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Since I was 5 years old I've always had weird and unexplained things happen to me. If that was the case before then I will never know, but it was only after I turned 5 that I started to take note that I was seeing and hearing things other people could not. The one experience that I had was one day when I saw a man standing in our living room whilst the whole family was there watching television. I greeted this man but could not see his face, and on which my uncle who was only 18 at the time stood up and asked me who I am greeting. I explained to him in a childlike manner that I could see right through him (the entity) as the entity was standing between me and my uncle. My uncle was not impressed and had claimed that I was making things up to draw attention.

Then there was the native wooden Zulu drum that my brother had bought one year on the market streets of Durban, South-Africa. Once that drum was brought into outhouse me and my mother started to have very strange and almost unbarring dreams that seemed to worsen every time my brother played the drum. As I was only 6 at the time, for me to have those dreams really concerned my parents as I would come to them explaining my dreams of the previous night to them in detail. I can recall one dream that I had where I would be possessed by something and in a sleep like state float above the ceiling as the rest of my family would try to catch me and grab me with no prevail. (Now if your child comes to you at the age of 6 just blurring out his/her dreams and they sound like this... You would be worried). After that my mother who at the time had have enough of her own dreams and experiences ordered my brother to destroy the Zulu drum after our house maid (she is a Zulu herself) told my mother to do so. We had to firstly break the legs of the drum and then burn the whole thing, as instructed by our maid. The dreams stopped.

After that I decided to keep my experiences to myself as it seemed to make everyone uncomfortable as I aged to about 10, but my manlike entity did not stop visiting me. For weeks he would stare at me while I slept and then disappear for months. He would just walk through the room, but strangely never would walk in the hallway as if something or someone was keeping him from doing so. I recall seeing him stand at the entrance of the hallway not moving. I was strangely afraid of a painting of a young lady that hung in our hallway, which my grandmother had to get rid of, for me to be able to sleep. (It had those eyes that follow you no matter what angle you look at it, but it was only after my gran got rid of it that I was told that there was a certain way the painter painted it for it to do so, somewhat like an allusion). I think at that stage I was just worried that if the man (entity) didn't want to walk the hallway, what should I be afraid of then? The painting of the lady was at that time a good reason for me.

After that I didn't have any experiences regarding the man. Years had passed and I didn't see or hear anything that I couldn't find a natural explanation to. All in all I also lost my belief in the "paranormal" world as I blamed movies, cartoons and fiction books as the result of my weird childhood experiences. (On that... I had A LOT of weird stuff that happened to me during this denial time that I just ignored). It wasn't until 3years back that my childhood memories had started to haunt me again.

I have to add that all my life I have been a Christian but it was when I turned 14 when I really became a Child of God. My uncle passed away very suddenly due to a heart attack from his days of constant smoking and drinking. It was when he passed away that... My man returned with a bang. Few months after my uncle's death my childhood man had made his official "I'm staying" announcement one night when I was sleeping. Windows were closed, door was closed and closet doors closed. Now to give you an idea of the closet doors, they are hard to close and hard to open as the carpet acts like a speed bump because the doors were never filed to make it easy to open them. The night "Frikkie" (what I ended up calling him in Afrikaans) made his presence known; he made use of these doors to ensure that I could not give a natural explanation to it.

I was sound asleep just to be horribly awakened by the sound of my doors slamming shut with the wind that came out of the closet blowing my curtains profusely. I stood up to investigate what that was but as I had mentioned... There was no wind outside, no window open and no way wind could get in my room, and could get in so bad to be able to close my doors (that I know was closed when I went to sleep). I went back to sleep and didn't experience anything else.

The next morning I was a bit freaked out as to what had happened and decided to talk to my mother about it. Once again she didn't take me seriously and suggested it might have been a nightmare. I went to High School and had forgotten all about the event. That afternoon when my mom came to pick me up she was pale as if she had seen a ghost. She didn't speak to me until we got to the house where she then told me that when she was cleaning my room, the exact same thing happened to her and since that day we have had "Frikkie" in our home. We have had guest over and "Frikkie" would make it clear he knows that these are not the people that occupy the house and he investigates them all. He will pull of the covers of the guests and even sit on the side of their beds, but we have never seen him. He lingers in the air. He does not do any harm to us but he has a particular interest in the woman in the house. He is also not an every day or week entity. He will be missing for months and then for a week he goes on making known he is there.

