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My Room And Its Inhabitants


I have written stories related to stuff happening in my room but never really explained why we see shadows in there. I'm not sure if this is the answer, but as it all started happening around that time, that is my only explanation.

I was a very lonely teenager, my brothers were very popular but I wasn't. I was never allowed to go out with friends or invite people over, whereas my brothers had no limitations. I think perhaps it was because I was the only girl after my sister died and they wanted to keep me safe. (Note that I will not talk about her, she was a baby and has nothing to do with anything). I would have done anything to have a friend, so when the most popular girl at school said she was going to see a "witch" and wanted someone to come with her, I said "count me in".

Being a not religious person, I did not believe in ghosts, witches, etc, either. So we arrived at this womans house and she did a cleansing for my "friend" and (as I didn't want to be touched by her herbs) I bought her instead some tarot cards. She told me how to use them and we left.

At first I was skeptical about these cards, but I discovered they worked just fine. I used to ask a yes or no question and they would normally tell the truth. The last time I used them I asked:

Me: Is (the girl that had the cleansing) going to get married ever? (I was hopping for a negative answer as she was mean to me)

Cards: Yes

Me: Is she going to be happy?

Cards: No

Me: Will he treat her badly?

Cards: Yes

A few years later (when I was 21) her mom told my mom she was getting married and I said "Maybe she shouldn't... I don't think he is a nice guy". It turns out her husband started hitting her and she filed for the divorce one year later exactly (perhaps it was just a coincidence).

Anyway, after that last reading I hid the cards in my room and I did not use them again for almost a year. By the time I was 14 I was cleaning my room and found the cards. I said to myself that I had no more interest in cards so I threw them in the green trash can I have in my bedroom. I decided then that my trash can was full and that I needed a new bag, so I ran downstairs, took a new garbage bag and ran back to my room... The cards were in the middle of my bed. My mom was the only one in the house and she was sleeping.

That was the first thing that I remember happening to me in my room. I took the cards and went to the garbage can outside my house and threw them there just to be sure this time. I was so confused about it and dismissed it sooner than later.

I was not the first to see something weird, a few months before this my brothers told me about my dolls moving in my room. I asked them not to go into my room and they said "we don't go into your room! We see the shadows from outside!" so it was then when they asked me to always keep my door closed.

I must say I have never seen my dolls moving, like my brothers say, but if you lay down in the bed and look down to your feet with the lights off at night, it won't be long until you start seeing someone crawling like a baby (or perhaps its someone really short just walking). I say its a man crawling because you only can see the head and the movement resembles the crawling of someone that doesn't want to be seen. This was very usual, but my dad dismissed it saying it was the light and perhaps some bug in the window causing a shadow. To avoid seeing the footboard shadows you only needed to cover yourself completely with the bedsheets and you were safe!

At first I wasn't really sure there was something there, my father was very convincing. But as I was friendless I started talking in my room when I was alone, and that made me feel better for some time. But it happened once that I had the not so smart idea of asking the "ghost" to sit down and the bed sank when "it" apparently accepted my suggestion. I ran faster than Usain Bolt to my parents bedroom, but they sent me back to my room when my father said it had been some old springs in the mattress.

Also there was the fact of going to sleep with the closet doors closed and waking up to see them open.

I got more cautious when talking in my room, and things started to go missing. From books to jewelry, everything dissapeared for hours or days to later appear in my bed. I specially remember the night of my prom, when my father gave me a beautiful necklace to wear with my dress. I went and put it in my boudoir, looked up at the mirror to put on some lipstick and when I looked down to take the necklace it was not there. I got so angry I looked back and said "Ha ha! This is not funny! Give it back!" and when I turned again the necklace was there again.

Another time it was the middle of the night and I woke up to see a BIKER in my room! He was standing in front of the tv and I was so scared that ran out of the room, but I couldn't get into my parents bedroom because the door was closed on the inside. I looked back and realized I didn't close the door, so I could still see him in my room. I screamed and fell on my knees, and started hitting the door very hard until my mom opened the door.

That night I slept with them and the next night she told me I could sleep there again if I wanted, so at 9pm I got into my room, took a blanket and as I was leaving the room I said "good night!" (to the biker I suppose), turned off the lights and closed the door. I instantly started hearing noise inside of my room, so I opened the door again and the TV was on. No need to say that it was more than 2 nights I spent sleeping in my parents bedroom.

I went to college when I got 17 years old and went away. When I came back on the summer as soon I got into my room I said "Mom!? What did you do to my room?". Nothing seemed different but it was different. You could breath in there now, and I didn't feel the pressure in my chest that I used to feel before. She said "I did nothing". After me nagging her for like 30 minutes she said she had thrown holy water in the room after I left and she did it again before I came back. Imagine that... I'm still not religious, but that makes you think... It wasn't long before stuff went back to the way it was before the holy water.

After I left the house my room became the guest room. Once my little brother invited a friend to sleep over and his friend installed himself in my room (obviously no one told him about these stories or he wouldn't have wanted to sleep in there). The next morning my brothers friend said "Something weird happened last night". My brother acted surprised and asked him what he meant. His friend said "well, you know yesterday I bought a 'rain stick' (a small hollow log with seeds inside... When you turn it it sounds like rain). I was starting to fall asleep and I heard rain, so I looked at the window but it was not raining. I tried to figure out the noise and then remembered the rain stick. I turned on the light and saw the rain stick exactly where I have placed it (in the floor with his bag pressing it against the wall). I went back to bed and a few minutes later I heard it again. I was so tired that I didn't go check, I just kept hearing it 5 more times and then it stopped or I felt asleep."

My brother still didn't say anything because his friend was there for 5 days, and he didn't want him to leave.

I was not a girl that would get scared easily. Sometimes in that house you could hear someone cleaning dishes in the kitchen, but when going down to check it, there was no one there. My brothers were so scared by it. They would always ask me to go downstairs with them. My dad said it was because houses have noises and something about the echo.

Because of these kind of things going on, last christmas I wanted to take a nap so I went into my brothers bedroom. That bedroom has a candlestick that does not work and a faint light in the corner. I turned on the faint light and slept in my little brothers bed. Almost one hour later there was a loud noise of glass breaking and something hit me in the arm. The light was so faint I could not see anything, but as I was walking out my parents walked in. They heard the noise and had a lamp and with that light we could see the candlestick broke in the air (it didn't fall, it was still attached to the ceiling) and the glass pieces fell in the bed. I was so lucky I sleep covering my eyes with my arm or else the glass would have hit me in the face. My dad said it was because of the room temperature and the electricity.

Sorry for the long post! I wanted the story to include most of the things that have happened in the house I used to live. I hope you have enjoyed it!

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ItsSoClearNow (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-20)
Oh! Your dad is so funny. He just refuses to believe. Did your brother's friend experience anything else? 😭
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
12 years ago (2012-09-07)
Gotta love your dad! A staunch skeptic. Did your brother's friend experience anything else while he was in there?

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