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I guess I'll start this off like this: My apologies if this seems rather long or choppy, trying to cram as many experiences and as much detail in for better feedback. Starting around the age of 15, approximately 2 to 3 months after moving across country, I had began noticing what I suppose most people would refer to as "Shadow people". As the weeks progressed, so did the occurrence of these things. I would watch them as I went on about my day, they seemed to resemble my current family only in the form of a somewhat transparent shadow of the individuals. They looked oblivious to the world and my existence. I believe I was the only one who noticed them, never really brought it up since it seemed rather trivial at the time.

About two years later, I move across country again, to my hometown, as things didn't work out for us. I didn't experience anything for about another year or so, probably half a year after I started experimenting with certain herbs. I experienced something new... I was on the verge of going to sleep while I was intoxicated, my brother as well. He was in the room next to mine, split up by a wall with probably two inches missing for sliding doors to be used. I had heard someone talking over my fan which is placed right next to my head, facing me. They were talking in sentences. It had continued for at least 20 seconds before curiosity got the better of me. I turned the fan off and listened.

It was coming from my brothers room. It sounded like someone was talking through a cellphone. The voice went on, carrying on a conversation with seemingly no one since I didn't hear my brother respond. After about a minute it was complete silence. I had assumed he had pocket dialed someone while asleep since it clearly wasn't my mother. Next morning, I had brought it up with him. Due to the fact that he's quite scared of the paranormal, despite no previous contact, he answered my question with a facial reaction of shock/fear. I personally thought it was pretty cool, despite having no real proof that he wasn't fooling around.

3 months later (Sober a month before this point to present day), my birthday rolled around I had decided to stay up late, estimating around 1 or 2 in the morning. Was feeling incredibly depressed out of the blue, sitting on a computer in the very room my father had passed away in many years back. Out of impulse, I looked at the entrance of the room and had noticed what looked like a small amount of dog hair was floating around a small area of the room (The dog sheds badly, if there was an air current, it probably wouldn't be surprising.) I ignored it and went back to what I was doing.

About 20 minutes later, impulse kicked in once more. I noticed it was making its way in the doorway, I can only assume assume it floated out. The hair was floating at waist height and made a (not super sharp) 90 degree turn to my direction. I just stared at it thinking of how odd it was. It got closer and closer, moving towards my face. I didn't know what the hell since there weren't any fans, people moving around, or anything... Plus it was heading to my face.

The "hair" had moved to right in front of my eye and started moving back to the front of the doorway. I had noticed at this point that whatever it was, it wasn't hair. It looked more like a highly transparent, gold tinted sphere with some thin, inconsistent lines in it. It "danced" around in a 5 foot area as though it was trying to get my attention. I just stared at it, thinking I was completely sleep deprived (Probably was.) After a few seconds, it ended up moving behind something highly symbolic at the moment. A big reason on why I was depressed as well as the object belonging to my father.

I was in awe after this point, not sure if I was hallucinating or what. I decided to get some sleep. The next day, I set up a camera in my bedroom for the hell of it. A small, portable camera that could film for about an hour before the library is full and it shuts off. The camera has a small switch on the back to allow you to sift between the library, photo mode, and film mode. I had set it on film and set it up in my closet, making sure it worked properly prior. I waited a few hours and eventually went back to it. To my surprise, the camera was switched to picture mode. Nobody was in the house and unless I did it while awake without realizing it, I don't know what happened with that. I checked the film and didn't see or hear anything abnormal the whole way through. I set it up once more, repeating the whole process. This time it was was switched just in between the film and picture switch.

After, I decided to try taking a picture... The first picture I took, after the flash, was loaded with these odd looking circles. I looked at the lens to see if there was dust or dirt as well as tried recreating how I previously took the picture, but to no avail. I started taking pictures around the house and would occasionally notice these clear, transparent orbs in some of the pictures.

Over the span of a few weeks I captured many pictures of these Orbs and searched the internet for ideas as to what they might be. Apparently they're referred to as a few different names, such as "Nyepi Orbs (Was a youtube video involving meditation I believe) " "Energy Orbs", "Angel Orbs", and/or probably some others. After the first week, I was shocked at having potential paranormal proof that I can show friends and family. I wasn't the only one interested as I had a friend get involved in the "paranormal research". We had determined these to be either spirits or pieces of one spirit. We would ask questions while holding an audio recorder (which was rather low-quality; It had a natural static because of this) as well as take pictures due to better yields. We managed to capture two different voices on the recorder, one that was feminine and one that sounded... I guess the best way to put it is a lot of exhaling with very little vocal usage. Sounded a little eerie and/or maniacal. We couldn't make out much of what the second voice said, though it would talk more. The first one rarely talked, but when it did, it was clear.

