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My New House And Its Spirit


First of all, this story is very long (sorry), since this happened less than a year ago in the months between September 2010 and February 2011.

I (30), my wife (28) and our two kids (2 and 3 years old) moved into a house at the border of the city, in a much calmer region than downtown.

The house was quite large; it had 2 floors (a ground floor for a living room and the kitchen, and a 1st floor for a small hallway, 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets; one of those toilets connected to the master-bedroom) and a basement. All in all it was about 250sqm in size, with concrete walls all around, marble floor in the ground and wooden floor in the 1st floor.

For the first few weeks everything was fine.

We enjoyed our new house which was really a little bit too big for the 4 of us, but almost every day we were having guests or relatives sleeping there, so the size and the additional bedrooms were perfect in the end.

After about one month my wife started being scared when going into the basement. It was a well-lit, large room and it had plenty of windows to let the sunlight inside - even though she somehow started feeling uneasy about the basement.

She used to say that "there is something down there" which in the end made me have to go with her whenever she wanted to get something down there.

At first I thought "well, maybe there is a spirit in this house, this is nothing unusual..." and I didn't pay too much attention to it.

At this time, my wife had no idea about the previous "contacts" I have had in my past (please see my previous stories to read about those) and of course I didn't want to make her even more scared by telling her about it.

I let some time pass by, not paying attention to the basement or any possible "spirits living there", until after some weeks I myself started feeling kind of "uncomfortable" whenever I passed the stairs to the basement (on the way from the bedroom to the kitchen you must pass that stairway).

I started feeling some "cold shower" running across my back every time I went downstairs to the kitchen to get some water or something-especially at night, when everybody else was asleep already.

So there definitely seemed to be something down there that literally "demanded" my attention in some way. Even though it was quite eerie, I decided to remain stubborn in the first place and I gave myself thoughts like "this is MY home now, YOU have to respect me and my family's presence here. We can tolerate each other, or I will have to get rid of you." (I directed my thoughts to that spirit)!

I thought (sent) things like that each time I was around or in the basement - and it worked!

At least for about a week even my wife dared again to go to the (always sunshine-filled!) basement...

When my uncomfortable feelings about that basement-spook were almost over, other things started happening in the master-bedroom, where my wife and I - and sometimes one of our kids - were sleeping.

During one night the cabinet door opened very slowly and with a noticeable, squeaky sound. I got up, closed it and went to sleep again.

My wife asked me "what is that?" and I answered "hmm, maybe they are walking around there..."! She got scared then and asked me "what you mean by 'THEY'?!" - I said "your mom and the kid there in the other bedroom, maybe they got up, I don't know... The wood is very noisy and reflects every movement!"

This was really what I thought in the first place because the floor is wooden in the whole first floor and you can hear every footstep made in the neighbouring rooms. So it was really likely that the movement and vibration of the wood might have caused the cabinet door to open.

The next day I tried and checked how that door could open on its own. I could not establish that by walking around in the other bedroom, so in the end I blamed it on the electric fan, which was indeed opening the cabinet door when it is a little bit opened already and the fan is in a correct position.

I was a little confused, but I left it with that.

A couple of nights later I heard somebody walk outside in the first floor's hallway - which again was nothing unusual because once in a while somebody got out of their bedroom to get drinks or go to toilet or whatever.

When this "slow walking" (like sneaking to the toilet trying not to wake up anybody) continued every single night in a row, one time I got up to check who it was - going to toilet or somewhere else always shortly after I wanted to go to sleep.

So I opened the door and looked outside, but there was nobody. No light, no person on the toilet and also nobody in the kitchen!

Alright, so it must be "that spirit" (probably a household-spirit) again, I thought to myself.

This time I wanted to know some more, so I continued to frequently ask him/her "What do you want? How may I help you? Please don't disturb us, we are peaceful!" and so on.

I usually do this (form of communication) during exactly the state between being awake and falling asleep, but when still being awake enough to be not yet dreaming. It's hard to describe, but for me that state of mind is the very best one to be receptive to information of that kind/source. Both, mentally (in "thoughts") and physically (in "feelings")! It may sound crazy for some of the readers, but please go on reading! I am serious about my story.

