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Paranormal Encounters In Gettysburg


In August of 2007, I traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with my mother, brother and sister for a weekend in order to visit the renowned historic sites and learn more about the town's many supernatural occurrences. We attended a series of tours to learn more about the town's outstanding history and see if we could potentially catch a glimpse of one of its spectral residents.

We toured the interior of the Jenny Wade House, observing the many holes in the doors and one of the bed frames left behind from the many bullets fired from snipers during the horrific battle in 1863. As we looked around, gazing at the many historic artifacts, mostly books and furniture, I, along with some of the other guests, became bewildered, as we noticed drawer doors opening on their own and a rocking chair in the corner slowly moving back and forth, despite it being unoccupied. Or so it appeared.

Our first tour continued up until eleven that night. We stood together in a vast group while our tour guide was in the middle of describing the events leading to the battle. Our attention was briefly diverted to a stretch of forest area in the distance. We could clearly hear the sound of rifles firing in unison.

Though it would be easy to dismiss the occurrence as either a reenactment, or perhaps fireworks, the proximity of the noise was close enough for us to notice that no reenactments were taking place. We found ourselves alone in the fields and were also completely aware of the absence of smoke or the sulfurous odor the antique rifles leave behind. In addition, there were no signs of fireworks, especially since we were close to a forest, which would have been set ablaze if any fireworks were set off. Incidents such as these are reportedly very common among other enthusiastic visitors.

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MrsRamsay (guest)
2 years ago (2021-12-22)
Thanks for your interesting story! I live in an area that's rich in Civil War history, and if you're aware of such things you can't help but realize there is 'something going on."

If you saw drawers opening by themselves, that's something pretty big. It takes some strength to do that! I'm so glad you're into history and wish others would also study the past. Perhaps they wouldn't take our lives so much for granted if they did!
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-22)
Hi GingerRead

I've read about and have always been intrigued by the battle of Gettysburg, I've read on the history of it and also many scary and crazy incidents that people have experienced on this group, it definitely was a bloodbath back in the days of war, I believe that there's many restless spirits looking for something, to move on but are stuck here.

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