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The Farnsworth In Gettysburg


I have plenty of ghostly encounters stories that I could tell, but this one is by far my favorite, since I also caught this spirit on camera without realizing it. My best friend called me one day in July of 2006. She knew I was very much interested in ghosts and the afterlife. So she told me about this restaurant/bar/house/Inn located in Gettysburg, about an hour drive away from the town we live in. She said it was called the Farnsworth Inn, and it regularly hosted ghost tours in and around it. I had never actually been on a ghost tour that took place inside a house, so I knew it would be something special. She said that she had been on a tour there before, and had a rather unsettling experience, but was interested in going there again. She told me that when she was there last time, the tour guide was talking about the resident spirit that was known to cause bodily harm... (once it was reported that this male spirit choked several different people within two weeks) and she was actually pushed off of her seat, fell to the floor, and she heard a distinct male voice yell at her to "GET OUT!" I know what you are thinking, and I was thinking the same thing when she told me this. "Isn't that a bit cliche? The malevolent spirit yelling 'Get Out?'" But she swears that it happened, and I believe her for different reasons. 1. She has never lied about anything to me before, let alone a personal experience she had 2. I knew more about this spirit after a few other credible people talked about him 3. The tour guides never mention this spirit anymore, in their words, they said, "because we want to minimize the number of negative experiences."

Now, after she told me about this place, I was excited to go. So we went that weekend. I brought my digital camera with me (a FinePix S7000) and didn't expect to come back with anything but pictures of my friend and the house. The tour guide we had (they have several of them due to the amount of people that go on the tours) had worked there for several years and had become a believer fairly early on. We started the tour outside the house, where he talked about the bullet holes in the brick walls. (all from the Civil War) Then we went to the attic, which is where he started to talk about a young boy that was killed on the street in front of the house by being trampled by a horse and buggy. He started to talk about something else, when the door to the attic swung wide open. (it swings into the attic when opened) I didn't notice at first, since I was seated closest to it, and I was looking the other way. But my friend poked me in the back and I saw the tail end of its movement. I peeked through the open door and nobody was there. The tour guide said that it was most likely the curious little boy, since it happens often. A little after that happened, different people in the group started feeling things here and there. One said that she felt her belt being tugged, another seemed to react to something but didn't say anything. I actually turned around because I felt someone touch my back. My friend was behind me, but she swears she didn't even get close to me.

We then continued the tour in the basement, where my friend had an awesome experience. Its kind of hard to describe the layout of the basement, and how we were seated, but it is important to the story to know where we were. There are chairs set up in rows with an aisle in the middle so people can fill it up. My friend told me to sit in the very last row, since she heard that most activity happens to the people who sit back there. I have some trouble seeing, so I sat in the back row on the other side of the aisle, since it wasn't as far back as the other side. My back was to a wall, but on the other side of the wall was a staircase to the first floor. Where my friend was, she could see up that staircase.

The tour guide was doing his storytelling, and about 15 minutes into it, my friend tried to get my attention. I was interested in what he was saying, so I ignored her at first. Then she got more persistent. She said to me, "There is someone at the top of the stairs!" I didn't really believe her, so I said, "yeah, right." But I glanced over and saw her doing double takes and triple takes, looking up the staircase, which I could not see from my angle. Eventually, she said rather loudly, "Quick! Someone with a camera! Take a picture of the stairs!" So, of course, about half of the people rushed over there and piled on top of each other to get a picture. Everyone there used flash on their cameras, which turned out to be a mistake, since no one caught anything. Once everyone was done, I turned around and took one picture, without flash. Since everybody checked their pictures right away, and didn't catch anything, I didn't even bother looking. The tour guide asked my friend what she saw, and she told everybody. "I saw a woman, in period clothing, standing at the top of the stairs, looking down at me. She was just staring daggers into me, and she was doing this for about a solid three minutes until I said anything. It sounded creepy, alright, but nobody else saw this woman, just her.

The Farnsworth In Gettysburg 1

The Farnsworth In Gettysburg 2

The rest of the tour took place across the street, in a field behind a high school where people claim to see apparitions in the woods nearby. I had a fun time, and my friend did too. On the drive back, I looked through my pictures, laughing at different things we did that day. (We had spent the whole day in Gettysburg, having a tour of our own) I got to the picture that I took in the basement, which immediately something caught my eye. It was pitch black in the back of the basement, so there should not have been any sort of light in the picture. I yelled "Stop the car! I caught something!" We pulled off the side of the road, while I zoomed in. I instantly got the chills when I saw what I had captured. You can see for yourself, I will be attaching the picture to the story. There is a brilliantly glowing blue area, with distinct facial features. What I can make out is half of a woman's face, with sort of a surprised expression. An open mouth, hair, and most compelling when seen close up is an actual iris in the eye. There are some other blue spots lower down that I perceive to be the bottom of her dress my friend said she was wearing, but I can't be sure. Also, with the close up, it actually looks like there is another face right underneath the face I am talking about. I mean, I just think its coincidental that I see another face there, since my friend only saw one woman standing there. It is possible that I caught more than what she could see. The coolest thing is, there was no source of light in the stairwell. It blows my mind that I caught something this good.

I encourage people who have photo editing software to look this over. I only got the zoomed in picture using paint, I don't even have photoshop.

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tedbear (3 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2013-09-22)
I have been to the Farnsworth Inn many times and love it. Jeremy seems to love our visits as we get lots of activity. I have witnessed the garret door open on one of my visits and also seen Allison the ghost tour guide and my wife pushed around by something unseen at the high school. Amazing stuff huh?
MsWrestlersGhost (guest)
9 years ago (2013-01-19)
That's quite an experience you had at The Farnsworth... Wow, seeing and hearing what you did, youre very lucky, I think. And the photo is brilliant. You can on zoom quite clearly see a figure there. Its fantastic.

I know if I get the chance I'll be trying to visit this place as soon as I can... It sounds absolutely brilliant.

Thankyou for your story. And looking forward to any other ones that you said you have.
Kind Regards,
sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-18)
Hello polarage, this is some experience you have posted. I will try to do the photo viewer and then comment on the picture. But I want to ask you that even though the guide keeps the information about the spirit physically attacking tourists, the real background and history of the place. If possible, if you are quite interested try to do some research and post your experiences and encounters, if any. Thanks for uploading the photos.

Regards and respects to you.


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