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I have come across this site few days back and its the right place to share or post your experiences, paranormal or supernatural things that happen in your routine life cycle.

I faced this experience in the year 2004 when I was working in a BPO industry. I used to work five days a week. On Saturday i.e 5Th day my shift timings are different. Generally my shift starts 12:30 am and ends at 6:30 am but on Saturdays my shift starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 1:30 am. During weekends I avoid taking cabs as the pickup is way too early, so I go self.

On this particular Saturday I was done with my shift and as usual once the shift is over, few of us went for a midnight buffet. By the time we had our food it was around 2:45 am, and we all started back home.

To avoid police checking I took the route which goes through the Military area, which was lonely and it was pitch dark. It's only my bike's headlight on the road and nothing else. For a moment I looked back through my rearview mirror. It was pitch dark. Nothing can be seen except my red tail lamp reflection. I was scared a bit, not even a single street lamp. There was no traffic at all. BPO's were new in those days and traffic ends by 10:00 pm in that road.

I still continued to drive normally. All of a sudden there was a deep curve that I had to take, so I reduced the speed and shifted the gears back. Once done with the curve, I started feeling something went wrong and I passed through something. My bike doesn't go beyond 20 k mph. At that point of time, my bike was 5 months old. It was brand new Pulsar. I thought, "There's a problem with the bike" but did not want to stop the bike. I had to drive on that speed i.e 1 and 2Nd gear for about 5 kilometers. After that the road connects to the regular road.

I thought to stop my bike and check after reaching the main road. Now I could see the main road with few trucks moving, I felt relaxed. Finally, I reached the road and to my surprise the bike became normal. I stopped and checked; everything was fine.

I reached home safely, took off my jacket. I was feeling sweaty, and after some time I could feel slight burning sensation on my back. I ignored it, initially thinking it might be because of sweat. The burning sense was disturbing me, so I took off my banyan and looked my back in mirror. To my horror, I could see the markings made by nails on my entire back. I couldn't sleep for that remaining night.

The next day was Sunday and I was down with high fever. I was sick for 2 days and was back on track on the 3rd day. I told my friends about this and they do not trust me on this. I know what I have gone through and I have never taken that route. Now there are street lamps all over and you could see the traffic even at 3 am in that route.

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Vikram (14 posts)
7 years ago (2015-12-29)

Many people experienced similar experience going through that route near AOC centre. I am talking about the route which has a railway crossing in between. One of my friend had a similar experience as yours. Not scratch marks, but it was an imprint of a full palm on his back. His bike completely stopped for a few minutes.
Hitman (1 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2012-08-07)
Ghost don't dare to harm yogis. I used to get fever & freaky nightmare after driving in a certain root to home. After consultation with a punditji I became chaste & hanuman chalisa, mritinjay mantra helped me.
kausthebest (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-02)
I think you must try goin to the same route once again... Atleast you'll be sure, and can make your friends and other people aware about it...
As I can feel it won't hurt you much, in such a case... 😁
Brian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-02-15)
Ghost is unlikely cause of your issues.

You more likely passed through a demonic presence. I don't know much about your area, but usually roads that are widely unused at night are used for rituals.

Something could be stuck in the place and you just happened to go through it. It drained energy from your bike which allowed it to scratch you. We have this happen with equipment we use for our paranormal investigations. Batteries are fully charged going into an investigation go dead, when we leave they work fine again.

I suggest not going through that place anymore since you have experienced that and are likely to be afraid of what is there. It can and will feed on that.

Best of luck.
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-15)
Thank you Joshua, for your reply. Did the scratches become infected? Hence the fever. Or, was the fever from an entirely different source? 😕
joshuakeys (7 stories) (45 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-15)
Fergie those were scratches.

Tye35 I am no more in to BPO's. Instead of shifting the branch, I shifted my career. 😁
Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-15)
Hi Joshua, Thanks for sharing. Lol
I have a question. You say "I could see the markings made by nails on my entire back." Please explain this. Were the markings like you had lain on a bed of nails, or were these scratches? 😕
tye35 (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-14)
yea dude.
Id take snowhites adviceand avoid that road and see if you can change branches of bpo
joshuakeys (7 stories) (45 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-14)
[at] venky Its in south India, Hyderabad, The place is AOC center.

[at] anneke8 After few weeks I have taken that route Unknowingly talking over the phone with one of my girlfriend, In fact I warned her not to disconnect the line, The moment I was about to reach that place my Ear phone had no voice, Line disconnected, I had no option but to go forward, because when I looked back its the same dark.
The moment I reached the Main road. I called up my gal friend & started blasting. She said she did not disconnect the call, in face she was trying to call me back but my phone was unavailable, The next day in the afternoon I went to the same place to check if I have the network, There was no network at all... After littlebit of enquirey, I got to know that since its a military area, there are network jammers.
venky (1 stories) (48 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-14)
Hey buddy which city in india you are talking about? I heard about streat haunting but its seems like abnormal. I believe in your post
anneke8 (10 stories) (274 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-14)
Just because there are lights now, doesn't mean it won't happen again... I wouldn't take that route again if I were you. Imagine the next time you could actualy SEE what caused this?! It's better you don't know. Obviously there was something that had a influence on your bike, and on yourself for that matter! Sounds damn evil!
snowhite (203 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-13)
Well, try not to go through that place any more. You must have encountered a ghost, that is why your back had markings and you got sick.

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