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A Being Is Haunting My Twin Sister? 3


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We moved and have been busy with a number of things.

My sister's been doing better in a way. She doesn't wake up hurt anymore, though she doesn't eat much of anything unless it's apples or oranges. I still see that thing that bothered her from before though, I've been seeing it a lot more actually. She's changed though, personality wise. She used to be happy and hyper active all the time. Ever since her arm healed she's been quiet, more reserved. She's bored almost all the time now, she hardly shows any emotion at school or around town. I asked her if something was wrong and all she said was "Nothing's wrong. I'm just thinking is all." She sounded so monotone when she said it.

She's scared all of her teachers because it always looks like she's glaring in class. One of our teachers quit saying that my sister was "Some possessed little monster child."

So my question now is, is she really possessed? It doesn't really seem like she is. But with her being so stoic about everything and the way she acts now I can't help but think it. For the past few times I've seen that thing that stands over her side of the bed, it's always leaning down near her head like it's either waiting to scare her or talking to her. It's got me worried about her. She still plays the violin and everything, and that's really the only time she ever acts like her old self now. Our grandmother called in a priest and asked him to bless the house about a week ago. He told us he can't do much else but pray and bless the house. He told us to call someone who was a demonologist just in case. So our grandmother did.

They took one step into the house and said that something was in the house and asked if anything had been happening. I told him everything that's happened so far and when my sister came down stairs after our grandmother called her down she was holding a dog. Our grandmother asked her where she got the dog and she told us "Kadan gave it to me." And just to clear things up for those who don't know Kadan.

Kadan is the thing that's bothered my sister. She gave it a name and rule. One knock for yes, two for no. The demonologist person asked if they could see the dog and she told him word for word "No, Kadan said that your evil. You would take him away from me, Kadan gave him to me so he's mine." The guy asked her a few questions after she said that though. "Who's Kadan?" "Kadan is Kadan. What else would he be?" "Is Kadan a demon?" "I'm not supposed to tell anyone." "Why not? Is he going to hurt you if you do?" "No he just doesn't like you. He said you smell bad and your here to make him go away."

They went on with the questions and when he asked my sister "Can you see what Kadan looks like?" She said yes and he asked her to tell him what he looked like. When he asked her that she looked at the stairs before she even answered him. She said that "Kadan has really long hair and it's really dark. He has pretty eyes though and his clothing is funny." The guy asked her if Kadan looked like he wasn't human and she responded with "I'm not supposed to answer that either." And she walked off up the stairs. The man said he didn't know what to do since she wouldn't really give any kind of answers that were helpful.

So now I'm wondering if anyone can answer to any of the things that I've posted with something that might help me get her back to normal or find out what's going on.

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alaniiya (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-15)
i think you should come to our region islams most of the ghost problems are solved ghost are scared when we say kurusi 😕
Christine_Pandora (1 stories) (80 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-29)
I'm still yet to read your last experience yet but felt compelled to ask a few things...

Firstly I mean no offence and please I do hope you don't take this the wrong way but maybe she has become severely depressed or worse since her ex broke up with her?
I do remember you saying she takes break ups well but maybe this one was different and going through her teen years (correct me if i'm wrong - and I do apologise if I am) but maybe the body changes and hormones are not helping with the situation?
Maybe you could get her to go visit a Dr just to see if they have any theories or can help her with letting her talk it out (as much as she is comfortable with) I know it's drastic and does not explain many of the other odd occurrences but another theory I have is that maybe because you are twins and have that special bond you can sense/feels what she does too?
Very extreme theory but it's just one thing that came to mind, I would really like to offer anything I can to assist you in helping your loved one 😐

Secondly if Kadan has chosen to stick to her maybe you should just tell her the truth, Kadan and your sister will sense you are being genuine.
Tell them you are worried for your sister and you want to make sure everything is ok, if it is Kadan who is harming her then of course you would want him to stop or leave, that's a given. However if he is not harming your sister could he help you understand why she is being the way she is?

I hope this has all ceased and I hope I have given you some helpful advice, all the best!

