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Your Shadow Man Says Hi


My wife, Jo, and I took a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, in February 2011 as we had never been before and were hopeful in having a paranormal experience. We didn't experience anything supernatural, however, and after a few days of fun, we directed our vehicle in a northwestern direction. 

A couple of hours later we met a couple, Randall and Shelly, in the little town of St. Francisville, Louisiana, at a little place known for their big haunting: the Myrtles Plantation. We immediately took to each other and decided to do some ghost hunting. We captured some great evidence there and became good friends! 

Since that time, we've made the long drives from San Antonio to Santa Fe, TX (located in the southeastern Houston area) to share in these adventures with one another.

One weekend Jo and I called them up and we all decided to stay in the notoriously haunted Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, TX. On June 15, 2012, on a Friday evening around 9 pm, we took off for Santa Fe, Texas to stay the night at Randall and Shelly's. The next day, we planned on heading up to Jefferson.

Around 12 am on the morning of June 16, Jo and I found ourselves traveling eastbound on the Sam Houston Tollway eager to reach our friends' house and to rest after our long drive.

As we were climbing an incline I noticed, from a distance of roughly 100 yards, a dark shadowy-something next to the guardrail (the tollway is an overpass and well lit). I believed it to be a sofa that had fallen off a truck and had perhaps landed upright or a grandfather clock? I asked Jo if she was seeing what I was seeing and after a couple of seconds of trying to reckon out what she was observing, she said that it was a person. As we got a little closer, I believed it was a person also, but as we finally got to the exact area, it disappear! This all happened in the space of about 15 seconds. I had never seen anything like it! If it was a person there was no where for them to go, but 60 feet down unto an asphalt surface and into oncoming traffic. I asked her if she got creeped out by it and she said, "No" but it definitely gave me the willies!

Upon arriving we were greeted by our hosts, given food and drink and decided to talk a little before retiring. We were talking about a television show that we had all seen and commenting on how much we enjoyed it, when I suddenly remembered the shadow thing we had seen. I interrupted Randall by saying, "Sorry to interrupt you, but I've got to tell you what we saw on the way up here before I forget!" Now, it was his turn to interrupt and he said, "Wait! Before you tell me anything, let me tell you what I've seen when I've been driving at night".

He commenced to tell Jo and I how he has seen a tall, dark shadow figure on the side of the road usually near the guardrails of bridges or overpasses and usually at night. He also said he had seen it 4 times in his life!

I asked my wife, "You got the chills now?" She said, "Hell yeah!" as she vigorously rubbed her arms. I was completely freaked out! How did he know?! What in the hell was going on?! "What is it, Randall?" I asked. He said he didn't know. 

I replied "Well, as far as I'm concerned that experience was for you, brother! I ain't never seen nothing like that. That thing wanted us to tell you it said hi! So there you are: Hi! I don't want no part of it ever again. I ain't no one's messenger, especially for that crap! I'm done!" to which we all laughed and then we retired for the night, anticipating our stay at the Jefferson to hopefully experience the paranormal yet again... Which we did, but that's another story.

                 Shawn Morgan

If anyone has experienced this phenomena and knows this roadway shadow-thing by a name, I'd sure like to hear it. I am happy to answer any questions regarding my experience and welcome any theories as to what this thing may be.

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geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-24)
Reading your story brought a thought to my head. Of all the things that we experience with the paranormal, it's the ones that come at you when you least expect it are the real interesting ones.

