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This particular incident happened to me when I was in my 6Th standard, i.e when I was in schooling. It was around 1996.

In our school we used to have annual day before our final exams. In those days annual day means a lot for us. I was participating in solo dancing & few dramas. This is the time where your parents get to see you performing. It's kind of a feel good factor for them.

I used to live in Ghandinagar (Hyderabad) and my school was in Ashoknagar, 3.5Km walk from my place.

Finally the day has arrived. I was filled with loads of enthusiasm. I was also a part of drill as our chief guest was the educational minister PV Rangarao, son of late Ex pm PV narsimharao. He reached our school around 5 p.m. And was watching the shows. By the time it was our group's show, it was around 11 p.m. Then a few more shows went on and then the rewards time for the best students and also farewell time for the 10th and 12th standard guys. By the time everything was over it was around 1 a.m. Since it was that late, we (mom, younger bro, dad) decided to walk home. All the way I was thinking about my performance and there would be loads of discussions on Monday when I went back to school.

We reached home and our neighbor (Lakshmi Aunty) was waiting for us so that she can lock the gate. It was their turn that month so she greeted us and locked the gate.

I used to sleep in the hall, my bed was beside the window. I have a habit of putting my legs on the window panel. As usual I was thing about what all happened that night and time passed. I was about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I could see two hand with loads of golden bangles on the window rods. Initially I thought it was lakshmi aunty. It looked as if she was peeping into the house through the hands, i.e head in between the hands. I was not sure why she was doing it. A few seconds later I felt its not her, so I went little bit closer to her face. To my horror I could see nothing except the hands and the head was like a dark shadow. I shouted, "Mommy!" Everybody woke up and I was shivering. Even lakshmi aunty and her husband came to see what happened. I told them everything.

It was around 3 a.m. And my grandmother said she would be with me as I was very scared. The lights were still on in the that I was sleeping, then this thing happened just like it happens in our Hollywood movies. The books and albums in the rack started falling one after the other. Now my grandma was a witness for the things that happened. She realized that something was not right here. She went out and brought chappals shoes & broom sticks and placed them around the room and also at the main door.

On Monday when I went back to school it was this discussion that went on, not the annual day function topic.

Since that day when I come home late, I wash my legs and get into the house. In fact that day I did not was my legs. I did not have that habit then.

My grandma also told me that whenever you come home late in future, she asked to turn back and spit before getting into house. I have no clue why she said so.

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ram (25 posts)
9 years ago (2014-05-31)
hey joshua I am ram, I am a member here in this site for almost two years, following everybody's posts. But I would like to thank you for this post as I have started following your grandma's words. It is true that when you spit back things do work out. By the way I am reading your post for the second time, and I don't even know whether you are still active on this site. Anyways I convey my thanks to you and your grandmother.
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-20)
Joshua, that's a nice narration. To clarify certain points raised by SnoWQueeN, I would like say that Mohini or Mohinis are part of our Indian culture. In Adharvana Veda, there are ways to create Mohinis for specific purpose. Such Mohinis, after finishing the tasks required of them, would disappear. Partly what Joshua said was also correct. Some Mohinis are like Succubus, as you call in western culture, they prey on men for their sexual desires. Majority of them don't kill men. Well, probably, stories relating to killing men after satisfying its desires are not true and they are fables. So, I would like to tell you SnoWQueeN that Mohini is not a single entity. We call them generally Mohini.

Joshua, you first experience was great and you have a good narrative skill. Keep posting.


karthik248938 (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-21)
That was a seriously creepy thing to witness man! I am glad you made it out without severely injuring yourself. By the likes of what you describe, it seems to be a powerful feminine poltergeist. Kind of makes me freak out, to experience what you described. But, I would be happy if you could let us in on the little secret your grandma upheld...
Bluerose19 (3 stories) (164 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-16)
Snowqueen: Ghost stories from India are bit spooky to me. I heard Indian people (especially people of olden days) believes in ghosts kind of makes it part of their religion... Oh Come on!...I am an Indian and that's definitely not true- making part of our 'religion',,now that's quite absurd! If you have heard anything like that, let me clarify that its not true.

Joshuakeys: Ooh!...That was so so scary! I am one of those who believe that some 'superstitions' are too strong to 'question' their logic- I just prefer to believe in them and obey-Like those told by your Grandma.
joshuakeys (7 stories) (45 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-16)
[at] Snowqueen, Mohini's are the vegrin ghosts, these are women who get killed at young age, or women with high sexual desire & if they die they become mohini's they are evrywhere I guess, in India we call them as mohini's, they usually attack men. If you research more you could get more info.

Guys Correct me if iam wrong.
SnoWQueeN (5 stories) (100 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-15)
Woah that was scary! Seeing hands with no head I would have paralized to death. Ghost stories from India are bit spooky to me. I heared Indian people (especially people of olden days) believes in ghosts kind of makes it part of their religion. Am I right? So didn't you find out who was that? And by your spiting thing I guess its a famous ghost or witch whatever you call that follows people and haunt for a particular reason and people says a story about that entity when he/she was alive.

Like in Srilanka old people use to say: there is a lady who haunts only unmarried men and that too if that person is alone on the road after 12 am and she would call that man and say hold my baby so I can set my cloth its getting loose and kills him. You know there is a story behind this haunting that's why she takes the revenge only from mens (her name is MOHINI and some Indian people say in India there is Mohini too! Lol how can she haunt two places that's rediculous I never believe and find it funny, I mean when whole Srilanka knows about it so how can a man get caught and killed?)
shubham1120 (41 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-15)
That was scary especially the golden bangles and hands I could have had a premature heart attack seeing it. Maybe it was a bad spirit roaming that followed you?
I will remember to do whatever suggested by your GM to be on safer side...

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