We have now got used to "Frikkie" as we are not afraid of him but actually happy when he comes to visit. The weird thing about him is that he has for 2 years now only made himself known when something in the house goes wrong or when me or my mother becomes ill. A year ago for a whole two weeks he tortured me and my mom every day and we got a so freaked out we ended up screaming at him to stop on occasion. After the second week he stopped and the Monday I became ill with Scarlet fever. At my age of 19 to get scarlet fever is bad as it is a childhood bacteria and the doctors gave me heavy antibiotics that made me sleep for hours on end for two weeks. According to my mother she found my bedside lamps on every night and she had to stand up every 3 to 4 hours to put them of.

We also have noticed that before bad or serous events "Frikkie" would play with the lights in mine and my mother's rooms. I had wind charms that he just loved to play with. He doesn't scare or seem to want to disrupt the household but he does want to get our attention. On numerous occasions he had become "playful" as my mother would call it and not long after his acts something would happen for example: My brothers car accident, my illnesses, family feuds and more.

Me and my mother do not know who or what this man could be or if he is a man at all, we just know that when he starts to play with the lights, something is up. We have lived now with him for almost 4 years and we treat him like a member of the family. We had our moments when we think or believe that this man "Frikkie" is our deceased uncle Chris. I on the other hand do not know what to think of our household entity because of my childhood experiences that I had with the man.

I would like to know if anyone can maybe give an explanation to what "Frikkie" is and what is his obsession with me and my mother and the people of our house. I am 20 years old and don't know if this will be a long life case or will our entity disappear one day?

Please if anyone can give me some advice or answers to this.

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tellanizer (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-14)
Hi guys

Thank you so much for the comments. It's nice to know that me and my mother aren't the only ones with a friendly ghost friend (if Frikkie is even a ghost at all). On the attack just before my illness: he didn't attack me he just went ballistic with the lights and the furniture a week before I became ill.

Newest Event on Frikkie.
My parents have left for a holiday in Miami for 3 weeks. Frikkie seems to even have said goodbye to her the day before she left. He went about playing with the lights and pulling covers. I think he is sad she was leaving... Now I'm alone with him for a few weeks, that's even if he is going to stay for the weeks.

Tellanizer 😊
taz890 (12 stories) (1380 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-13)
very interesting post thanks for adding 😊
Reading the comments I have to say totaly agree this does sound like a helpful spirit that could have been a family member from a long time ago well before you were born.
Just one question though you said he attacked you before you got sick, in what way did he attack you?
UntilDark (1 stories) (24 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-13)
Looks like you've found an otherworldly friend tellanizer! I would be happy if I were you! I agree with the other users that "Frikkie" might be a protective spirit. I think it would be useful if someone warned you about upcoming troubles.

Thanks for sharing this story. Hope to read more experiences from you soon. 😊
klpvolleyball4 (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-12)
Thats a good story and, I agree that he seems like he cares about your family! 😁
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-12)
It is hard to say who he really is without knowing anything about the house or family history. I agree with Surya that he does sound like he is a protective type of spirit. And that must also give you comfort.
The turning on and off of the lights as a possible warning of trouble soon to come just fascinates me. There are many experiences that others have written in about, where the lights have been messed with as well. They also believe a spirit is to blame. I find it it very interesting that spirits have such an influence on electronics. From the equipment that professional ghost hunters use to the lamps and appliances in our homes. I worked in a haunted restaurant that my mother managed when I was young, and there was a dumbwaiter that would run on it's own. But the freakiest thing about that was it would run when there was no electricity being provided to it. During the winter storms, often times there would be blackouts across the entire town, but that dumbwaiter would run on it's own.
This spirit seems to have become a welcome part of your family. Maybe he already is family? It could be someone that had passed long before you were even born.

Thank you for sharing tellanizer, I enjoyed reading it.

Jav 😊
ParrotPig104 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-11-11)
I love this one:) So you say that "Frikki" starts playing with the lights in your bedrooms when something bad is about to happen? Seems quite useful to me! It's nice that you like it when Frikki comes to visit! 😁
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-11)
Hi tellanizer,

Thank you for sharing your story. Your visitor sounds a lot like mine, except I call my the night time stalker. Like your's he comes in waves then disappears. You may want to read some of my posts.

"Frikki" sounds like a protector if I may use that term. You have stated that he appears when something is about to happen.

Do wither you or your mother have a sxth sense?


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