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Ghost Story In China 3


Before you start reading my story, I would like to suggest you to read my first two story, to know better the circumstances, as the stories are kind of linked together.

To the story, remember Myra? My seer friend who ended up as my roommate for six months. After she moved to my dormitory, I was lucky (or unlucky) to get a boyfriend from her former university, the UIBE (now ex-boyfriend, though). Because of the relationship, I used to commute back and forth from his school to mine, spending like a week at his place, and then stayed home for a week, and the cycle repeated.

His dormitory was a six stories building with no elevator, and looked old. UIBE is an old university enough. Ghosts lurking everywhere at the place, from the old, crappy classrooms to the small dormitory rooms with yellowish light and dirty walls.

Let's inspect the place from the gate. The complex had four gates, north-east-south-west. The dormitory was close to the West Gate, so I usually passed it on my way. To reach the dormitory, I had to walk past a big school building mostly used by the English Division students. After that, I had to turn right and walk past a cafeteria, a parking lot for bicycles surrounded by willow trees, then turn left and arrive.

That day, I came at 3 AM (I wish you guys do not ask me why I came at such an hour, it was kind of usual for us). In the middle of the night at Autumn, the wind was kind of strong, making a very uncomfortable whooshing sound. The dried leaves were fluttering around me, and the moon shined dimly, partly covered by dark clouds. The situation was eerie enough and I walked as fast as I could. When I walked pass the class building, I noticed some of the lights were on, at some higher floors. But what made me shivered was when I saw a silhouette of a small child, peering from one of the windows. I nearly ran away from the scene, and arrived breathless at the door.

What was a child doing in the middle of the night? Later, the janitor told me that lights would turn on and off by themselves, and at night, sometimes sounds of children laughing and running could be heard by unlucky students who trapped at the building, studying until night, preparing for exam the next day.

I already mentioned I had to pass bicycle parking lot surrounded by Willow trees to get to the dorm. Once, I went out to 7&11 for some late night snack, with my ex's roommate (who can see spirit also, geez, many Indonesians can do that). When we passed the place on our way home, I heard a woman's voice crying. It was so sad, yet eerie, the kind of cry that made you shiver in terror. I didn't see a thing, luckily, just hearing crying, but poor Sandy (the roommate) saw a woman in white, sitting on the tree, and crying with her face covered by her long bangs.

On the stairs from the 4th floor to the 5th floor, emitted some dark feelings to whoever unlucky enough to pass it at night. The light was never on; even though it was changed multiple times, it couldn't light, nobody knew why. The mechanic man was called again and again, yet he was never able to figure out what the problem. There, on a corner of the stairs, sit a man. I could never guess what age he was, because he was sitting with his head between his legs, like someone who was desperate enough he didn't want to face the world. I never pass the stairs without some company.

At the room 503, stayed a handsome ghost who liked to keep his home clean and tidy. The inhabitants of the room, two Indonesian girls named Evy and Betty, were sort of untidy, not to mention they (as a girl) had a lot of things ranging from clothing stuffs to kitchen utensils. Whenever the room got messy, things started missing from their place. You might think it is normal to lose things in such a messy room, but...

Once, Betty was looking for her room key. We literally rummaged the whole place, but no key in sight. Betty was emptying her bag to see if the key was stuck somewhere inside, but it wasn't there. After making a big mess out of the room, we decided to tidy everything and clean it, to ease up our annoyance (we were supposed to go eat outside, but with no key, Betty was forced to stay at home until she got a spare key). After it was clean and tidy, Betty took her wallet and stuffed it in her bag (which was emptied earlier), only for her fingers to feel her key inside. It was nonsense. We emptied the bag. We groped it all over. No key. But we found it easily enough now.

That incident wouldn't be so meaningful if it happened only once, but it happened four times. Since the last incident, Betty and Evy learned enough to always keep their room clean and neat.

One other incident happened to me, which made us sure about the fact. I was sleeping on Evy's bed one night, while Evy was out and Betty was sleeping on her bed. At night, sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night, and it could happen several times (I was a light sleeper). I woke up that night because I felt a soft wind blowing. When I opened my eyes, I saw a figure of a man standing near the window. I pulled myself on my elbows to get a better look, and he turned his head on me. He was quite handsome, wearing checkerboard pattern shirts, and smiling. I wasn't afraid, not in the least. Why should I? He was smiling warmly at me, and handsome. So I smiled back, and whispered, "Sorry we messed your room so often. We won't do it again." He disappeared after smiling some more, and I went back to sleep. That was the most tranquil ghost I've ever met.

There are some other petty ghosts, too. Two black shadows were lurking on the West Gate, just above the willow trees in front of it. A woman ghost in the sixth floor. Story said two years before I came, that was 2007, a Korean girl was walking home alone from nightclub. Some workers who were building an artificial lake inside the complex saw her and raped her. Out of desperation, she committed suicide. There was a Russian guy too who committed suicide because of broken heart (apparently he was cheated by his girlfriend).

So ended our adventure at UIBE.

Next story, I will write about my experience in my old apartment.

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xiao88 (9 stories) (19 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-24)
Hi Shlain.

First of all, those buildings in my stories are all old buildings, and dormitories, where many people died, mostly from committing suicide. Students have a lot of problems, no? ^^

About the red lady, well... As far as I see, she is not following my friend wherever he goes... We highly hope she will no longer cause any disturbance, and let her retires in that attic.

And for your information, the 503 where the red lady used to dwell... Yes, it is a hot spot.
Shlain (13 stories) (246 posts)
9 years ago (2013-01-23)

I've read all 3 of your stories.

I'm wondering what is going on there. The building or land seems to harbour a lot of negativity. Do you have any info on what the building was before it was a dorm or what was on the land? So much death and suicide.

The entity (Red Woman) has probably attached itself to your friend. I don't think it has anything to do with his bags. Just because he stashed the bag away in the attic does'nt mean the entity is only limited to the attic. I'm not saying it will go beyond the attic, but I am saying spirits don't always have boundaries.

The dorm could be some kind of hot spot. Perhaps a portal in or nearby.

These are just my views.

Thank you for sharing

Shlain ❤

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