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Shattered Glass And A Creepy Little Girl


It has been a while since I have posted anything, just goes to show how quiet things were. Until now...

My story takes place on the night of Wednesday 21 February 2018 (though it could have been in the wee early hours of Thursday 22 February 2018). Just a side note, since the house swop last year my connection to all my ghosties, Charlie, both my grans and little Adam has been minimal to nearly non-existent. We moved back in to the house in August last year, 7 months after renting it out to a couple who literally were hitting each other and having full on screaming matches since they moved in. And the first time Tim and Elaine came back to the house they said it felt dark and oppressive. Though the atmosphere in the house has gotten better since.

I have been fighting a cold that just won't leave me for almost 2 months now. On Wednesday evening I had fixed myself some medication (effervescent tablets) and I carried the glass to my room where I had other meds as well. Once I finished the medicine I put the glass down on the chest of drawers. Keep in mind the chest of drawers in not very high, standard 4 drawer size, and my room has thick carpet.

During the night I woke up to the sound of glass shattering. As I lay there, feeling my heart beat in my chest and wondering what the heck I had heard, I started wondering if I had dreamt the noise and woke up because of it, the house was silent. So I eventually calmed down and went back to sleep. My alarm went off and I turned to put my feet down the left side of the bed. My flip flops were waiting for my feet. I had my feet in to my shoes in the dark before I reached out my left hand and switched on the bedside lamp. And that's when I got a bit of a shock.

Less than half an inch from my right foot, on the carpet, stood the base of the glass I had drank medicine from. There was an immensely sharp shard of glass sticking right up like an inverted dagger, right next to my ankle. The glass base was standing upright on the carpet, and all of the glass had shattered right around it. The pieces lay strewn right around the base. How could something like that happen?! It made no sense to me. There is not one thing that could explain to me how a glass could have moved off of a chest of drawers, fall perfectly upright on to a thick carpet and shatter in such a way that all the shards, except the biggest and sharpest one ended up being scattered right around the base.

I went and showed my mom what I had very nearly stepped in and that's when she told me that something very weird had happened to her during the night as well. She said she became aware that someone had crawled on to the bed with her, and then the "person" was pinning her to the bed. She said she was still half dreaming, looking up in to the horrible face of a little girl. She said the face was horrible to look at, and she could feel that whatever this thing was, it was malicious and wanted to hurt her or worse. She said she suddenly dreamed that I came walking in to her room, and the face of the girl changed in to that of a normal, pretty little girl. And once I left the room the face changed again. It shook her around on the bed for a few minutes before it left. She was so rattled. She said by the time the thing started shaking her she was wide awake and crying. As a result she has barely slept in 5 days.

I noticed that I have scratches on my arms. Thin scratches, like a cat would give you. And both Thursday and Friday I had red marks on my neck, like pressure marks, that just wouldn't go away. Which is strange, we don't have a cat and I know no one was anywhere near my room.

I tried asking Tim for help, and he said to me it sounds like someone brought something dark in to the house and it is fixated on me. My mom got off worse, how could it be attached to me?! Unfortunately my avenue to help when it comes to him is closed now, he has blocked off his sight and everything else that goes with his gift as he says it is not God's will for him to see. If that is his way of finding peace then I am very happy for him. It's just a bit difficult to navigate unknown waters right now.

I'd appreciate input or advice.

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valkricry (49 stories) (3274 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-03-05)
You might want to do a house cleansing. It'll leave the good ghosties alone, and clear the air. I believe you've used Rook's method before?
I suppose one could apply pressure to their own neck in their sleep - but hard enough to last several days? If that happens again, you might want to see a doctor. Just to rule out it being a symptom of something, like Urticaria.
Your resident ghosts may be a bit put out with you, for having gone away, and allowing THOSE 'bad' humans to live there. It might sound odd, but it's possible they've been upset by the living's behavior.
Bee_Beans (6 stories) (41 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-05)

Thanks for answering so fast. Things make more sense now.

I do hope that whatever was involved in the glass incident is more helpful than hurtful.

Your mum's idea sounds good. Is the horrible woman quite two-faced? That would explain why the girl changed whenever you walked into the room.

Glad that things have settled down and I hope they stay that way.
triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-05)
Hi Bee_Beans

Thank you for the feedback. The first thing I do when something weird happens is try and debunk it. The glass wasn't anywhere near the edge of the chest of drawers, and the drawers are not close enough to the bed that I could possibly have kicked it. If I am laying down in my bed and have to stick my leg out to even tough the chest of drawers I would only reach the second drawer. I definitely tried to think of possibilities. However, nothing explains that even if the glass fell over and broke by hitting the chest of drawers on an edge, there would have been traces of glass. Yet the glass was only on the carpet, right around the base. A friend of mine stated that it might have been "someone" warning me that the glass had broken instead of wanting to hurt me. And my mom says she feels perhaps the little girl was a representation of the horrible woman she works for.

There haven't been any incidents since this night.
Bee_Beans (6 stories) (41 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-05)
Hi triden07

Thanks for sharing your story. You guys must be really freaked out!

Just a few things:

1. Is it possible that you accidentally knocked over the glass in your sleep? Perhaps the glass shattered on the edge of the drawer and then fell base down on the carpet.

2. Your mum's experience is remarkably similar to other accounts of sleep paralysis. Was she able to move? I say this because it is fairly clear that she was in and out of dreams. Could the girl not have been part of her 'dream' too?

3. Do you think that you could be self-inflicting the wounds and marks in your sleep? I know I have done it once or twice myself. Especially when my anxiety is high or I have a series of bad dreams.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Thanks again:)

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