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Spirit Coming Into You/being Born And The Black Figure


It's been awhile since I posted anything and this one event puzzles me. What's the first thing you remember being alive or earliest memory? I remember this well as my spirit was coming down high from the sky. Looking straight down I had no control to move just along for the ride type thing. Once my spirit got close to the ground it went fast then going through the home (knew it was afterwards) down the hallway then speed dropped and I saw me then everything went black for about 5 seconds. It pretty much felt like I just arrived and I had no idea who I was or anyone else. Oddly the body I went into (me) was standing motionless staring into the mirror once I was in me. I did do Astral projection once by accident, but you instantly come back into you're body though. Anyone have this happen too? Did I just arrive late?

Second part is new with another spirit but it doesn't bother me though, not like at the last house. We moved from there and the doorbell would ring randomly. We just rationalized it as being a lose wire or something...wrong. My brother's room was right next to mine and he would leave his door cracked and it would shake back and forth. I never seen it and missed it by seconds but I believe him, he's not the type to lie about such things. He woke up in the middle of the night and his nunchakus were hanging on the closet door rattling, then fell. He got up and was scratched on his back when he picked them up. I wasn't there when that happened.

Then one morning my mom felt something poking her and she woke up and saw a black figure in the room. The only thing I experienced is that it whispered my name and hit the mattress like saying "hey I'm here ". I talked to the paranormal investigators and they said " it could be waiting for the right time to do more " as nothing really happens a lot. It can be months before something happens. Can this be what followed us from the last home? I don't think it is as it was focused on me, but it was strong too.

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Jessicqqqq (5 stories) (56 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-25)
I have visions of the future everyone once in a while. Even if I'm not thinking about a specific topic. I'll just zone out and see it. I also sometimes see myself in different dimensions or times. I believe that in each of them, I have the same personality but make different choices. I astral project a lot, I've been to different dimensions as well.
DandK (11 stories) (344 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-23)
TheMurph, I remember being in the womb. I could see light filtered in with a red hue. I also felt very hot and cramped. I had to stretch. The next thing I remember is my mother tapping the bottom of my feet. Every time I tried to rest, she flicked my foot. I remember her crying. It turns out that memory is from when I was about one week old. When I asked my mom a few years later about that memory, she told me that I was born with my night and day hours mixed up and since she had an 18 month old baby as well, the Dr told her to keep me awake all day so my hours would be switched. My mom felt horrible the entire time she was forcing me to stay awake. That Dr was a quack.

I can't prove my womb memory is real, but I've had that memory my entire life. The womb is my only explanation.

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