To give an example of this: I had began asking these orbs if "it" wanted me to follow "it" for the second or third time. I would look for their locations via pictures. They began concentrating in the stairway leading upstairs. It had led me in to my mothers room, a large room which one half she used strictly for storage (Makeshift attic, let's say). My friend had placed the audio recorder in the bathroom, which is probably 3 to 4 feet from her room. I rummaged through the old boxes, finding a few with paperwork belonging to my father. I figured everything else looked too trivial and unimportant.

We checked the audio recording and replayed it. You could hear us in the background with this feminine voice that seemed to be right on top of the audio recorder say "Not that!" I immediately went back up there and started taking pictures. I had taken 5 of the same location I was and looked them over, realizing I had missed a few orbs. I went from the first picture and had opened a box with an old camcorder in it, the rest of the stuff was bathroom decorations, held no sentimental value in the least. I took the camcorder in my possession and took more pictures around the room, they were all gone.

Using the Camcorder, trying to find a better use for it, my friend finally suggested seeing if it had a night vision capability, which it turns out it did. Using the "Night Vision", everything was in black and white, yet very visible in complete darkness. When toggled, it would turn on a small light in the front of the lens. Wasn't enough to see anything without looking through it. We found some old blank tapes and began recording. My friend decided to ask questions in the darkest room of the house, my brothers room. I had recorded him while he did this, noticing these blue dots occasionally flying around the room at a moderate speed. At first I figured it was a bug or something until they started increasing in numbers.

These dots, which I'm assuming are the orbs, are rather difficult to explain... I guess think of a small, blue orb that is a centimeter or so all around, occasionally 50%-75% bigger. A few filming sessions had revealed that they can move through objects, as one had moved through a solid glass sliding door, around a quarter of an inch thick. From time to time the camcorder would automatically shut off... Might be due to its age.

In between the varying heavy curiosity and immense boredom with the subject, I would experience things from time to time. Such as one night attempting to sleep (on my back). I had the random urge to barely open my eyes while not moving, just to reassure myself that there was nothing but darkness I suppose. I barely opened my eyes just enough to see, the room was slightly illuminated and my view wasn't where it should be. The illumination was unnatural, there weren't any shadows in the room, yet every object that I could see without moving was perfectly visible. How I was seeing was as though I was sitting up in my bed in an odd angle that would require me to brace myself up with my arms. I closed my eyes and barely reopened them. My view was where it should be, facing the appropriate part of the ceiling.

I repeated the process once more and noticed a solid black, human shaped silhouette standing over me, looking down on me. I was completely indifferent to this figure, feeling no emotions or fears at the time, just curiosity. I sat there and looked at this thing hovering over me, it was motionless. I repeated the process and I see it right in front of my face. From this distance, I can make out odd, very dark gray patterns on (what I would assume is) the face resembling a wicked looking tribal mask. I repeated the process once more. And noticed it was standing on the opposite side of the bed staring down at me. I repeated the process one last time and the illumination was gone, nothing was visible once more. I had eventually went to sleep, too tired to try the cameras or audio recorder.

After a while of all of these experiments, I had noticed that in a highly relaxed and clear minded state, that I could actually see these things move around during night time and could confirm it with a camera. We would sit around my brothers room and ask questions without any cameras or recorders, seeing shadows flicker by along the wall. Shadows that were darker than the darkness itself.

I tended to have terrible feelings that I felt physically. Feelings that seemed to come from a certain direction. Disturbing, yet seemingly random feelings. Best explanation for that so far is shear paranoia. We would often see what we both decided to name "Red Dot" since it resembled a laser pointer that would flash from time to time, but in mid air and highly visible to the naked eye. "It" seemed to prefer either mine or my brothers room to flash itself. Our questions were pretty much completely futile, as we didn't get any real responses out of "Red Dot". It seemed like that farther we reached out, the farther whatever we were looking for moved away.

Going into more detail on the orbs I caught via pictures... I didn't see a large variety like I've read most others do. I mainly saw white/clear ones and "Red Dot". Outside I would every now and then catch one of a blue or green one, though I would catch a large number of orbs in general. Rarely saw gold, but when I did, they came in large number... And a blue one at one point in time. I had seen the blue orb and heard what sounded like electricity jumping, both, for a brief moment. Had tested numerous times to see if it was either reflections, dust, or water droplets. It definitely isn't dust or reflections, as they yield much different results. While the possibility of water droplets remain, I'm pretty sure water droplets can move through objects.

Never being good at summing something up (as you can probably tell), I'll leave it at this: It has been about six months since any of this stuff has happened, though I do occasionally notice the orbs. Figured you guys would more than likely have a better idea of what I might be messing with than myself.

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Kazaka (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-01)
The different colored orbs (flashes) are simply energy balls of different colors and/or elements.
Your she ghost is creating them.

