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The Cat, Woman And Nasty Old Man


This all happened at my mums house. She moved into it new, I know it was 'The blue bus station' before hand but that's all.

At first my uncle kept thinking he was seeing a cat shoot upstairs, a black one. We all saw it I think, but didn't really talk about it. This was about 15 or16 years ago. Nothing else happened for years except a smell of cat wee that would dissipate as quickly as it arrived (ghost cat?). One day me, my mum and my little sister walked in from a rainy day and there was one perfect cat paw print on the laminate flooring, my mum hushed me before I said anything because little things had been happening and she didn't want my little sister scared.

A few years later my other 19 year old sister was suffering from sleeplessness and really stressed out, but she never believed in supernatural so she didn't say anything about what had been happening to her. At night she would hear a vicious old mans voice telling her that her boyfriend wasn't there to protect her now and she was a 'harlot' or some other old name for it, whispering disgusting things for hours; she ended up telling my mum in floods of tears.

Meanwhile, my mum was hearing the exact same thing, a dirty nasty old man. She was convinced her dad had died and had come to haunt her, but no, he is still going. She also saw her bedroom door handle moving up and down a few times. She has seen things in her peripheral vision, like fleeting shadows and a figure stood in her room.

She must have started seeing these before either me or my 19 year old sister because it went on for quite a while.

I was asleep in my mum's room the first time anything happened to me.

My mum had gone to her friend's house and it was early hours of the morning. I hadn't been feeling comfortable in that house upstairs but didn't know why; I had my two children asleep in bed next to me. I heard the porch door open and close, and then the lounge door open and close, I was relieved, thank goodness she's back I thought. Then I heard 'BOOM,BOOM,BOOM...' as something very heavy pounded, fast, up the stairs. My stomach did flip flops as I realized that was not my mum.

It came right up to the bedroom door and was pushing it, the door wasn't locked, it didn't turn the handle, but I knew in my mind it was not coming in, my two little girls were there! Then I hear this woman's voice saying something like 'he really wants in' in a very flippant manner. I, admittedly, couldn't move at the time and I know I had sleep paralysis but I struggled and by the time I could move it had stopped.

A week or so later I had a 'dream' but I was in my sister's room. Everything was normal; it was like my astral body or something was pulled from the bed. I saw a haggard old man and woman, and I felt every bump and bang as I was dragged from bed and thrown around the room like a rag doll. When I came round I was so tired.

It was when the 19 year old burst into tears that we realized this had been happening to us three; my littlest sister was left alone. My mum went mental and was shouting into the air to leave her ******* kids alone. She rang somebody who knew about these things and they went around with a bunch of herbs, smoking or 'smudging' I believe it's called, the place out.

There haven't been any incidences with the old man, (I think) just other weird stuff; like being in the bathroom washing my hands and suddenly knowing for 100% that someone was standing behind me. I thought if my sister jumps out from behind the door to give me a fright I'm going to have a heart attack, then again if she doesn't then I'm just as worried. Looking back its like when I was getting a kicking; it was punishment for him not getting in the bedroom that night and I have no idea why a cat would haunt my mums, or were it went.

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stormangel (3 stories) (55 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
Yeah my mum said it sounded old fashioned, the 19 year didn't know what it meant. Interesting what you have said I never thought (even though I watch TAPS etc. And read lots of books/magazines on the subject now) of the him being angry with his own child and stuck in the past and the mother thing, actually I'm pretty dumbfounded I didn't think of that 😕lol, yup it definitly takes an outside view to put a different perspective on it, thankyou:D I just hope it doesn't pick up again when the younger one (who's now 15) starts bringing boyfriends home to stay. Dont think that's going to happen for quite a while yet anyway he he 😁
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
firstly great post thanks for sharing.
Now the cat could have been just visiting a place it used to go when alive pets like to return now and then but will sence when the people there don't want it around and will leave.

As for the old man and the woman with you saying he said harlot insted of something like slapper or sl*t like you might hear now does sound like an old spirit angry at posibly a daughter with a boyfriend/lover that was not allowed because of her age like you say it was your 19 year old sister who heard this and your mum but your younger sister had nothing.

And as for the "dream" of the beatting you could have experianced the attack on said daughter, and the womans voice could have been the mother who obviously could not stand up to the old man who would have been head of the house hold and the "boss"
Im glad you say it has now stopped (with him anyway) as for the feelings it could still be the "mother" watching over the girls in the home.

Well that's my thoughts anyway hope this helps have you though of looking up the past of the property you say it was the blue bus station before your mum moved in what about looking before the bus station could give you some answers

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