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I'm Right Here. She Wants To Say


I recently moved to Jakarta and started working as Account Executive in an advertising agency.

Last two weeks, we had an urgent and emergency video project which forced me and three of our creative staffs working overtime every day without rest. We went to the office at 9am everyday and didn't leave until around 11pm.

Last Thursday, as usual, we were staying late working on the almost-finished-project. There were four of us working together (although my job was just to watch them working properly and make sure no detail is omitted). Me and two junior designers were sitting in a parallel line, while another guy who is a senior was sitting behind us in a separate desk. Facing this guy is the kitchen.

Now, we all have heard stories about the ghost girl who lives in our office's kitchen, and she would sometimes make noise at night or move things around, generally frightening whoever was unlucky enough to work overtime. My team were all newcomers who had just started working for a few months, so none of us has had any chance to be introduced to this invisible coworker.

Everybody started leaving at 7pm, and by 9pm we were the only team left. Because it was late, we turned off most of the lights, including the kitchen light. We were chatting away while working, joking and laughing, while suddenly we heard a soft screech. It sounded like a woman's choked screaming, and came from the direction of the kitchen.

The four of us instantly looked at each other, asking 'What the hell we just heard' and unconsciously sat closer together. Even the senior left his desk and sat with us, discontinuing his work.

Nothing happened for a while, and we resumed our light mood again, even joking about the kitchen ghost. Suddenly, one of the iMac turned on by itself and started playing Sugar from Maroon 5 in YouTube. Like, the screen was dark, and suddenly it lighted up showing the video Sugar playing right at the part where Adam Levine singing the reffrain 'I'm right here, cause I need, little love and little sympathy'.

We watched the scene with dumb looks on our faces, when suddenly the iMac shut down again right after the reffrain finished. I mean very suddenly. Like somebody just pulled the plug out of the electric socket.

Nothing more happened but we decided to call it a night and leave as quickly as we can... But not before my friend yelled, 'Thanks for the song!' in a jesting way.

The next morning, the iMac from last night was turned on, playing the song Sugar from YouTube.

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Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-18)
Hi Xiao,

Soo, I'm thinking you guys in the office might want to show her a bit of love and a bit of sympathy. Just let her know you know she's there. I bet that's all she wants. To feel included and understood. Still I would have had *exactly* the same dumbfounded reaction! But going forward, I doubt she meant anything other than the excerpt from the song.

I would like to know, if you can remember, anything which was said before you heard the scream. Maybe a topic of conversation set her off. Also it might have been a happy scream. Kind of like: Omg! I love this song you guys, it explains how I feel, listen!
Like she was joining in the conversation. Perhaps there was a delay between the scream and the song because she had to work out how to make it happen, play the song I mean. Can't be an easy feat, even for someone who's been on the other side for a while.
AnonChap (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-16)
I think the place between your senior's desk and the kitchen adjoining it is the place where the ghost girl died/got murdered/commited suicide. The incident may date back to centuries. No matter how old the ghost is, they know how to affect electrical appliances. If you could find a brown ripe coconut in your location, bring it to your office. A simple white/red cloth made of cotton/muslin is not mandatory but the coconut can be wrapped by it, tied by a knot so that it prevent any kind of insects, dust, organisms from decaying the coconut. After doing it, place it somewhere in a clean place - this may be your own desk's drawer but you have to clean it everyday. Next thing to do it, preferably sit on your chair, take off your shoes and pray to the spirit to kindly reside in the coconut (I'll tell you why). You'll feel somewhat shiver in your whole body as the spirit agrees you for your kindness and a simple touch of the spirit sends down a shiver on your spine. You may be sometimes (rarely) contacted by her in your dreams when you could be in a possible danger as she could pay off her thanks to you because you gave her peace.

This method is the simplest and the most successful way of making peace to a spirit who has/had contact to you (In your case, it was the scream). The method belongs to 'Antardayi Moksha', a less known Indian ritual (not belonging to any kind of Magic). Coconut is a blessed fruit that provides disturbed spirits (those murdered, commited suicide, i.e. The death before the natural one) a place of peace to reside in a material realm, which is our world. They may live silently, with creating no disturbances to you or anyone else. This method has no harm as it depends in the spirit, with none of the sides forcing each other. Antardayi Moksha can be done for your paternal ancestors (yes paternal only), but with the coconut kept unwrapped by anything. If you're willing to try this, a reply is awaited:)

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