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Tormented in Brooklyn


I wrote about this briefly in a prior article in 2001. To recap: we moved into 455a sackett street when I was 14 years old, on april 1, 1998. from the moment we moved in, something was so not right. It was an incredibly dark apartment... though we should have been thrilled because it was the first apartment we'd ever had with more than one floor. There were three floors (including the basement) and it was nice, if you could ignore the feeling of someone standing just behind you, or staring at you wherever you went.

Within two weeks of moving in, I was raped in my own bedroom by a man from the neighborhood. An elderly woman who'd lived right next store for most of our life informed us that no one had occupied our apartment for more than a year at a time since as long as she could remember... she also related that terrible tragedies befell all of said people, within only a few weeks of moving in, continuing through the day they moved out.

Though we all had eerie feelings in the apartment, we'd not noticed anything too weird. The apartment was very uninviting, cold and damp. We tried to decorate it, warm it up a little, but nothing helped. Another thing was that no matter what we did, we could not get a phone installed. we had the phone company over about 4 times to fix the wires, but no matter what they did, we would get absolutely nothing, not even static. so we were pretty isolated.

The entire time we were there, weird happenings continued. The ceiling above my brothers bed collapsed. The only reason he wasn't hurt is because he got up to use the bathroom. A fire started in my room, the fire department never determined why. If my friend hadn't stopped by and rang my bell, I would of continued sleeping. Within 5 minutes of answering the bell, my neighbor came out screaming that my room was on fire. I ran up and the entire back wall was in flames. I tried to put it out with a blanket and (unbeknownst to me) the door had closed behind me. It went from daylight to dark in two minutes and I started to pass out. Thankfully, my friend ran up and opened the door, carrying me down the stairs or I would have been literal toast.

After that, my neighbor confided in us that "strange things" have always gone on in my building. In the 30's or 40's, a fire had killed a little boy within a month of the family moving in, in the 60's, a couple were "whacked" by the mob because of some insidious affair. There were no records because the church's records had been burned in a fire so we couldn't get anymore information than what people said.

There were other things that happened, a friend of mine coming into my apartment and seeing a little boy in burnt rags staring at her in my bathroom mirror.. she ran out crying and refused to set foot in my door again. Another friend who slept over (note: both friends were not told of our experiences) and awoke in the middle of the night swearing that she saw a woman walk into my room through the door.

My brother and I heard children crying and laughing one day downstairs, and when we tried to leave my mother's room, we were locked in, event though there was no lock, for an hour before it finally opened. My mother was downstairs doing the laundry when the lights turned off in the basement and she felt a cold, scaly hand grab her shoulder. Needless to say, my dad did the laundry after that... weird smells, sounds, and the feeling that something, or someone, did not want you there. That something bad was going to happen to you, and that you were not welcome at all.

We moved out a year to the day later, as soon as we could find a new apartment. We found out some more after that. The people that moved in after us tried to renovate the basement, and found the body of a little boy in the wall. They left suddenly one night not too long after and never returned. Another couple moved in and left as inexplicably as the last. And so on and so forth to this day.

Since then, we met a woman whom had gone to my mother's office (she's a nurse that works in a doctors office) because of a nervous condition. My mother noticed the address on her insurance card didn't match the one listed, and the woman explained she had only lived at 55a sackett street for a few months, and had to leave because her mother had died along with various other tragedies from the 1st week of moving in. My mother asked if the woman ever noticed anything weird... well, the woman explained exactly what we had gone through, perhaps the cause of her condition?

We are all fine now, happy to be out of there and we've moved on. We still see our old neighbor once in a while, and she always says the best thing we ever did was move out of that god forsaken house. Needless to say, we agree. We've not been haunted since, and life is good. If there is one thing we learned, I'd say it was to trust our instincts. If you get horrible vibes from a place, don't put it off as folly... it might just save you a whole lot of trouble.

