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To start off, my name is Christen and I'm from Oklahoma. I have always been open-minded about ghosts, but never really knew much about "shadow people" or "shadow spirits". I first heard about shadow spirits in 2006, after my husband turned me onto listening to coasttocoastam, a radio program that discusses various topics about paranormal phenomenon. Funny thing is, I remember having felt skeptical about shadow spirits as opposed to ghosts. I can look back now and laugh, because back then, I really had no idea what I was in store for! Let's just say, these personal experiences I'm about to share with you have not only made a believer out of me, but have completely changed my life in so many ways! I've decided to share my personal story, because I find the paranormal phenomenon very fascinating and hope this information may be somewhat useful for those out there who are experiencing similar related incidents. Also, this is presented in great detail, so readers will get a clear mental picture of everything I have experienced.

Some background history: My husband, son, and I moved into an old house (that we rent and currently reside in). The house is estimated to have been built in the 1940's. Something important to note: I've never in my life have personally experienced anything paranormal until these recent years. Also, since 2006 my family has never experienced anything paranormal in our house until after Oct. 2009, when my son, his friend and I played the Ouija board in our house on 3 different occasions.

On Christmas 2010, I received a digital camera that has a camcorder feature. One evening, my husband and I were joking about using the camera to record an EVP in our house. At first I felt kind of silly asking the questions, so my husband took over asking different questions out loud, like "What's your name?", "Who are you?" and "Why are you here?" When we played back the video, we were surprised to find that the audio captured a man's voice (other than my husband's) replying back saying, "...still here" to the question my husband asked, "Why are you here?" After that we all started noticing different minor paranormal phenomenon occurring in our house, and by that, I mean both bedroom doors opening on their own right in front of us, cabinet doors opening on their own, odd sounds at times, digital photos capturing orbs all over the place (in just about every photo), curtain drapes being blown into mid air from underneath/below as if a fan was turned on to cause that, but there wasn't a fan, nor a window open nearby, or even a breeze to explain that, and such things as pictures falling off the wall at various times. Most paranormal activity has occurred in the hallway that connects our bedrooms on opposite ends with the bathroom in the middle; the incident with the curtain drapes occurred in the back utility/laundry room located in the back of the house.

My first shadow spirit experience occurred one early evening in May 2010. I was at home on my computer doing some research. The lighting in my house is always dim at night time, as I always have lamps on instead of an overhead light. I recall turning from the computer to write in my notebook and that was when out of my left peripheral vision, I noticed a very dark shaded silhouette of a black shadow appearing in the outlined form of a human female child running at super lightning speed into the living room and back from where it came. The shadow child came from out around the corner of the hallway and ran appearing in 2 dimensional form along the wall that leads into the living room where I was. It happened in the speed of light, so fast that if I blinked, I know I would of missed it. I saw it out of the corner of my left eye and believe what got my attention noticing a dark shadow in motion, moving so quickly. What's interesting, is the shadow child came from the direction and ran back into the same direction that leads into my son's room. By the way, I'm not sure if this matters, but my son was 9 years old at the time this happened (the same age I'm guessing the shadow child was).

My detailed description of the shadow child: Again, it was in the form/outline of a human child standing about 4'10". I personally believe it was a little girl (because the shadow appeared to resemble a female child with a short hair pulled back into a pony tail). I believe the shadow child appeared to be about the age of around 9 years old, due to her proportionally small size resembling a 9 year old girl. I believe what stood out the most about her was remembering her running with her arms bent at the elbows and hands clinched into closed fists -the way a person would look if they were running or jogging.

My reaction? I felt a little creeped out and was startled by it, but wouldn't say I felt afraid. I just kind of froze and couldn't believe it! I thought to myself, "Did I just see that?!" In that moment, I immediately looked straight ahead in the direction of the wall and hallway and saw both of my cats sitting side by side together also facing the same direction. They appeared baffled, looking back and forth repeatedly and that's when I knew they saw it too. My son was sitting behind me watching tv, facing the opposite direction of myself, which was facing the front door in the living room and my husband had just stepped outside moments right before it occurred, so my 2 cats and I are the only witnesses to that one occurrence with the shadow child. The shadow child hasn't graced herself with our presence anymore since then.

The second shadow person/spirit I experienced happened in Nov. 2010. One late evening that month, I recall it was just after 11pm. I had just put my son to bed. Around that time, my husband came home from work and had decided to take a shower. I was in the process of getting settled in for the night to go to bed. I left my bedroom door open, which from where my bed was facing in the room, I could see out into the hallway. The lamp from the living room was on from around the corner and shined dim light into the hallway. So, within 10-15 minutes of lying in bed, I randomly happened to look up into the direction of the hallway and saw an outlined form of a 3 dimensional human man standing about 5'11- 6'0" in height and proportionate to an estimated 160-180lbs. He was shaded as a shadow with no descriptive facial features whatsoever. I saw his entire body, with his arms down at both sides, he casually facing me. When I say he appeared 3 dimensional, I mean I could see he was standing out from what looked like a few inches away from the corner wall. It happened in a matter of seconds, because as soon as I realized what I was seeing, at the same time, the shadow man seemed to know I made the connection and could see/noticed him standing there watching me, and that's when he abruptly and spontaneously reacted by calmly turning his head/body, and walked out of my sight into the living room where he vanished. I again, mentally asked myself, "What was THAT?!" and remember jumping out of bed, running into the living room where I almost collided, running into my cats, who again were sitting right there side by side on the living room floor starring back in forth with the same reaction they had from the first shadow spirit incident.

