of the room.

After that incident she never slept alone in that room. But never informed mom or aunt. I immediately informed all this to my mom and aunt and uncle. I didn't know what did they do. But it was our last day then same evening we were leaving the place as our holidays were over. As usual next year we did visit that place... But nothing such incident ever took place ever again until date.

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ghostrider24 (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-09)
hi dimple

Hope you are doing good... The same incident had happened to my aunt some years back when she was in her early 20's,she is nearing 40 now... This type of ghosts are attracted to young women & teenage gals same as case of mohini is attracted to men. These are dangerous too. Thank god you got escaped from that place and nothing was happening more... Wishing you wonderful days ahead... God bless Take Care 😊
astron (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-11)
May be there are ghost because"energy can neither be created nor destroyed "...ghost is a soul surrounded by energies comprising the modes of material passion and desire...
tapu123 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-05)
just ask the people of that locality in a precarious manner to know the history of that house... As you say its built at the time of british raj.
Those houses are generally remain cursed due to some dark side of its history...

Hope you can sort out soon,,,, god bless you and your family...
sanjeevgeorge (guest)
9 years ago (2012-03-26)
Nice. But you could've probed into the history of that house. You might have come up with something interesting
venky (1 stories) (48 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-20)
Wow Really nice experience you had! No offence but believe me ghost experience is remeberable experience of life. Actually I understand the purpose of that entity is to avoid girls in that room. Next time if you go just try to stay in room where you bro and cousin slept and ask them to stay here. Let see what happens!
Thanks for Sharing and you have a great courage to sleep 3-4 days. 😁
10 years ago (2011-12-23)
maybe it was a spirit who troubled girls because it only happenedto u&ur cousins sis
prowler (6 posts)
10 years ago (2011-07-20)
i think its a ghost haunting that room. It probably did not like anybody occupying its territory and wanted you out of that room.
gr8jatt25 (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-26)
Strange incident... Don't know what to say 😕
Keep sharing your experience.

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