The blue "electric" sounding one is probably a disciplinary ball. Just focused luminotes [loo-min-oht-s], also called mana, but luminotes is better.
But, yes, mana is always in the air as luminotes describe 3 things of the disciplinary element, one of these being mana.
Kazaka (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-01)
The orb is an energy ball. Yes, the thing "witches" do.
It is simply gathered luminotes [loo-mih-noht-s] which appears white with wavy lines, as you described. Ghosts learn to do this while dead but living people can do it, too.

If one purifies their room then wait 'til dusk they can see these same wavy white lines on their walls.

"Orbs": These are not solid orbs. Heck, they aren't even orbs! They're flashes, but not from the camera.
They are caused by luminotes.
When a great deal of these small particles, most commonly in a purified space, or in your case 'cuz of the presence of ghosts, they create a big white flash! But it only lasts for a second.

The solid "orbs" are energy balls created by the ghost.

What was above you was the ghost, yes. She obviously wants you to see her but she apparently isn't skilled enough to do so. Encourage her, tell her you want to see her, but in short sentences, every few minutes as she needs to consentrate her mana in order to do this spell. This spell can't be forced onto you. You hav to want to see her, which I'm assuming you do.❤

The shadows on your wall are non-intelligent entites from The Astral Dimension, or afterlife dimension. They are simply remnant energies which form what they are, Shadow Sprites.
These shadow sprites are harmless, just ignore them. They are also called, "moving shadows," wich is exactly what they are.

Here's what I experienced with the shadow sprites.
After many weeks, a little over a month, telepathically these remnant energies showed me a picture of what they might look like from my mind.
There were no ghosts around nor cubashas[cyoo-bah-shus-s], meaning "succubus/incubus".

The picture was basically all black except its head hair and "pom poms" which were its hands. The body was all slender, just an inch across, its "feet" and "legs" were simply a round black sphere, its arms sprouted from the center of its body going diagnal but in a curve, then a 2 inch long neck, again 1 inch in width, sprouted a 4 inch head with a radius of 2 inches in a perfect sphere, it had a nose and eyes. The nose was cartoon-y, like sonic the hedgehog;s, but purple, as were the "pom poms" which were its hands and ontop of its head. The eyes were pure black dots, about half an inch in width and height.

I only realized several months after that the shadows were just playing with me! 😆

Since my room was purified they aren't evil (if they were than they wouldn't be able to get in) and they hav a sense of humor.

I know for a fact that these things can empower a ghost, or memories of people in a location, and go to the etheric plane and become shades.
Shaodw sprites can become shades.
Jesus_soldier (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-10)
Isandhu: lol I understand what your saying, and it's been awhile since I used. I'm actually going to school now, to be an Substance Abuse Counselor. It's better to experience the paranormal sober. You'll be able to say. " Whoa, Now, I know i'm not tripping." haha

JS aka Brandon 😊
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-10)
Brandon, I know it can feel like drugs are expanding your mind (I think I had an OBE after smoking a bunch of hash once), but I question whether it's real or just an illusion. Or maybe there's no difference. I don't know, I just would rather have experiences while I'm in my right mind (BTW, I don't use drugs any more. Except for a couple of isolated incidents, I really only ever smoked pot occasionally and it just made me sleepy and kind of maudlin).
Jesus_soldier (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-09)
The ancient greeks, shamans, and other people, actually used drugs in religious and spiritual ceremonies. They believed it brought them closer to the spiritual world. I guess you can call it, 'enhancements'. I agree with you though.

JS aka Brandon 😊
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-09)
I was going to ask you cheekily whether your "herbs" were marijauna, hashish and/or mushroooms, but I don't want you to think I am discounting your entire account because you admit to being intoxicated for at least one of the experiences. I hope you are staying sober. The world offers so much scope for the imaginative, and alcohol and drugs dulls us to a large part of it. I much prefer inspiration to gin-spiration.
Siskakes (4 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-09)
Can you by any chance upload the photos or videos or evps? I would love to see them!
Bbrave (1 stories) (131 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-08)
Sounds like spirits to me and maybe something else. The red dot doesn't want you to get to know it at least that's what I get from reading your story.

The fact that the orbs lead you to that camcorder verifies their wish to communicate with you. I advise you to learn as much as possible and to leave the red dot in peace. I got the feeling of it being bad from reading your story. I could be wrong but that's how it came across to me
zzsgranny (18 stories) (3329 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-08)
Viz: This is a great account, and I, personally, feel you'd make a really good paranormal investigator...You've managed to temper your belief with a good deal of skepticism... Good for you!😊...

I'm going to mention someone you could learn a lot from: his name is David Rountree...He's very well known in the field of paranormal research and his credentials are pretty awesome...Here's a link to his site:

I think you'll find his research very interesting... Thank you for posting and keep up the good work 😊

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