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Footprints And Ghosts Broke Into My House


First let me say that I thank everyone that had gave me information on my last story. Also wanted to point out that I now don't really believe the ouija board has anything to do with whatever is going on in my house.

A week and a half ago my parents and I were preparing for my niece to come over. I cleaned up there room, my mom straightened up the house and my step dad was mopping the floor in the kitchen. Anyways after we had finished about a hour later, I walked into the kitchen to get me something to drink. I got my drink and kind of stood there and then something caught my eye. A footprint. I'm looking at the foot print and as I'm starring at it I'm trying to make out who made this foot print. I looked around the kitchen and saw that the footprints were everywhere. Not only were they everywhere but they didn't seem to have a direction. The footprints were under the table, trash can, the chairs and other stuff.

I called my parents in to help me figure it out and I think there reaction only freaked me out more because they had no idea. My step dad in particular because he had just mopped the floor. What made them so strange though was the size, width and toes. We have tile on our floor and each tile is 5 by 5 inches long. The foot along with the toes fit perfectly in one of those tiles however the width was 5 inches long also. That's a wide foot. And the toes of the footprint were pointed and only four of them.

About a week and half later, a couple days ago, my mom had probably one of the most freaky experiences. That night I had left to stay and hang out with some friends before one of them went to fight in the military. My step dad was also working late that night. He didn't get off work until around two thirty that morning. My mom was babysitting alone that night and she put my youngest niece to bed in the girls room and she let my oldest niece sleep in a made bed on the floor next to my moms bed. My niece had fall in asleep and my mom was heading that way. My mom said she then felt the house shaking a little, which isn't uncommon because we live in a trailer and a heavy load in the washing machine can really make the house shake, but my mom started thinking and she remembered that she had finished the laundry before she put the girls down.

My mom said she suddenly heard this loud bang and then the sound of, what she said, sounded like to heavy wait guys running up and down the house. My mom was really frightened, not for ghosts, but she thought someone had broke into the house. She checked on my niece who was unbelievably still sound asleep in her made up bed. My mom knew she had to check on my other niece who was on the other side of the house. So my mom got up and when she exited her room she saw the back door wide open. At that point she was even more frightened because since it was open she had figured someone was inside the house.

She made her way slowly down the kitchen then the living room and then the hallway which the first room on the left was the girls room. My mom poked her head in the door and saw nothing but my youngest niece still fast asleep in her bed. But to be certain she check my room and the guest bathroom to make sure they weren't hiding or anything. My step dad came over a little later and he tried to figure out what could have caused it but he couldn't find anything. I came home the next day and my mom cried as she told me that story. The fact that it could have been something paranormal was kind of a relief to my mom because someone breaking in and harming my nieces was just overwhelming to her. However I don't think my mom is to happy about the ghost we might have.

If it really was something paranormal I'm curious to why the back door would be open. The back door has a 5 foot drop if you try and go out it, its has a dead bolt lock and a normal door lock and to break into it would be very difficult. My front door just has a simple door lock and in fact I've lock picked it a few times myself because I would forget the house keys after returning from school.

It really frightened me that this had happened but its frightens me more that it could happen again and I'm just really curious to anything right now. I don't know what to ask. For help, for advice or for support. I'm not sure so I guess anything you have to say could be a big help.

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generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-26)
I'd be interested in seeing the photo of the footprints, too.
The description made me think of a fist - the fingers curled under, thumb out to the side. A few times I've been on my hands and knees scrubbing something on the floor and made prints that looked kind of like how you described.
KuriousKendall (2 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-10)
To Nysa. You may be right, but I'm pretty sure they would have seen my mom before my niece and even if they didn't see her first she would have saw them. Also I have been doing tests on the back door and its solid it won't budge plus there is no sign of forced entry.

To Moongrim. It's too late to get a sketch however I did manage to take a picture of it before my step dad remopped the floor.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
A sketch of your discovered footprint would go a long ways towards resolving the situation.

As four toed prints are common on canids, and felines.

Nysa (4 stories) (685 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Well just because your mother did not find people when she left the room does not mean they were not there before she left the room. Maybe she thought she had locked the back door but hadn't. Or maybe the shaking she felt was someone jimmying the easier to break into front door & they unlocked & went out the back door when they left. Perhaps they were going to steal things then saw your niece in the room, realized people were home & ran out before they got caught.

I have a question about the footprints, were they muddy or dirty prints or just impressions in the wetness left from mopping?

If this is some kind of paranormal situation the fact that something left your back door open at night, leaving you vulnerable to unscrupulous humans, is worrisome. Google "protection from ghosts" & choose one or more of the recommendations that make the most sense to you if you want to go ahead & rid your home of anything that may be there. If your parents aren't interested, though I imagine your mom would rather be safe than sorry at this point, there are small unobtrusive things you can do yourself. And perhaps suggest to your mother that you get a better lock for the front door.

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