It took about a couple of days to slowly find out that this spirit was a young boy (or girl) at an age below 10 years old and that he/she only needed/wanted my attention! He/she died outside of the house but my current lot was his/her home once.

I achieved to get those answers by simply asking the same yes or no questions and waiting for a corresponding response - again and again the same questions, until I was sure that I am interpreting the response correctly.

After that interrogation was made, in the first place all the scary and spooky stuff suddenly ended! There were no more walking around, no more eerie basement and no more cabinet doors opening at night!

Instead, the happenings turned into little tricks, just like a kid would do them. For example: when I was alone in my master-bedroom and I wanted to go outside again, suddenly the door was locked (the doors there didn't need keys, they had just a little knob that needs to be turned to lock the door); he or she loved to do that, and the more funny I thought this was, the more often it happened.

Other examples were letting the water pipe drip a little water or turning my TV show off while I was on the toilet. Just some small tricks that were something between funny and annoying.

Alright; so there's household spirit in the house, not actually evil but quite attention-seeking. No problem so far.

But unfortunately things got worse;

To say the least, my job demands me to leave home for time periods of 3 to 4 weeks in a row for going abroad and doing my work there.

After I returned from my first work-abroad-time, our bird's cage was open and the bird was gone of course. Nobody would have left the cage open and the kids could not reach it because it was hanging from the ceiling, way too high for them to reach. In addition, the cage-door looked violently opened! The bird itself never had the power to bend a metal cage door like this, so somebody has had to open it by will.

That was quite strange, but I left it like that and didn't care too much (maybe one of the older cousins of my kids were messing around with the cage, who knows).

Two weeks later, during my second abroad-job-session my wife called me and asked me straight "Do you believe in ghosts?!"

I honestly answered "Yes, of course, why?" - then she asked "Do you think we have one in our house?"

I remained silent for a second and asked "Hmmm possibly... Why do you ask?" - Then she explained to me that the "scary basement-feeling" was back again, that the youngest of our kids had 40C of fever for 4 or 5 days already, starting 1 day after I left the house, and that she had bad nightmares about our baby almost every single night since I was gone (my wife was pregnant at that time)!

Well okay, I was worried about my child's health of course, but for God's sake it got better after a couple of days, so I did not cancel my work abroad.

When I returned home, my wife suddenly had the wish to move out soon and to find another house. I don't know what else had happened there while I was gone, but it must have been something serious, because why else would she suddenly want to move out so quickly?!

When asking her about her reasons, she said there was lots of "crazy stuff" going on when I've not been at home and that she definitely connected the sickness of our child with a "present spirit or something"!

She then did many cleansing rituals inside the house and she asked the spirit to "please leave our kids alone!" and so on...

At that time of course I told her that in my opinion there definitely WAS some kind of spirit in that house, that it probably was a young child and that he/she needed attention only.

That didn't really change my wife's opinion, but we both realized that there was no spooky stuff any more when I was around!

After my arrival I, so to say, really scolded that spirit-boy or -girl and I refused to contact him/her anymore, because I thought it would be better not to cause any more activities (and anger!) in the house. I stayed at home with my family until past Christmas and New Year and everything kept going on fine.

At the beginning of February this year we moved to another house and I never dared to only try contacting any spirits here (I also had no signs of any presence so far), because I just don't want to risk the healh of my kids who are literally helpless against any spirit's bad will.

Anyway, a couple of days later our baby was born and she died after 9 days because of a heart failure besides suffering from a heavy sepsis!...

I'm not sure what that was in our old house, but for a young boy/girl it was quite too angry for my understanding!

I think it's much better for me and the others around to keep my 3rd eye closed again in the future, even though I would be somehow interested again...

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cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-15)
well thank you so much everybody for your condolences, I really appreciate that!:)

But nevertheless, I somehow cannot lose the feeling that back then that "spirit child" or something had something to do with our daughter's death.
I can't help... Maybe it's what I only want myself to believe, I don't rule that out - but somehow I just don't think so;
It's really in my guts!
Her death is already accepted by me and my wife, it's about 8 months ago now and we both deal with it well.

Anyway, I wonder why my wife by herself approached me asking "do you think there's a spirit in our house?" - we've never ever talked about that topic before, she never knew my openmindedness to that topic until then, so why would she come up with THAT topic in the first place?!
Yes, she just felt the spirit, okay...