My reaction? I think this incident had me feeling a little more creeped out than the first incident, because I was in bed under the covers having just noticed this figure of a tall man watching/staring at me. I recall feeling startled, but again not fearful. My immediate reaction was to question what I saw. I knew the shadow man was a spirit that vanished, so I didn't feel the need to search the house for an intruder. I immediately hugged my cats, to comfort them, because I knew they were just as freaked out and amazed as I was. When I say freaked out, I don't mean scared, but startled at having seen something out of the ordinary.

Intentions? I believe both the shadow child and shadow man were curious and felt some need to make their presence visually known. I don't believe either of them had any ill will towards me or my family. I believe the shadow child felt some kind of connection to my son, because she came from the direction of his room. I sense the shadow man was "traveling though", per say, and may have lived in our house at some point and time many years ago.

Additional information: I had a Native American friend of ours come over for a visit one afternoon. I had told him about the 2 shadow spirit incidents, but did not go into any descriptive details. He and I walked throughout my house to see if he could pick up on anything. After walking around, as we came out of the hallway into the living room, he told me he had just seen the shadow child come running into to living room and back just like I had before. Amazingly enough, he was able to accurately describe her, just exactly as I had seen her. I asked him what shadow child looked like and told me he felt the spirit was a female child around the age of 9 years, because of her small frame and a female because her hair appeared to be pulled back into a short pony tail. There was no way he would of known that information if he had not seen it for himself that day. When we were in my son's room, our friend said he felt the shadow child was hiding or staying in one of the 2 closets he has, but couldn't say which one to be exact. (One of the closets in my son's room leads upstairs to the attic). He said he sensed she had once lived either in the house or somewhere near our house and felt she died of a fever sometime around the 1950's. As for the shadow man, our friend did not witness him during the visit, but said he felt/sensed some strong connection between the 2 spirits, but couldn't confirm how.

More additional information: One of my cats- Gizmo aka "Gizzy" is an F3 Bengal, and I've always known him to see trailing whatever with his eyes watching something that we cannot always see. We got him as a kitten around the time when all these strange things first started happening in the house. Gizzy has always (and still does) lay next to me or at the foot of our bed every night while I read before retiring for sleep. He usually does not and will not leave my side for any reason. Oddly enough, there was two previous occasions, while I was reading where he came up to me face to face and was starring at whatever above my head. His eyes were huge and he had a very surprised look. He kept meowing at me, trying to get my attention, and looking above my head, in an attempt to communicate what he was seeing. At first, I initially brushed off his behavior thinking he must be noticing a bug flying around/above my head. After several seconds of curiosity, I looked up and saw nothing. Gizzy, then locked eyes with mine, meowed quickly with his eyes all bugged out and wildly surprised, then bolted out of the room, running out like a bat out of hell. This has happened twice in the same exact way both times. I believe cats have strong intuition, protective and healing abilities. Gizzy's always been very smart and in-tune with not only the environment as cats are, but he's also really good at picking up on the energy and emotions of people.

On a last note, before Christmas 2011 my son came to me and told me about a personal experience he had one morning with a ghostly apparition. He said at the time, I was getting ready for work and he was in the living room playing with the cats. He described seeing what appeared to be a shaded outlined form of only a human man's shoes walking down our hallway. My son said he first noticed the outlined form of walking shoes after he saw one of our cats staring into the hallway and said that as soon as the shadow apparition took a few steps, it seemed to notice it caught my son's attention and then calmly stopped and reacted by turning into the bathroom where it vanished before him.

It is March 2012, and it seems as though our paranormal occurrences have gradually ceased over time. I have yet again to experience another visit from either the shadow child and/or shadow man, who I believe both traveled into our living dimension to show us that energy in life can survive death.

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Christen (guest)
10 years ago (2012-03-19)
Everyone- thank you all for your feedback and kind words! Miracles- I thought about keeping a journal since there's been a whole lot that's happened. I will consider doing that asap! Silent Bob- I know right?! I think all this has occurred due to playing the Ouija board, because nothing ever happened before. And Ind_83 I appreciate it! 😁
Miracles51031 (38 stories) (4982 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-03-16)
Christen - I normally always suggest keeping a journal when there is as much activity as you and your family have experienced. It seems as if you are already, at least in some form. Keep track of the events as they happen, even if it's just a line or two, with date and as close to the time as possible. This will also help you "debunk" things if they occur again later and you figure out what caused them. I've been keeping mine since 2002 and have even gotten to where I mention the phase of the moon and mood of our household, if it's relevant.

Your shadow man sounds similar to the one my son and I experienced: just passing through, minding his own business, no harm intended. You may very well be right about the little girl. I believe sometimes the ghost children are drawn to our own children/grandchildren. Has your son mentioned seeing or hearing her? It could also be a case like mine. Our little girl ghost doesn't interact with my son, just me. 😕

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your experiences. I like seeing the comparisons between my life and someone else's 😉. And I would enjoy reading more if you care to share them.
silentBob (1 stories) (8 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-15)
I wonder why all of a sudden these beings are appearing, please keep us posted on any further happenings.
ind_83 (55 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-15)
wow, Christen, it is absolutely a great story. Well thanks for sharing your experiences with us 😊

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