Christine_Pandora ❤
mohammad (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-21)
hi! I am new here and oh, I didn't realize you have moved, I was still replying to your last story, you can read them if you like...anyway...your sister seems to be in two conditions: she has either found a good new friend and that kadan might really be a nice entity, or she is making the biggest mistake of her life and falling a trap or a curse or some sort...anyway...i don't trust kadan much, so try to get your sister to find a lot of friends at school and get to invite them to your house, and get her to get used to human friends more then paranormal ones, mabye in that way when this kadan sees that there is no place for him between your sister's friends, he will go away forever...:]
Dontbeafraid (13 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-16)
hello there, I'm sorry but I haven't read your past posts. But through what I know that there is 6-7 different levels of demons. "djin"
And one of them are those you play with children. But one thing I am not very sure of so please to take it word by word is that if the child grows up attaching itself to this demon what would happen.
Since it has given its name to your sister then its starting to get serious and the fact that he talks to her and tells her who to say it to and who not to. That aswell is serious.
Try and sit down with her. But observe her eyes very well before she answers the questions you ask to were she looks. Cause if he is there she won't answer, see I am not a doctor in demology but I have my knowledge through Quran and the islamic studies. Djin are avery dangerous issue and expell them from the house and away from you sister takes a lot of courage and help from the peroper people. But what ever you do do not provoke or call upon kadan.
No boards no people that claim they have the ability to speak to demons cause that will entertain kadan you don't want that.
Ive had my fair share of such problems only way I got ride of them is trhough GOD. But know it will get harder and scarier before it goes away. But don't be afraid they gain power over you only through your fear.
please-help-im-scared (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-23)
hmmm... "kaden" must like her the house is your family member left you old? It might be your family member
quixoticqt (5 stories) (104 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-31)
First and foremost I hope that you and your sister are in health.
It sounds like the priests that went to your house doesn't want to intrude in your families beliefs so that's whey they're not doing anything for your sister.
I hope I don't offend you for being a Christian and giving you Christian advice. If you are offended then you should stop reading right now. I mean it. Close your eyes.:D
From your stories and comments I gather that your sister's entity named Kadan came from her boyfriend who played with the Ouija board. That's all it took was for her boyfriend to get involved with one.
I don't mean to scare you but, I listened to a true story one time of a man who got married. He became very disabled and depressed to the point where a couple of times he tried to commit suicide. He went to church with his wife one day and the speaker was a man who spoke to entities. The speaker told the married man to meet him in his office after church. When they were alone the speaker asked him "in any time in your life have you ever played with an Ouija board or has anyone close to you get involved with one?" the married man replied, "why yes, I was in high school with my then girlfriend and she played with an Ouija board even though I insisted for her not to. " The speaker asked, "Is any of her friends and your ex-girlfriend alive now?" the married man replied, "no. In fact the last person alive who was in the group that played with the Ouija board died just last week."
Ok, your eyes are still open so I guess you really want this entity gone. This will work for your sister, especially since it sounds like you're the man of the house now. When such things arise, dark entities have problems with the head-of-house sort of speak. What's said and done by you must be obeyed. Away from your sister you take a teaspoon of oil. Any kind of oil as long as it says oil on it, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, vegetable oil, or even body oil. Take this teaspoon of oil and to bless it repeat these words:
"Lord bless this oil and make it pure and holy unto you."
Then dip your finger in it and make a little cross on your forehead. You have to say these words out loud. Even a whisper will do if you don't want anyone to hear you.
"Bless me and keep me safe. Make me pure and holy unto you. On my head place the helmet of salvation, on my chest place the breast plate of righteousness, gird my loins with truth, shod my feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, in one hand place the shield of faith and in the other hand the sword which is the word of God."
With confidence go to your sister and put an oil cross on her forehead then put one hand on her, head is best but the shoulder will be fine as well and say:
"Bless my sister and keep her safe. Make her pure and holy unto you. On her head place the helmet of salvation, on her chest place the breast plate of righteousness. Gird her loins with truth, shod her feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, in one hand place the shield of faith and in the other hand the sword which is the word of God.
We believe that Jesus has died and rose on the third day and because of this; we are the head only and not the tail. We are above only and not beneath. Kadan I am speaking directly to you, you are no longer welcome here! Leave my sister alone for she is a child of God. You are no longer able to control her or tell her what to do."

