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I grew up in a smaller town in Massachusetts. As a kid, at I night I would always feel as if it there was something else going on that I could not put my finger on. Only after years later talking to my younger sister, she said she felt the exact thing.

I can remember various things happening: for instance many times when I was home alone, and would be in my room reading, and I would hear two or three knocks on my door (it was wooden and distinct sounding.) Another time, and probably the weirdest thing I remember happening at the house was I was sleeping in my room, with my front facing towards the wall, and my back towards my door. I felt a couple taps on my shoulder, and immediately froze. I wasn't sure if I should turn around, or just try to ignore it and fall back asleep. So, I slowly turned around and there was a small thing floating in the air. I kid you not. Now, keep in my mind I was probably 11 or 12 at the time. I've never taken drugs (especially at that age), and in no way delusional. So, for something like that to happen is very odd. The obvious thing would be to dismiss it as a dream, and forget it.

Things like that do happen. The experience not only felt too real, but, I also pinched my self to make sure I was awake. I wish I could provide more insight, or details on the situation, but, I'm having a hard time remembering them. Other things that routinely happened would be cool air blowing by my face when the windows were closed, and shadows. Let me tell you about shadows.

As I got older, I moved from a room upstairs to a room downstairs in our "basement..." It was really the downstairs that had a computer area, and laundry room. Even sitting here, to be honest, I still feel silly writing some of this, because when you analyze it logically, it can seem hokey and illogical. I can recount several, and I mean several times, waking up in the middle of the night, or even still being awake and not fallen asleep yet, and I would see shadows in my room. When say I shadow, I'm not talking about a coat hanging on your chair and for a second you mind played a trick on you. I honestly mean, I would turn over and a shadow would be standing directly over my bed. Sometimes it looked like a person, other times it was indistinguishable, but, every time it scared the heck out of me. Thankfully, it was never anything negative that happened, but, was just very frightening to be honest. When you a figure stand over your bed that's a shadow when you're 15, and just stand there, looking at you, I can't think of anything that still scares me more to this day.

The mere truth of the matter is, regardless of what you believe that illusion is a part of our world, and the eyes are very easy to fool, as well as the other senses. It may have been a spiritual entity, it may have been nothing. I think the more important questions to be asked is asked is what do our experiences mean? Are they coincidence? Do they have a higher purpose? I can't say specifically. What I can say, is this. Through my life since than, I have encountered a number of things that have happened, that you ultimately sit back scratching your head and say to yourself, "I just don't get it. It doesn't make any sense..."

Let me give you another example: A few of my friends and myself were going to performance. A couple of us drove to a friend's before the play. On the way to their house, roughly 1/2 mile or so near, I got this awful headache, and started feeling nauseous. As we went inside the house, it just got worse. I just felt like I shouldn't be there. I took aspirin, hoping it would work. Not to long before we were set to go, I was walking down the hallway and the mirror fell off the wall and cut my hand. A mirror falling off is nothing special in of itself, but, I was a good 6" away from it, and tried to grab it as it was falling. When we left the house, and went to the car and started driving I immediately started feeling better. That experience alone isn't amazing, by any means, it's just a myriad of things that have happened over the years from minor, to down right mystifying. It still leaves me in a quandry as to how much I should believe, and how much I should think about it. I have lots more to tell, and lots more to share that are simply strange. If you want to know more, just let me know. All the best.

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Not_scared_anymore (1 stories) (31 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-28)
😕 your story is a bit all over the place don't know whether you believe or not...

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