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The Spirit Of The Glass


The first time when I was "playing" the spirit of the glass was when I was at the age of about 17 or 18 years, maybe 19, I cannot remember exactly because it's about 10-15 years ago.

Nevertheless, I practiced this frequently for almost 5 years, more or less 1 time a week.

The circumstances I approached to this were comparatively good, since I have been introduced by my grandmother and by my youngest aunt, both very experienced at the whole topic for their lifetimes.

So from the beginning I knew quite well about the risks, possibilities, "safer-use" and so on. All of these are really very important, since this is definitely NO GAME and you should only do this if you know what you are doing, if you are good-minded, have a strong personality and if you are not-too-easy to be influenced.

I would like to explain to you what I have learned back then and what has proven for me to be definite reality and fact!

We used a square wooden board and drew our alphabet plus numbers from 0 to 9 onto it, all of those in a circular shape.

Besides, we created small fields saying things like "yes", "no", "hello", "goodbye" or whatsoever.

We used a glass (for instance a wine glass with a long neck would do the job pretty well) and placed it top-bottom onto the board.

It's important to have at least one fellow with you, since this should not work if you are alone. If it works when you are alone, then you will most probably have called a so called "bad/evil" spirit, so in this case you should stop what you are doing!

All of us placed our fingers onto the glass and literally "called" a spirit.

When the glass started moving;

First of all, we always demanded a prove that the called spirit is really "good" or he/she is really the one we wanted to call; for example we let him/her draw a (holy) cross onto the board (for Christians), or ask him to move to a corresponding combination of symbols we have always been using for "identification".

If the spirit refused to give the proof: HANDS OFF the glass!

If the spirit gives you the proof to be good-minded or to really be the one you wanted to call (if it is that particular frequently called spirit, then you will just know), go on talking to him/her; be as polite as you expect him/her to be as well. Ask for his/her name (and history,...), why he/she is there and what the matters of his/her concern are, before you start asking any personal questions and similar!

In other words, show the "spirit" that you are interested in him/her and listen to what he/she wants to tell.

ALWAYS: prove your good trust before taking any risks (of wrong or misleading answers or of ending up fooled and annoyed by hard-to-stop hauntings in your home or whatsoever), each and every time!

It's also important to be careful about asking questions that might "prove" the authenticity (I don't mean his/her identity, I mean a proof of true existence) of the spirit too much, as these questions might make him/her angry or disappointed in any way - same like every human being might get annoyed when being asked such questions too much.

So who is actually "talking" there?

From a physical point of view: only yours and your fellows' fingers are moving the glass - nobody else.

From a spiritual point of view: the spirit "guides" your fingers to move the glass to the position he/she desires.

(only my opinion!)

As of my knowledge, it is important that you create your board on your own. Don't buy any pre-made boards from the store (like Ouija-boards for example; beware of using Ouija-boards anyway, I've never heard anything good about them and I've never used one. Ouija is something different than this.)!

If you take your time to manufacture and paint your wooden board on your own, then all the energy/emotion you spend on it will be kind of "bound" to that board. (again, only my opinion)

So to say, if you are a good minded person/spirit, that board will attract mostly good-minded spirits, since this is YOUR board!

This is also only my personal opinion and it is not, I repeat: NOT! A guarantee for "safer use" or "positive contact".

We have had a couple of "evil" spirits on the board in the past, and sometimes it might be fun talking "nasty stuff" with them, but it's not advisable to push this too far.

Before you even start using a board like this, you must be sure to know a way of how to cleanse the location and especially the board, to make a possibly evil spirit leave again!

As I mentioned above, this post is NOT a guarantee for anything and it is NOT meant to be a tutorial or manual of any kind.

This is just a report about my experience about this topic!

I will go on telling more about that in a "Part 2" of this post.

All the best:)

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cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-25)
lygra, you are most welcome, I am very glad to help!

Please feel free to ask everything you like to know about the topic, my email-address is available on my profile page.

Happy to read that you want and will practice safer use:)
lygra (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-16)
to cecil, once again thank you for the reply and I what you have told me will make me be so much more carefull it is so good to finally meet someone who knows what they are talking about your information has and will be in my head when ever I use the board again thank you at least I will be safe thanks to you my respect to you.
cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-15)
Hmmm I have never heard about such a thing as "age-limitations" for spirits.
I also had come to talk to a couple of children spirits before who were also quite bad at spelling and so on, but it was rather easy to send them "into the light"... Children are always very helpless/defenseless and you should always care about them in a proper way (spirit or not). Especially when it's a helpless spirit child you should take your time and love to guide them into the "light" (whatever "the light" might be in your belief)!

Anyways, most of the people I've been in contact with were older than 70 years (or even FAR older), but there was never any topic about that!

I wonder why somebody would tell you that was a problem of some sort?!
I mean, it's not like the older you get, the more harmful/angry you get... Maybe you met a spirit who in fact wos getting more and more angry the "older" he/she got!? I don't know...

