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About a month after I had moved into the rent house on Fourth Street I was settling in my new place. But every once in a while, mostly in the evenings, I'd see something like a shadow the size of a crumpled paper sack; pass along the floor by the hall entrance. I would only see it from the living room; it would just dart across into the adjacent bedroom. It happened so often, I just took it for granted.

One night my landlord friend came by for a visit, we were watching a video and I saw it roll by like usual. My friend turned to me and said "I must be really tired, I thought I saw a cat run into the front bedroom" I had to laugh and said you're not that tired, I saw it too. "What are you talking about?" I told her that I'd been seeing it since I moved into the house. She laughed it off and said she hadn't experience anything like that when she lived there.

Not too long after that though, I got a real shock. I had come home from work and went straight into my bedroom to change clothes. I pulled open the closet door and in the blink of an eye it sprang out and flew under my bed. I nearly jumped out of my shoes; it wasn't so much that I was scared but surprised. But I have to say, falling asleep that night was a challenge.

The only other happenings were one night I had a tug-o-war with my comforter, it felt like it was being pulled off the foot of the bed. I grabbed it and pulled it under my chin and could swear it was being pulled down again. But then I was half asleep too. The other was early one morning I heard a whisper in my ear; I didn't understand what was said but I was wide awake until the alarm went off at 6.

Thank you for reading.

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MaryLilac (4 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-07)
I remember picking up an old advertising mirror for Coleman's Mustard from a junk shop when I lived there. Interestingly, it fell off the wall late one night and busted into a million pieces. But I continued to see "it" up until I moved out in 2001. The landlord sold the rent house the following year.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-03)
Mary, you have a way of presenting the experience. Nice narration. I can understand that when something jumps upon you, even if you are not scared, in the night, getting sleep is always difficult. As Dan said, why don't you try the option as to whether you have bought anything old from someone or taken something from your friends' or relatives' place since you moved in to this house. That could give a clue. But better be careful because until now, it has not harmed you in anyway. But, if it turns, it would be a real cause for worry. Take care and if it is some sort of a nuisance, consult someone or try rook's cleansing method narrated elsewhere in this site and drive away the entity. Thanks for sharing the experience.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-03)
MaryLilac: Strange accounts here, it is good that your friend witnessed something also, but she mentioned that she never witnessed anything whilst she was residing there, am I correct? May I ask within the month of living in the new house had you purchased anything new / secondhand, or have been given a gift perhaps? Eg: Housewarming gift?
I ask because sometimes spirits and energies can be attached to certain objects. Either way whatever it is it doesn't seem to be harmfull in anyway! Look forward to hearing from you.


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