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It happened last 2007 when I was still in my college days. I stayed in the dormitory just 10 minutes away from our school. Actually it was my classmates room I just stayed there because I got tired from going to and fro the school. We loved watching movies on our portable DVD player every night.

But one night while watching the movie "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", the plastic stool moved a bit but there was no one who had moved it because we are all in front of the DVD player and of course the wind can't possibly blow it alone. We looked at each other upon noticing it had moved. Like we can't believe what we have seen and that we are trying to convince ourselves that it didn't happen.

And just moments passed by, while our eyes are still on each other the plastic stool moved again on the way to the door. And we are screaming and shouting inside the room. We prayed the rosary and were getting paranoid inside the room. We couldn't go outside for it was passed 12mn and outside the dormitory is quite dark for it is dead end there.

The next morning we couldn't help ourselves but talked about last night with the other girls on the other room. And what surprises us is that they too experienced scary moments in the dormitory. The other girl beside our room shared that while she was ready to go to school one morning and that she already locked the door, she heard the toilet flush but there was no one inside because the door is open. She take a glimpse inside and confirmed that there was really no one inside. She quickly walk her room and checked again the door being locked and to her surprise the door was open. But she is sure that she already locked it up...

This experience just went by in our minds until the day that a van that had just met an accident was being brought in the "talyer" which is just below our dormitory. The front of the van was crushed because of a collision. Every night around midnight and 3am I found myself awake without any reason. And I could clearly hear a woman's cry. The next morning I asked the other girls who cried last night and no one of them admitted. The next night was still the same, same time, same incident... I could hear a woman crying. I couldn't understand where that cry came from for so many nights until I found out the story about the van.

A woman was crushed between the van and a car in the said accident. And to my surprise it was not only me heard the cry but also the neighbor on the other street. After the van was being brought away from the "talyer" there were no more cry.

But the weird incidents of toilet flushing by itself, door closing, and unexplainable loss of things and just pop out suddenly continues. Until my classmates decided together with the other girls to leave the dormitory...

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southerntk (4 stories) (75 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-20)
I would do some research on the dormitory. I lived in one that I could hear someone running down the hall at night. I would get up to see who it was and there was never anyone there. Also the bathroom was very creepy. I always felt I was being watched. Come to find out, many years before that, a girl had died falling down the stairs in a fire drill. It also was a stopping place for the underground railroad. So you may learn something very interesting if you check hard enough. Our campus was very old as you can imagine. A lot of history and very creepy at night.
50ftqueen (5 stories) (34 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-19)
for everyone's information, the word "talyer" refers to a car shop.

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