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LJG2886 (1 stories) (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-11)
Wow. Cool story. Just did a google search on this address and the Zillow estimate is over $3 million. For that kind of money there had better been a REALLY good spiritual cleanse!
chria29 (3 stories) (25 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-08)
This should be a movie. This sounds like the devil's house!
kidnikarus (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-11)
I lived in that house for three years in 2003, It was the creepiest place ever. I had the room that I think was your brother's. It was the size of a small closet. The ceiling still had a bad patch job from where the ceiling probably fell in before. There was also remnants of the fire. I had to remove the radiator from the tiny room and there was a ton of soot behind it. I never felt safe in that place. Under the porch in the back there was a small sorage room. The entrance was outside under the porch. Me and my roomates went in after the door popped open one day. There was a kneeler altar like thing and no joke a pair of girl's roller skates with cake on blood and a small boys clothes. It was so creepy. We called it the goat hole. The people that moved in after us (they bought the place) completely gutted it and renovated. I could only imaginge what they found in there,
JustCurious (2 stories) (434 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-21)
Wow... This story is great. I couldn't stop reading once I started. The whole part about the people finding the boys body in the wall is just... Crazy to say the least that I can think. I don't know what I would have done if I was living in a place like that and had found a body in the wall like that.

Maybe it was suppose to be the body of the boy that was burned in the fire and someone had tried to hide it away in the wall or something because of the fire being caused by arson or something and the person didn't want to get caught with the boys body...

I don't know. Just going out on a limb on that one. Anyways the stuff that you experienced (phones not working, fire department not being able to determine the cause of the fire, friend seeing the boy in burned rags, the friend seeing the lady, etc.) sounds like a lot to have to go through. I believe this story and even though it may seem scary or creepy I wouldn't mind being able to have similar experiences with the paranormal.

I have had a few experiences in the past, and I may write them up as a story in the future to post on the site and see what opinions I can hear about it.

Fortunatly you had a neighbor that was able to fill you in on information about the apartment and its great that you are still in contact with that neighbor. Were you ever able to figure out anything else about the history? I know you said that there were files that had burned in a fire but maybe there was some other files that you were able to figure out about maybe? I'm not sure if there are other files was just curious as to if you had figured anything else out about the history.

I apologize for the long comment. Havent been on here in a while and came across your story and found it really good.


Valeria555 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)
I used to live in that neighborhood on Carroll. What a scary story. I see the place has been totally renovated and is for rent again.
I hope they did a successful spiritual cleanse.
TheLightBeforeDawn (5 stories) (41 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-22)
Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry that you got raped. I don't mean to bring back bad memories but I've had older men come on to me and it was terrifying. I'm SO sorry. 😢

Goddess Bless❤. I hope they caught that evil man. 😠
winniewow (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-26)
hi jane,

I love your story. I'm a photographer in brooklyn who is fascinated by ghost stories. I would love to talk to you further as well as do some portraits of you if you are interested. Send me an email and we can discuss further. You can see some of my work at, and please email me at info [at]

I look forward to hearing from you,
lysiak (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-02)
I am trying to get a hold of the author of this article... Please email me asap.

Matthew Lysiak
New York Daily News
Afterlysiak [at]
Vannarra (2 stories) (26 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-26)
The part where they found that boy in the wall... *chills*

❤ -Vannarra
chicano457 (1 stories) (11 posts)
17 years ago (2007-02-18)
HI /i beleive your story. I don`t beleive this woman and little kid were the same person that was burned or who ever the woman was. I beleve that there are evil spirits that work together with the Devil to fool us to thikning that they are seeing at the kid that was burned up not knowing its just a demon acting like the kid.Jesuschrist called the Devil the princees of this worl. so when you see these spirits don`t be fooled...
Jim (guest)
17 years ago (2007-01-16)
A lot of the stories on this site are really intriguing, but this one is especially interesting. I'm always looking for some sort of proof in a ghost story to verify my own belief in ghosts, and this story seems to have so much in that favor. Your story sounds like it came out of one of those scary books of ghost legends or something, but I still definately believe it.I'm kind of jealous of you, but at the same time, I feel bad that you had to go through what you did. I'm the only one who actually believes my own stories, but at least you have friends who have encountered ghosts in your house.
good luck

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