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Spirit Of A Sexual Predator


The following is a story I have never told anyone... Until now. Growing up in the 80's in the San Fernando Valley, my family lived in a cookie cutter suburban neighborhood built in 1961. From the time we moved into this house, at the tender age of two, I felt a presence watching me from my bedroom window. As time went on, I could feel it from every window in the house. I would pick spots in the hallway to sit, away from all of the windows... But soon, the presence permeated every corner. I spoke to my mother about my fears, and she told me she had seen a friendly man. She said not to be scared and to talk to him.

I summoned the courage one day... I could not have been much older than four years old. It unleashed a whole new world... One that I could not be sure was real or a figment of my active imagination. His voice was in my head... Clear as any spoken word. Talking to him was the only thing about the haunting that did not really frighten me, and I believe he knew that and used it to his advantage.

My parents would leave us alone with our grandfather frequently. He would sit outside on the patio smoking a cigarette as my brother and I played quietly by ourselves inside. This one particular day, I had grown bored of playing with my toys. The spirit, whom I will call 'James', was with me. He would often instruct me on how to play with my dolls. They would frequently be naked in a variety of sexual positions. His favorite was a leering Ken doll watching two naked barbies going at it. I didn't understand, obviously, what they were doing, but I thought it funny and peculiar. I said to James that I did not want to play anymore. He said, 'Yes, this is getting old. Let's go watch a movie.' I walked into my parents' bedroom where the TV was, hoping to find some old cartoons on VHS. 'Which one is good?', I asked him. I scanned through the piles of videos when one from the top quarter of the stack caught my eye. It was sticking out about half an inch and a silver sticker seemed to glimmer before my eyes. I pulled it out carefully, and James said, 'Remember where it was. You will need to put it back exactly where you found it.' I stared at the sticker for a while... Amused by the shiny iridescence. I could not yet read. 'What are you waiting for? Put it in!'. Starting the movie, I sat on the floor in front of the bed. 'You will need to stop it if your brother comes in'. Close to the VCR, I watched with strange curiosity as the hard core pornography played out. I could feel that James was happy with me... Laughing and patting me on the back. 'ha-HA! Good job, kid!'

This went on for many years... And each time I would watch, he became more bold. 'Don't you want to touch yourself?' he'd ask. 'You're a beautiful little girl, don't you want to take off your panties and show me?' 'Don't tell anybody about this... They won't understand. They will think you are a dirty girl. But, we know different, right?'. I was, always, obedient. When he became bored of the same movie, he told me where to find my father's stash. A state of squalor had consumed the house by that time, and the pile of papers on my father's office floor had enabled me to reach the top shelf of his bookcase, where a raunchy array of magazines sat. 'Lips' was James' favorite. I could not understand why he liked looking at the pictures so much, but I knew he was pleased. 'Ok' he said, 'Let's watch the movie again'. I could feel a kind of restlessness in him. 'I could look for other movies if you want.', I said. 'No. Get your brother. He'll love this.' 'But, you said not to tell anyone. He'll tell on me for sure.' I said. 'Get your brother.' he insisted

I did as I was told, and my brother did, indeed, tell my parents. Scared and mortified, I denied it... Told them he was lying and trying to get me in trouble. I was angry at James... And my brother... And the world, really. There were so many things I didn't understand, and I wanted to put it all behind me. I felt like I had been very bad... dirty. I tried to ignore James from that point on. I could feel him staring at me, and still heard his voice in my head. He kept his distance for a while, but soon became impatient. I pushed my bed under the window, so he couldn't see me from outside. I slept with the covers over my head. But, in the wee hours of the morning, I could feel my bed begin to shake. I would try desperately to rationalize it away. It's just a tremor... it's a train going by... it's a truck. But, the movement would become more pronounced with each rationalization. It would feel like eternity before the shaking stopped... Like the mattress was being lifted and dropped. Sometimes, I could even feel a heaviness on top of me. Paralyzed with fear, I would begin to pray the 'Hail Mary' until I fell back asleep... And the more I prayed, the more I could hear him laughing.

There were places on the property that felt scarier to me than others. The garage was one that terrified me. When I was about ten years old, laundry became one of my chores. I would have to walk into the backyard, around the side of the house and into the garage from a side door. It was always dark and stacked to the ceiling with boxes, junk and a rotting old buick. The door opened in and I would prop it as far open as I could. I felt the uneasiness most intensely, and I was terrified of being locked inside. Without fail, the door would slam shut. Sometimes, it would happen as I was putting in the powdered soap and the soap would fly into my face as I jumped. Eyes on fire. This, however, would not be the most frightening thing that happened in that garage.

