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Many Experiences In Different Locations


I have had many experiences, after reading the guidelines I feel it best to put them all together in one story.

My first experience was at my parent's home when I was 21. I had gone out on a date with someone my parents truly did not approve of, we had actually argued about me going out with the person more than once. This night I came home as always and went to turn off the outside light, after I had turned off the light my hand froze in mid air, as I heard my deceased grandmother say "I am very disappointed in you". I went to bed that night and never went out with that guy again.

I lived in Cumberland, RI for almost 20 years. The apartment I lived in always made me uneasy at night, I was married and when my husband was home all was comfortable. Should he go out for the evening I felt the need to leave or rather flee the place. Sometimes the feeling was so uncomfortable I did leave, those nights I would drive around and if I came back before my husband did there was always the vibe or sense that I should not go in. The nights I stayed home I would turn all the lights on, all televisions and radios.

This apartment had no windows in the kitchen or bathroom area and when I would stand at the sink doing dishes I would feel cold drafts at my ankles or calf. As though something or someone passed by, and there was no source for the drafts as I said there were no windows in the kitchen, the closest door was over 20 feet away and the sink was not in the path of the door.

My daughter talked of demons and disembodied voices but I always was quick to assure her that she was safe. I never saw or heard what she did but I know she was terrified when it did happen.

The marriage ended in divorce and by then I no longer had the feelings that I needed to leave.

My brother decided his niece needed a cat, he got her one but the poor kitty would run around the kitchen table like she was being chased. Other times she would hide and did not like being alone, I lived in the same apartment and she refused to sleep anywhere but with myself and my boyfriend.

One night she came into our bed on my side and wiggled me over so I was right up against my boyfriend. Then the temperature of the room dropped fast, the cold actually went through the quilt I was under and this was a very warm quilt.

The last experience at this place was very uncomfortable for me, I was at my computer and in my white board on my desk a face materialized, within a few seconds of that a ball of light went across a part of the room where there was no way light of that sort would have been. The worst for me was a feeling like I was being touched and I was the only one in the room.

We moved to Massachusetts years later which is where I grew up. The new place had its own experiences for us. We came home one day and as we entered the apartment our television turned on, the remote for this television was always disappearing. Since all three of us were in the doorway and no one had completely entered the place it was unsettling.

On the occasion I would smell a very distinct perfume, it reminded me of lilac or a very sweet smelling flower, each time it was the same fragrance.

One time I saw a female enter my daughter's room but I was the only one who saw her and of course when I looked no one was there.

I was driving to work one morning when I smelled a very strong man's cologne followed by the odor of cigarette smoke. Not just a minor odor, it was as though someone had literally blown the smoke in my face.

My last experience was at work, I saw the Catholic priest at our facility buzz by the door of my office. He was a round fellow but he could move, when I said "Father Crowley is in a big hurry this morning" my co-worker looked at me and said "you could not have seen him,, he passed away last week". I can dismiss the first experience as simply a guilty feeling. The others I have no explanation for...

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ChickenLittle (11 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-26)
The first thing that strikes me your daughter talking of demons and disembodied voices. What age was she when she was experiencing these?

Second, your last experience of seeing the priest was a bit of a shock, I'm sure. I am assuming you worked for some branch of the Catholic church? Did you know if anyone else saw the same priest after your sighting? I would be curious if it were possibly a residual-type occurrence, or if maybe he had some unfinished business.

You seem to have a mixed collection of experiences! Did any other members of your family have the same type of experiences? If so, you might compare notes. It may have been someone connected to your family.

Interesting experiences!
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-21)
Hello deefrao - those sure are some unnerving experiences
For what I understand, they have happened at different times of your life and, perhaps, now it is too late to try to find a possible explanation for them. For instance, did you ever try to look for the history of the apartment and the house? It is possible that a previous tenant from a bygone era hadn't completely left.

Can you recall if some family member/acquaintance passed away around the time you smell the cigarette and cologne in your car? Did the perfume remind you of someone in particular?

I guess there's not much to do now other than to say you were lucky to have a glimpse of 'the other side', though you might not agree with this statement.

Thanks for sharing.

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