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This is the first time I am sharing a story at this website. I have been reading multiple stories and are amazed of the content.

Just an overview of my house. My house was built in 1975 in Fairview when it was like a province. We have a 450 Square meter lot. In the middle of the lot is our house and surrounding it is my grandmother's garden. It has 5 rooms. 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, and 1 kitchen. My room is located at the back corner of the house and has a total of 4 windows, and at the corner part of the house is a gate which separates the back part or the garden and the side part.

It all starts when my grandfather asks one of our helpers to cut down a tree at the back of the garden. During the process of cutting the tree down (since its big it takes days to cut it down slowly) my g.father gets sick. We took him to the doctor to have him checked, they can't find anything wrong so we were sent home and given medications. Since my grandmother is all about the church and the Quack doctors and stuff and our family has a string of "albularyos" we took him to one of our albularyo relatives. After performing "tawas" they later found out that there was a disturbed being that was living on the tree and furious that he ordered to chopped it down. He also told us that this is no ordinary being and a strong ritual is needed to please him. He ordered us to buy a Kadaknath Chicken (all black chicken) and some other stuffs for the ritual. My grandfather together with the albularyo performed the ritual at the tree by chanting and cutting the chickens neck and offering to the tree. After the ritual the following day my grandfather's health recovered and the tree was never cut down.

Another one is way back mid 2000's, my classmate in college went to our house as we are doing a project. After stepping foot in our house he immediately told me that there was someone or something living at the back garden (we already know that). He felt heavy and uneasy the whole time he stayed at our house. Upon saying goodbye he did tell us that he is still feeling a presence at the back garden. Later that night in my room I was playing my playstation when a figure walked by my side window. Knowing that my father is still not home and he usually walks there through the back gate to get to his room (my mom and dad's room is located at the back of the house). After thinking that it was my dad I immediately told him that the front door was open. 5 seconds passed the gate did not open. The figure did not come back. I the realized it was not my father and it was something else. I closed the PS and the tv. Closed all the windows and got to sleep. During that sleep I had a nightmare that I was half awake and a shadow was sitting on my chest and I can't move a muscle. Hard to breathe I struggled and to move. I then recall that when your in this situation you only need to move a finger on your hands and or toes to be release from this entity. With all of my strength I was able to move my big toe finger and I was set free, the entity was gone. I opened the lights for the whole night. Turned over my pillow and went back to sleep.

After those incidents we had the house blessed there were no more repeats of the entity visiting me or giving us illness that cannot be explained.

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echosmithrocks (16 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-19)
Hello! Boy that sure sounds unnerving. There are many stories of spirits in trees or plants from Asia it seems 😳
Mhick (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-18)
Hi lady-glow

Not all trees have inhabitants. If can read through stories about people chopping down trees not only here in the Philippines but in other countries as well there are times when these inhabitants actually retaliate. If I could gather news about these kinds of things happening not just here I would share it here at this website.

^_^ no offense on that comment

We should chit chat sometime here at this site ^_^
lady-glow (16 stories) (3161 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-16)
No offense intended but, if spirits as protective as the one from this story inhabit trees in the Philippines, how could the deforestation of the last century be explained? 😐

Do you know if forestry workers suffer from a high incidence of unexplained illnesses?

Just curious. 😜

Thanks for sharing.

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