One day, I was doing laundry after my mom and brother had left. They didn't tell me they were leaving, but I watched as the car pulled away. I had come to think that maybe my brother was playing tricks on me with the door. I still felt uneasy, but told myself that what I was feeling was completely irrational. I propped the door open with a heavy box and made sure it was a bright inside as it could be. I still heard James talking to me, but I had stopped responding. Another voice... A voice of reason... Had joined the ranks in my head. I felt uneasy, but not necessarily scared. Until the door slammed shut with great force. I ran to the door and desperately tried to get it open. The knob wouldn't turn, even though it was unlocked. I would pull it open and it would slam shut again, my hand on the knob. Screaming and crying I pleaded for it to stop... I pleaded to be let out of that garage. It felt like eternity as I wrestled with the door. In desperation I cried, 'Please, help me!' and a warmth spread through me. A woman's voice spoke clearly, calmly and with a kind of conviction that permeated the darkness... 'She's just a little girl', she said. With that, the door opened a few inches and I ran back inside as fast as my legs could carry me.

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Rozo (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-25)
Very Hectic Story indeed, but can't come away and shake the feeling that 'James' was/is a real person/member of the family and that the facts have been changed to better suit a 'ghost story'
Anyways just my opinion.
smiley101 (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-19)
This story broke my heart!: (I broke out crying at the parts where you said he showed you the stuff with the dolls and the movies. This reminded me of my past life except they were humans. I mean we already have enough human perverts we don't kneed f*%#'^g spirits too! I hate that they would do that to little girls.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)
I would also like to point something else out. In the story, the author mentions that this spirit/demon guided the author to her father stash of p0rn. What in the world is a grown man WITH kids doing with p0rn videos and magazines? Doesn't he know that kids are curious with or without spirits?

I don't know what to believe with this story. I would like to give the author the benefit of the doubt but at this point it is really hard to do.

Also, you didn't finish the story. When you were caught, did you get into trouble? Did you ever tell your parents what you were experiencing with this James spirit? And above all, why in the world would a mother leave a 10 year old child home alone and leave without telling the child?

You mentioned that you have a brother, have you talked to him about what is happening and has he experienced anything?
LouSlips (10 stories) (979 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-09)

I am truly sorry for what happened to you as a child... But I think you know that this has little to do with ghosts. Please find someone you can talk to about this. It is not your fault, no matter what you were told; but the pattern needs to stop with you... And the perpetrator needs to pay for what he has done.

Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
How exactly can one play with a doll, particularly a Ken Doll, in such a way that gives him a leer?

Either you're making this up, or...possibly, you're covering for a family member who abused you.
Judge (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
Yes, in this case age may not matter, the spirit may also be sexual in nature,...
LisaHauntedforlife (12 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
I have been seeing and hearing ghosts since I was 4. I could not give you a quote from any one of them. At adult hood I can not recall exact detale. I am sorry but this looks like a short story to me. The ending was rushed after the flow and detale are a little too much to believe.
BlueTurtle (3 stories) (176 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
To be honest, I have to express my skepticism in this story. It's absolutely terrible if these things did indeed happen to you; no one should have to grow up feeling uncomfortable and disgusted with themselves.
But I am surprised at the amount of detail you remember from when you were only two years old. And four years old. I remember things when I was about that young, but nothing as vivid as what you describe.
I am surprised that your mother would have encouraged you to speak to spirits. Is there any reason, that you know of, why she believed so whole-heartedly that what you were hearing was the voice of a ghost?
If you are still hearing voices, especially malevolent ones, I would strongly suggest that you seek professional help. Whether that person is versed in the paranormal field or not; anything to prove or disprove what's happening to you.
Other than that, I have to agree with what Reptilian said. The prose and overall structure of the story seems no more than an elaborate tale; a plot to showcase skillful writing in fiction. Sick, perverted fiction.
reptilian (45 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
I have to be brutally honest. I found your writing style somewhat sleazy. "'You're a beautiful little girl, don't you want to take off your panties and show me?'", I find that you included this exact quote disturbing, along with you saying "at the tender age of 2". Tender?

To get to the point I strongly suspect that this story is nothing more than you expressing your own deranged sexual urges.
People with genuine experiences are normal every day people, who typically get straight to the point and tell us what happened, so that they might recieve peoples thoughts / advice. This however, with all its suspense and structure is nothing more than a perverted attempt at a short story.
ChristineNicole (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-08)
wow. When I read the part about the womans voice I got goose bumps! While your expoerience was horrible, I hope you have been able to appreciate that protective voice.
stormangel (3 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
If there is an intelligent force at work before during and after our lifetime then why the hell would it allow the spirit of a peadophile to carry on attempting to abuse and terrify children, same as spirits that push people downstairs and other evil acts. For christ sake are we never rid of these pieces of filth 😠
ngute80 (220 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Judge -
A crush? Seriously? She was a little girl who was sexually abused by a spirit of a grown man. Alive or dead its still abuse, with the same trama and emotional scars.
ngute80 (220 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Your mother encouraged you to talk to a spirit when you were that young? "James" must have been a sick and disturbed man during his life! I'm very sorry you had to go through that! It makes me wonder what kind of abuse he inflicted on other children when he was alive. I only hope that "james" gets what he deserves in the afterlife and that he hasn't, and will never abuse another child again. Thank you for sharing. Again I'm sorry for what you went through

This comment from Judge is hidden due to low rating. Show comment

moravian (1 stories) (171 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-07)
Great story - scary as all heck just the same. Wonder you never found out its true identity. Might have been demonic.

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