Enjoyed your story and expect to hear more from you.
reddysteady (5 stories) (95 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-20)
I read this a few days ago, and have been thinking about it off and on. How chilling - yet curiously awesome! Very uncanny that you and your friend would share such an experience. Then again, you do admit to avidly investigating the paranormal, and maybe the old cliche of 'careful what you ask for' rings very true for you - as your mind opens to these experiences, you perceive more, and come away with some truly fantastic stories! I'd very interested in reading more from you 😊
Love and light,
RustyMoan (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
Hey there, Mickey!
Thanks for your feedback. I recall a news report, from about a year ago, here in San Antonio, regarding a person leaping to their death from the 410 overpass over on the east side of town. Though I haven't heard of any ghost sightings in that area, your estimation of a person's essence remaining in an area where they've expired makes a lot of sense. (The stretch of road where this person died is a single lane overpass having a small shoulder with traffic often passing by at 60 mph so I won't be investigating this site ever!).
A friend of mine, not in the aforementioned story, told me he and his wife were traveling on I-35 when they observed someone up ahead walking on the roadside. He went on to say that the individual turned to face him as he approached closer and when he got to the spot where the man was, the pedestrian purposely and quickly leaned his head right into the path of the passenger side windshield of his truck! Instead of hearing the stomach-churning thud and cracking of glass he was anticipating, he and his wife heard nothing! He pulled over and as they attempted to recover from their initial shock, he adjusted his rear view mirror searching for a sprawled out body behind them on the shoulder or on the road itself. Seeing nothing, but thinking the pedestrian may have been knocked back into the high grass, he walked back looking in the tall weeds for him. (I asked him why he kept searching for someone when he knew he hadn't heard an impact. He said he needed to be sure so that he wasn't later charged with hit-and-run, failing to stop and render aid and possibly manslaughter. He said he also did it because he was positive as to what he had seen) He found no evidence of anybody there. He and his wife saw a man. Where was he? Returning to the truck and not wanting to frighten his wife, he told her that he believed the man ran off, but later confided in me that although he doesn't believe in ghost stories, he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he and his wife had seen a ghost that night.
So be careful driving out there! You never know when that wispy veil will lift and what may peer out from beneath it's ethereal drapes.
MickeyN (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
If I was driving at night and saw a ghost person on the side of the road, I'd definitely get the willies. It's creepy enough seeing paranormal stuff in my house, seeing a ghost on the side of the road would only send one thought through my mind-- step on the gas! 😊

The only thing I can think of is perhaps the ghost you saw was someone who died in a car accident near the spot you saw it. It sounds like you were going on an overpass from the way I interpreted it, so maybe the ghost had died by missing the overpass or colliding with someone who did.

Hope this helps!

RustyMoan (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
My thanks to everyone that enjoyed what I had to offer and for their comments. I've been investigating the paranormal for 2 years now and I am happy to relate those experiences here. I'm currently researching the shadow my wife and I saw in the hopes of obtaining some kind of explanation for what it may be.
The Myrtles will be what I'll write about next. There will be a twist therein, though, for we were (myself, my wife, Randall & Shelly) all under the impression that we may have experienced two types of paranormal events.
Thanks again for your feedback! I'll submit the story ASAP.
Ibelieveheshere (2 stories) (68 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-14)
Hello Rusty, I been to Myrtles Plantation in 2009 and the shadow say Hi that sure is funny seem like a harmless paranormal.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-07-13)
Rusty - when I first started reading your story, I was so excited! I thought, "Yay! A story about The Myrtles Plantation!" And then I was disappointed because it wasn't.

But then as I continued reading your story, it didn't matter that it wasn't about The Myrtles. This is one incredible story and I am really glad you submitted it.

I would be interested in reading about your other experiences too, though 😉

Thank you for submitting your story. I really did enjoy it. 😊
Seeker1 (3 stories) (58 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-13)
Hi Rusty,

What a great story! All I can think is that the other couple, you and your wife share a desire for the paranormal and have opened yourselves up to experience those from the other side. They are granting your desire and just confirmed it via your friend by allowing you to share in the same experience. If the spirit had been a full bodied apparition instead of a shadow you may have mistaken it for a human hitch hiker. That would be my "opinion" as to it being a shadow. But I am no expert on shadow people. It's just my gut feeling on this.

Blessed Be and happy hunting to you and yours!

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