Predictions of death PLUS a broken glass that even leaves scars behind makes me kind of alert!
I am most sure that this was NOT a "good" spirit, else the glass would never have broken or even harmed you!
Despite that, I've never seen a good spirit willing to tell about somebody's death.

I think you should be more careful about trusting the glasses' messages!
Always question it's meanings and always remain at your point in your reality, never get too overwhelmed by the stories it might tell you - this is how "they" catch your attention!
lygra (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-06)
Thanks for the reply well cool, the reason I asked about ages was because I was once told by someone that when you start to get spirits around the age's of 70 and over it was bad but they never said why and I wondered if you knew. When I first started I got a lot of children and it was so up-setting as they wanted there mom's plus they could not spell. The one time I did it was the same night river phoneix died, we did not now he was dead until the next day but we had the word river ph come through then the glass just cracked I still have the scar on my wrist as the glass cracked and sliced through my skin but any time I can let you know other things that have gone well or not I can tell you again thatnk for the reply most exelant.
cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-18)

Thanks for your contribution!
First of all I'd like to know if you really mean Ouija or the method I mentioned in my story?
I know many people disagree about that, but in my opinion these two are not the same.

Nevertheless, it's nice to hear that you are using it in a reasonable way 😁 - as Javelina stated below, there are really too many people ending up in trouble because they simply don't know what they are doing and they don't take their time to gather knowledge about it first.

About stopping the contacts I'm not sure if you mean generally stopping any contacts at all or if you mean stopping (during) a session/s
lygra (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-17)
I have done the ouija board now for many years and it is so nice to hear that I have been doing it right I also have a way of checking that the spirit I have got is good and not a harmfull entity, one thing I would like to know, is there a time when you should stop using the board as I have heard stories so if any one knows please let me know, and cecil04 I have only read part one and now I go to read the part two, the way you write makes you want to keep reading, thanks for sharing such good information. Lygra
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-15)

I haven't read part two yet but I must say thank you for a Grand Introduction and making a distinction between Ouija boards and this method of contacting Spirits. Having said that and being done here, I'm eagerly off to read part two.


Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-14)
Knowing human nature, people will always try to take the short cut, if possible. And these days it seems that things are moving so quickly. And I feel that has made people less patient. They seem to want everything now, and get frustrated when it isn't there for them. So they will take risks, only because they don't know any better. And that's where they get themselves into trouble.
There will always be those who's curiosity cannot be quelled.


Don't worry about your words, I understand you just fine.
cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-14)
Yes I totally agree with you Jav,

Actually all the stories I've been reading here before were one of the reasons why I posted mine in the end - maybe it's also somehow been a reason for my writing style (I apologize again)!

I think it's highly important for people to learn that any kind of "material" spirit-contact is not necessarily dangerous! Be it through a board, a pendulum or what not...
If (and that's a big IF) ever they know what they are doing and how to do it.

In the best case, with my story I can manage to open some people's eyes/minds so that they won't think this is just like a Playstation-game to turn on and off again if it's getting boring.

I guess you get my point;)! 😊
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-14)
Thank you for the explanation. And I do see your point in teaching safer use. It's obvious from the amount of stories we get in that category, that people do go into these things many times with no real forethought. The results of those experiences can be found on these pages, usually accompanied by a plea for assistance.
But as I said before, I've never used them, so I'll just sit back and learn what I can from the rest of you this time.

Thank you,
cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-14)

Thanks for your comment!
Well to be honest, my story does indeed sound like a "tutorial" in some kind - I'm sorry if you don't like that and if my explanations might say something different.
My intentions are not to tutor anybody, but for sure I intend to possibly help people to practice "safer use" before doing something they could regret some day!

In the end my story is just what I experienced and as I said all this happened many years ago.
It would take 10s and 20s of stories to tell about each and every of those "happenings", but only for the sake of "just another scary story"?
I don't think so.

I think it would not "help" people if I split my experience apart into small, disjointed pieces!

Again, I'd like to apologize for the tutorial-style of my writing, please try to not see it like that!

I don't know what "your book" says about Ouija boards and such, maybe "it" has a different opinion than I do, maybe also your references - Rook and the others - do, but (unlike you stated) I have plenty of experience about "these things" and I would not post them if I were not truly honest and benevolent to the audience.

Actually, I am also eager to read Rookdygin's impression about this!
Please, don't judge by the writing style and format of my story, judge by its contents.

Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
12 years ago (2011-08-14)
So really, this isn't an account of your experience?
What I'm looking at seems to be more of a tutorial. And since I've never messed with these "Spirit of the Glass" things, which are just Ouija boards, in my book. I think I'll sit this one out and wait for Rook and the others to handle it.
Seeing a "How to" put up as a story strikes me as odd on the low end, and confused on the other.

Jav 😕

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