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I'd like to start off by saying that I am a fan of this website. Seeing there was a recent update in the town I grew up in, I had to dive in. I researched a bit and eventually, my girlfriend and I decided we had to check it out for ourselves. I don't intend to bore you, reader, with my background or my girlfriend's but it is important to add that I grew up in Upton for my entire life, she grew up in Mendon, Upton's neighbor. Upton is one odd town and there are stories to support the purported notion that Upton is indeed "creepy", as the author before me stated.

Last bit of important background that is needed for full context. My girlfriend is spiritual, a powerful empath and I would describe her as "in-tune" with spirits of various kinds. I am a skeptic, albeit a believer in "ghosts", however I will go lengths to disprove what I think I have found. Together, we have investigated spots around Massachusetts and have plans to explore different areas. We have aspirations to start our own trade for hire, but would prefer to gain more experience in this particular "trade". Enough of all of that, let me add onto the mysterious being on Mechanic Street in Upton, Massachusetts.

At approximately 1:00am, on December 9th, we arrived at Mechanic Street. We decided to try to reenact the story we read, and what we have heard from others. We drove from route 140, turned onto Mechanic Street, and paid specific attention to where reported sightings took place. "A woman wearing a 'colonial dress', lacking facial features, appearing to float and follow vehicles driving by". We drove this route roughly 3 times. The first time with no radio on, the second with a radio on, and the third time we decided to park. We did not experience any radio interference or electrical phenomenon.

Knowing this area, I knew that Fowler Road had space to park on the side of the road. We parked and on foot, approached the intersection. Utilizing a sound recorder, electromagnetic field detector and a thermal camera, we at this time did not find anything significant enough to define as concerning. It was at this time, my girlfriend felt a "pull" down Fowler road, specifically to the front side of my car, to the bridge over the small brook. This is where our investigation took a turn from uneventful to unexplainable.

Through prior investigations, when my girlfriend feels strongly about an area, I will stay behind and utilize our tools. I began noticing spikes on my sound recorder's "scale". She was adamant that our hotspot was this bridge. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, that intuitive "someone is staring at me" feeling. I went back to the car, went to turn it on and noticed my battery stuttered, the first time this has happened. It was cold out, a possible explanation, however a very suspect one. I began listening to audio, I could hear what sounded like puzzling whispering. Incomprehensible, but very much enough to make me want to go back out. Before that however, I noticed my girlfriend running back to the car, a big grin on her face I could see in my headlights, but still running.

"She thinks we are idiots for staying here", she told me. I am a skeptic, but over our investigations, I know that she is truthfully in-tune and I take her word every time. I informed her about the inaudible whispers. We decided to drive down to Honey Farms... That is now "Family Farms", which is just disappointing to a hometown kid such as myself, but a break was needed. We then drove back to Mechanic Street for one more run, a last chance to see what we could find. Whispers and a strong intuitive vibe may be meaningful to us, but of course more was needed. We got what we were looking for, more than we could have expected.

We both parked, I left my car running to avoid potential issues with my car and we went back to the bridge. My girlfriend had a mental image of a man with a wide grin, a large top hat, and a tuxedo of sorts. Interesting enough to stay on my mind enough to repeat it as I decided to walk into the woods, to the brook. With my audio recorder, and my eyes on the "scale" that measures decibels, I decided to be more vocal.

When I arrived at my destination, at the edge of the brook, I said, "a man in a top hat... How long have you been here?" about 5 seconds later, the scale went into the red, which means it is something loud enough to hear clearly.

I did not hear anything, but seeing that made me stop recording to play it back. I stood in the same spot and played it back. Loudly, clearly, and in a voice I still do not know how to describe, "a long time". My instincts came in and I yelled to my girlfriend, "CAR, NOW!" and got right in. My girlfriend was testing a "spirit box" on her cell phone, and no, not a free prank app. I played her the audio as her app rang static, her reaction to the voice I recorded followed by her phone saying, "it's outside", was enough for me to drive off of Fowler Road to Warren Street. Both of us, unsure of how to exactly feel, barely spoke. We listened to the audio I have recorded a few times over and decided we have epic evidence.

Our theory, prior to further research: A woman had a tragic event by or in this brook at the hands of a man who potentially wore a top hat. Combining my girlfriend's intuitive deciphering of her feelings for paranormal presence and mental images with me mentioning a man in a top hat and receiving such a strong response, indicates there is a strong connection between this unknown man and this woman who has been witnessed at this intersection. We believe the strongest location is on the bridge over the brook on Fowler road. From here, we do believe this woman's lack of "facial features" could be the result of what happened to her, possibly at the hands of this unidentified man.

As I write this, it has only been a matter of hours since we returned home. I will continue to review our "technical" evidence to see if there is more that was missed. However, at this point we would state that this location has strong evidence of paranormal activity. We suggest other paranormal investigators, ghost hunters and others to check this area out. There are homes in this area, and I would remind potential paranormal researchers to be mindful of that.

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AnonMirrorBoard (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 months ago (2023-12-12)

Boston and its greater area have such an insane amount of history! What's funny to me though is that lately (I could be wrong, just an observation), that the metro west/ Wistahhhhh areas are busy and more active. Not that I have an actual clue as to why. We fully intend on revisiting locations we've tried before with our newer method. My partner is absolutely something of a spiritual empath whereas I'm just a grunt lol. These small towns go unrecognized but have deep stories, it's intriguing!
DreamBird (6 stories) (23 posts)
3 months ago (2023-12-11)
Very interesting story! I grew up in the Boston area and with all that history, there's bound to be ghosts everywhere. There is a really creepy old cemetery in Marlboro, MA called the Goodale Cemetery. It is a small family plot located oddly enough, in a modern residential area. Might be worth investigating. If I remember correctly, the headstones are from the 17 & 1800s. I had a strange experience there while walking by one night in the late 1990s. Thanks for your account! It's always fascinating to hear things caught on a recording.

Rajine (14 stories) (718 posts)
3 months ago (2023-12-10)
The man in the top hat sounds ominous, what if he is not the spirit of someone deceased but something else instead?

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