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I was inspired to write in this website because of a post:

I was also studying in the same university and staying at the same dormitory. Just a background the dormitory is actually inside the university so it is a very old building. It is an all girls dormitory, managed by all girls staff too. By the way the university is exclusively for those who wants to be teachers so go figure.

The dorm is situated just by the highway so it's a busy street and every night trucks would be blaring their horns and beds would rattle but after like 2 months of staying in the dorm I got used to that. Going to the scary part:

Experience #1:

Our dorm room is located near an old comfort room. So it's a huge comfort room with several cubicle for shower and toilet and a long sink with mirror. And this CR is not being used that much anymore cause it's old. The doors on the cubicle is broken and the tiles are very dirty and well, it's the typical almost abandoned CR.

My roommate and I just used the CR one night to wash the dishes after dinner. So we were talking about some school stuff (she's a senior, I'm a freshman) when we heard a "sitsit" kind of a "psst" sound (in the Philippines we use that sound to call someone) so we ignored the sound and continued talking but we tried to wash the dishes faster. Then it did it again and we just ignored and then all of the sudden it became very loud like it was angry. It echoed inside the whole CR. We ran out of there and never look back.

Experience #2:

Not my experience but my roommate. Our room is located at the second floor and then one night while my roommate is studying and most of us is sleeping she heard like a banging sound on her window like someone tried to knock the window off. Window is just above her head. No one is out there except if someone could fly.

Experience #3:

Our room is just beside the stairs going to the cafeteria. So one morning I saw one of my roommate walking down the stairs in her pajamas. That's normal maybe she would eat breakfast but when I entered our room she was there too wearing our school uniform getting ready for class.

Experience #4:

This is the scariest for me. Just a background. So, since the school was very old it was also used as a garrison by the Japanese when they invaded the Philippines. There is a scary story about a prisoner named Dante and said that sometimes you can still hear him walking down the corridor with a chain and ball attached to his feet. So one night a storm hit Manila so all the lights are out in our dorm room, you could hear the wind blowing and all. And around midnight I woke up and heard footsteps outside our door and I could also hear a chain like sound being dragged. I could not sleep that night, I just heard the footstep and chain being dragged across our hallway and I was crying under the sheets.

Only stayed in the dorm for a freshman year.

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MitoTakatori (49 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
Wow! Another scary story from 'that' dorm. I have read most stories by the author of the story you referenced. Please share more stories and welcome to YGS!

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