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Ghost Story In China 2


I hope whoever reads this will also read my first story, Ghost Story in China 1, to understand me and my circumstances better. In this story, I will write about our encounter with a lady in red.

As I have written in my first story, the building I used to live in was haunted to the core, always bustling with ghostly activities. But the winner for Most Haunted Room prize goes to room 503, at the fifth floor, with its all elegant occupants.

At that time, two boys lived in that room, let's call them Will and Ed. Their room's structure was like this: when you entered the room, to your right was a wall and to your left was the bathroom. Each guy was given one single bed and one closet, and the two beds were separated around 2 meters. The beds are facing the closets, and between the two closets were the windows. The boys put their travel bags on the closets.

Now, that room's circumstances and feeling were really weird. When you came in at Summer, it felt cold, and at Winter, it felt hot. The room was always tinted with red color somehow, no matter how many times you change the light bulb. The two guys always said how every night at exactly 1 PM they will feel very restless and uneasy, as if someone was glaring at them, and the feeling would last until morning. I experienced that myself when I fell asleep on Will's bed, and woke up at exactly 1 PM, feeling somebody watched me with no friendly disposition, and had me ran from the room as fast as I could (the two cursed guys were leaving me alone, they went playing DotA at a nearby internet cafe).

My friend Will had a girlfriend from another school, the University of International Business and Economy Beijing, UIBE in short. Her roommate which was also our friend had the ability to see and communicate with spirits, a trait she inherited from her mother. We'll call this seer Myra, and Will's girlfriend Sam.

One time, I and Will were in his room, Skype-ing with Sam and Myra. Will took his laptop and spun it around to show them his room, when suddenly Myra screamed to us to get out of the room instantly, no question. At that very moment, we felt a stabbing glare from behind us, and without asking more, we dashed out.

We ran to my room, and a phone call from Myra explained that when Will shown her the room, she saw a lady, wearing all red, was sitting on Ed's travel bag above the closet, glaring at us. She had long hair and part of her face was covered by her long bangs. When she screamed at us to get out, the lady was glaring at Will; apparently she disliked having a girl in the room, which was me. She also told us there were two other entities in the room; one was a little boy around six with very pale face and wearing clothes like those in Chinese vampire movies, another a boy around twelve years old.

Will then told us he saw the child one, when he woke up from his sleeping in the middle of the night, and the child was choking him. He somehow managed to run and turned on the lights, making the child gone (at that time Ed wasn't at home). Ed also told us at later time, that he saw the other ghost, the twelve year old boy, standing beside his bed. He didn't want to alarm Will so he just got back to sleep and stayed silent.

We told Ed about the lady in red sitting on his bag, and we decided to move it down. To our horror, we saw that the bag's surface was bent down like someone was sitting on it for a long time. We did not need another proof to know that this lady was dangerous; the red clothes she wore was believed by Chinese people to be a proof of power and danger, while white clothes being the weakest.

After the incident, we learned to speak greetings every time we came into the room, and the girls tried to spend less time inside, since the lady disliked woman. There were no other incident happened until Ed went back to Indonesia for good, bringing the travel bag with him, and I had all the unluckiness of acquiring the room just opposite 503 as my room (the dorm has this policy for foreign students; we cannot book a room when we go on vacation, so when I came back from visiting my country, I found the receptionist had given my room to someone else, and I with Myra who chose to switch university and decided to share room with me, ended up in 502, opposite 503). It was a close call. A minute later and we'd end up in the curse room.

To our surprise (I had my third eye opened during my visit to Indonesia) the lady wasn't there anymore, only two kids were occupying the room. We called Ed for Skype session, and asked to be shown the bag, which proved our horrors: the lady couldn't bear parting with Ed's bag so she followed him to Indonesia. Ed decided to put the bag in his house's attic, in a corner rarely seen. Wise choice.

With that, ended our encounters with lady in red.

Next, I'll write about ghost activities in Myra's former universities, the UIBE.

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dhlp_xyz (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-18)
Hi xiao88, AcidRain,

Hope both of you are doing good!

Can you please give me the contact number of your any known good dukun who does the positive / right practices.

I will be glad if you can provide me your emailid so that I can chat with you privately.


Studkamdeva [at]
xiao88 (9 stories) (19 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-16)
[at] dhlp & ruchisrimali
He is what is known in Indonesia as 'dukun', or... Shaman? Magician? I don't know the English term, but yeah, he's like has sixth sense since his birth, can do magic (voodo kind), can open somebody's aura... Things like that are quite common in Indonesia. What he did was basically suddenly rubbed my eyes a few times while concentrating, and after that I could see. Don't ask the mechanism to me, only dukuns know how. Anyway it's not really permanent, it will vanish overtime if I don't train it.
I don't really recommend it though, you may go crazy if you don't have a strong mentality. I was almost going crazy the first week too.

[at] dhlp
Yea, you can open it by meditating routinely; that's what I need to do if I wish to preserve the opened third eye. My brother taught me how to do that but I never do anyway, too afraid to keep it open.
By training meditation, you can see other people's aura, too.

[at] acidrain
Nice explanation. Indonesia is good country, yeah? Lots of spirits. ^^
dhlp_xyz (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-16)
Dear AcidRain & xiao88,

Thirdeye concept is basically a Hindu concept which was taken in Buddhism also as Buddhism itself is a part of Hinduism (which is a group of many cultures & religions, which gradually in thousands of years mixed to form a culture or religion which is now called as Hindu Religion).

Thirdeye can be opened by meditation, some people have it partially opened from their birth due to their previous birth's meditation or good deeds while some cannot open it even with hard meditation.

In my case I got it opened with meditation, but now as I could not get time to meditate due to tight work schedule it seems it went back to sleep.

I will be glad if you can email me more details about "Dukun".



Studkamdeva [at]
AcidRain (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-16)
great story Xiao88, I'm all too familiar with the level of paranormal activities that take place in Indonesia. Been living here over 15 years now. I had heard many stories about chinese hauntings, seems like its just as bad in china as it is in Indonesia.

[at] ruchishrimali and [at] dhip_xyz
From what I have heard by locals here, the ceremony itself doesn't require you to be present. All the Dukun (local shaman) needs to know is your name and birthday. Its preferable if they know what you look like so that have an image in their mind when doing the ceremony. Some people are born with their "Mata Batin" (Third Eye) opened, while others need assistance opening them. The process itself is reversible from what I have heard. I have some friends that have this "ability", most consider it as a nuisance as spirits can tell if you are aware of them or not and tend to tease or bother you more often. From what I have seen, its not something I would recommend to anyone. Hope this helps
ruchishrimali (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-15)
You mention that your third eye was opened while in Indonesia. Can you please explain more about it? How is it done?
dhlp_xyz (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-15)

Both the stories are excellent, you are such a good writer.

Indonesians are intelligent!

Friend you have mentioned your brother opened your thirdeye without your permission, I want to know how is it possible.

Secondly can you please open my third eye too...

Studkamdeva [at]

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