lilyangel13 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-22)
Hi. I read all your stories about this entity or demon. Its suprising that your sister listens a lot to Kadan and is kind of withdrawn from you (even though your twins). Not trying to be mean or anything, but you should kind of ask your sister how she feels around Kadan and try again on asking about him. Even if she tells you she doesn't want to, at least tell her that your worried about her and you want to know more about Kadan and what kind of demon? He is. I know maybe this won't help at all. Since I don't know much. 😢 sorry. But hopefully everything will go better! 😊
MissRamen (guest)
13 years ago (2011-07-30)
Hi DaisukiHaru-san. As a former atheist (I can now say I'm Christian again), I just wanted to say that maybe you should try believing in God before performing any spiritual cleansing acts with the help of a priest or someone because it may be that they aren't working since you need to truly believe in a religion that opposes Satan and his demon agents for them to work. If this thing that's bothering your sister really is a demon then believing that demons exist can mean believing in holy entities, right? But more importantly, your sister should believe in something since I read somewhere that demons are more likely to encounter atheists/the weak minded and judging by how you say she's acting nowadays, nothing could change her mind except for what she's become interested in recently which is probably the demon's doing. So maybe introducing her to an anime that's generally more about the extermination of demons or horror movies that have happy endings could do the job and then you can try talking to her about a religion. My brother and I are currently watching the anime 'Ao no Exorcist' if you/your sister haven't already read/watched it yet. A few years ago, I started to stray away from God and had many thoughts of suicide up until this point. Reading your story made me look up demon possession and it didn't hit me that demons could cause humans to act badly (more angrily, illicitly sexually, depressingly...etc.). Even though I don't feel another inhumane presence near me, I don't want to become a victim (which makes me feel even more shameful, but I don't want to bring myself down any further if that can attract evil). So thank you for opening my eyes and I wish you guys the best of luck!
DaisukiHaru (4 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-14)
Shya-chan, I would love to say it's solved but sadly it's not. As for anything weird in our uncle's home that we may have picked up, it's just an old violin that used to belong to him. He left it to my sister in his will. She loves music, and that thing likes music. It's the only time when she acts normal anymore. Our grandmother tried to put it in the storage room and my siter freaked out saying she wanted something to remember our uncle by.
As for my sister lying? I think that's true as well. I thought she might just be covering for that thing Kadan, which might be but every demonologist we ask to help us, they always say no and leave the house. I've already tried to act like I wanted to get to know the thing. She said that "Kadan says your lying and you just want him gone like everyone else." She's not pale or weak, she's actually really healthy at the moment. Though that shouldn't be with the amount of food she eats, she hardly eats at all. She's spending more time outside now as well.
As for what we were going before this started? We were working at some old shrine, it was actually our mothers idea for us to work there. My sister always hated working at shrines though, she's always been sensitive to this kind of stuff and it bothers her. She's not really the same anymore, she still watches TV and everything, but before she always watched Animal Planet, now she watches cartoons and horror movies. She used to hate cartoons, anime, horror movies, gore, things like that. If anyone knows that Naruto anime she bought a weird pendant like the one that one of those Akatsuki people wear, I asked her why she would buy something stupid like that and her response was "Kadan says it's a cool religion even if it's just a nerd cartoon religion and plus it's shiny, see?" If anyone knows why she might have changed all of a sudden some info would be nice.
shya-chan (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-10)
Hi DaisukiHaru. Is your situation solved now? From what I have read I agree a lot to what TwoTribbles posted except for the part to confront it. Please don't do that without the help of a demonologist.
However, it could be another case. Do you know if there are any suspicious/big/weird kind of statues in your uncle's home or you picked up? These things could have demons/evilgod/goddesses possesing them and could have made your sister become it's slave. If you do have them. Remove them. Even if it is something your Uncle had gave you. Do you notice if she is very pale and weak? If so please visit a doctor first and see if she has loss of blood. I have heard of this kind of things that make the person who is it's slave give them the person's blood in exchange for their lives.
Also from reading all your stories I am coming to the thinking that your sister is lying. I am sorry if I had offended you. I sincerly hope you will be able to solve your sister's problem.
What made me think that way is that you mentioned she broke her hand and she said she fell down but the maid says she got pushed. If she can talk and see Kadan that means she will naturally feel him right? So this is making me think she is hiding more than she telling you. Try to observe her more carefully and then slowly try to get more information out of her. Like for example, when you guys are hanging out ask her questions related to Kadan like as if you want to know him. Do not ask questions related to demons or anything though. This may provoke Kadan.
I also suggest you to talk with the demonologist again. Ask them to help you.
And also do you remember what were you doing before this started? Did you visit the beach at night? Did you visit your uncle's grave? Is your sister very sensitive?
Sorry to be asking so many questions. With this info we can get a better idea of how to solve this problem.
Gizzy (3 stories) (71 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-13)
Hi DaisukiHaru, it sounds like your grandmother is a wise woman and also trying hard to do what is best for you. I believe you should sit down with her and see what she thinks about the next step for you all. Dont give up.
TwoTribbles (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-12)
It almost sounds like your sister is being controlled/haunted by a succubus; a demon of seduction. They usually seduce people, luring them into a trap, but sometimes it has nothing to do with seduction. They can control their subject, making them think and do things... She also may be posessed. You said she was happy and hyperactive before, but now she always looks like she's glaring and is stoic? The sudden change in personality is a definite sign of posession.

I would say your sister sounds sort of like me. I barely eat... And I'm seem really annoyed by--by everything and everyone sometimes. If I was a little quiet before, I am way more quiet now. I am actually being controlled and haunted by a succubus. Sometimes... I think it posseses me. But it's mostly at night... When it can have me to itself. But I want to let you know that you should try to get information about the demon (?) out of her, in order to help her. Or you could try asking the demon itself, but that could be risky. What ever you choose... Choose wisely.
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-11)
Wow. That is an interesting story. It doesn't (atleast to me) sound like she is possessed, but there have been things that I have heard about that can be similar to possession. Like one thing I heard is that sometimes when a spirit/ghost/demon is near you and portrays enough emotion to you, then you could start acting out based off that emotion.

Sorry I can't offer much more. Not to knowledgable about possession and similar situations except what I have mentioned above.


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