But then why was she so sure that the spirit might have something to do with our kid's sickness (the fever)?!

It's a very good argument that pregnant women are veeeery sensitive due to hormons and stuff (oh god I know that at first hand gg:P), maybe this also makes them highly sensitive to the spirit-world?!
Sounds crazy I know...
But I mean after she was pregnant she never talked about that topic much any more (also after all that was long time ago already), I guess she kind of "lost her sensibility" about that or something...?

All I know is, back then serious strange stuff happened with both me at home and me not at home and it might (!) have harmed at least one of our children.

Hmmmmmm this still leaves me puzzled a lot, guess I'll be digging on that some more...:/
A few weeks ago I wanted to go there again (to my old house) just to drive-by and see if anybody was living there again and so on...
But both my wife and her brother refused to go there - for no particular reason.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your comments guys, I'm really happy about your replies! ❤
Denomic-tv (3 posts)
11 years ago (2011-09-01)
Hi I'm realy sorry for your loss somtimes its just realy not fiar but I don't believe that has anything to do with the spirit but he/she probley was just wanted attenion but I'm suprised that you wasent mad about the bird but glad that is better for you and your wife and children.
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-16)
hi there cecil04 interesting story thanks for sharing.
So sorry for your loss.
Personaly I don't think the child spirit was bad as such just annoyed that having some one who could comunicate with him/her suddenly leave.
Like any child would "play up" if it felt like it was being ignored and if your wife was not fully open to the spirit it could have felt that way to him/her.

Obviously making your wife feel uneasy about the basment was wrong but it could just be that it felt like that was its area to stay in and like a child throwing a tantrum it would not want anyone in its room. (just a thought)

I do agree with you when you say the fever cleared up with in a few days so you did not cancel your work, kids get sick from time to time and that could not be put down to anything paranormal.
And pregnant women will worry about unborn babys that could cause nightmares, a pregnant woman is a huge bag of raging hormones and mood swings, and the worring is natural.
As for the bird cage that does sound very strange and I think could be down to your spirit again venting a bit of anger through being ignored.

I hope your new home is quieter for you all to enjoy.
PhysicII (15 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-16)
Im sorry about your child I can't really help you with this... Never had a ghost encounter before well not at my house anyway I did when I went on holiday scary I tell you... Anyway I'm sorry about your baby
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-16)
cecil04, thank you for replying and for clearing some of those things up. I am certainly glad that it has not come back to bother your family again. And I think you may be right about the spirit's intentions. I think you were the only one that could communicate with it and understand it, and having that taken away was probably akin to dying all over again. I think it is a rather understandable and human response.
cecil04 (6 stories) (62 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-16)
Thanks a lot for commenting!

There were no diseases or accidents during her pregnancy, the whole process was actually running quite fine.

When I returned home after my wife's complains of course we did cleansing rituals in the house and I stopped any sort of contact. This of course included me "telling" the spirit to leave us alone.

Furthermore, after that I stayed at home until we moved out and did my work at home instead of abroad - there were no more happenings during that time.

To be honest, we both were okay with that situation and relieved that the spooky stuff was over. So there was no need to raise his/her discomfort again - it was just "too risky" and we wanted to live in peace!

In my theory that spirit was angry or disappointed because I was suddenly gone and didn't come back for weeks.
If you come to think of it, I have been the only one who paid attention to him/her...
swagkid (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-15)
The spirits presence definitely had an effect on your children, probably in a very dangerous and threatening way which to me says that it was the right thing that you moved out. I doubt your wife will have problems with childbirth in the future.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-15)
I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your child. That is a really terrible thing, though I do not think the spirit had anything to do with it. However, your wife's anxiety may have. Do you know if your wife fell or was sick during her pregnancy while you were abroad? I know if I were she, I would want to move out right away if a spirit was harming or threatening my children, and if she expressed that to you, since you believe in spirits you really should have at least worked with her to rid your home of this spirit. The fact that it was bothering your children and wife, and that was not enough reason to send it away, that is of some concern to me. Not trying to sound judgmental here, but as soon as my family was feeling bothered by this entity I would have done everything I could to chase it out.

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