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Tormented by a Poltergeist


This wasn't one of my experiences, this actually happened to my nan and various other family members. In the past, my nan and granddad have had a lot of trouble caused by "poltergeist" activity, a few years ago my mum was at my nan's house getting my grandfather's dinner ready for when he came home from work because my nan was at work also at the time. She went into the cupboard to get a saucepan, they were on the bottom stacked up and they just flew out at her, there was no way they could have fallen off, they were stacked secure. After that, my mum sat in the chair in the living room waiting for the dinner to cook when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs, so she went to have a look to see if my granddad had come home from work early, there was no one there, puzzled, she went back into the front room. She then heard it again so she ran outside and waited until my granddad came home. Since then she would not stay in the house on her own.

My nan on the other hand had far worse things happen, one day she was in her house doing the washing up or something like that and she has china plates hanging on the wall above her fireplace. She turned round and a couple of them flew off like they had been thrown. She also saw the door knob turn on and door leading to the hallway and the door opened slowly then closed slowly, then the door on the other side of the room did the same opened and closed slowly, she felt a slight breeze as if someone had walked past her.

Another incident was when my granddad was in the bathroom, one morning with just trousers on, no shirt, and he felt ice cold hands fully touch him on the back. Obviously this made him jump and he ran downstairs to see if it was my nan messing about but when he asked her, she said she had been making breakfast the whole time. My nan, on a few other occasions along with my father and my uncle, both felt a pair of hands on their back and been pushed while at the top of the stairs, luckily they only fell a few steps but it could have been serious.

There used to be an old man that lived and died in my nan's house, when he got too old and ill to climb the stairs, they brought his bed downstairs into a separate sitting room. In his old bedroom upstairs, he used to spit tobacco up the walls, so sometimes when someone went up there or a relative stayed in that bedroom, you would be able to smell the tobacco or hear a keyboard playing in the sitting room downstairs, even keys jangling.

My nan used to have a clock up high on a unit in her living room, but one day she noticed something, a big crack right across the face had suddenly appeared in a distinct pattern, it kind of went from the bottom up then across then up again. Every clock she replaced it with did exactly the same thing, cracked in exactly the same place. After a whil, she got used to it but the strange thing is it only happened when someone was alone in the house or my nan and granddad were alone, I was too young at the time. She had milk bottles fly out off the shelf at her too.

One time, my nan had a fireplace brush that she kept on her windowsill for decoration, it was a black cast iron figurine of what I think was a tribal person with the bristles as its skirt sort of thing, it had an earring in both of its ears and one day my cousin was playing with it and pulled both the earrings out and lost them. Well, my nan just put it back on the windowsill, that was about head high when you sat on the sofa in front of it. My aunt came round a few days after my cousin (her son) had pulled the earrings out and was sitting on the sofa by it, the brush flew off the windowsill and hit my aunt in the head. Thankfully, it didn't cause any damage, after that, my mum had it since we had an open fire too but didn't get anything out of the ordinary so we assumed, after all, that had happened it was my nan's house, not the figure.

Well, all of these things, maybe a few more things I haven't been told about, kept on happening for about 12 to 15 years, it got that bad that my nan had gone to the local church and spoke to the priest there and asked for his help, so he came round to her house and went into every room with holy water and blessed it saying a prayer. Luckily it seemed to work, she still lives there now and since the priest helped and blessed the house it has been ghost free.

I have other stories to tell but maybe at a later date. Thank you all very much for taking the time to sit, be patient and read all this.

I also hope that some of you out there can take note of what my nan did to help you from an unwanted house guest! It really worked!

Thanks again :)

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Nightshade (40 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-27)
That Poltergeist sounds kind of violent. I mean, it tried to push your Nan down the stair case? Wow. Well, I'm just glad that priest came and blessed the house. 'Cuz, just imagine what would happen if she hadn't been so smart? Well, I'll leave some more comments on your next story. See 'ya!
hayley308 (9 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-25)
the spirit in my house likes to play tricks like when I woke up at about 3;00am I looked at my dressing table because something caught my eyes and everything on my dressing table came off asif it been pushed. Also the t.v comes on and off and my lights always go on and off and I can always here the doors opening and shuting and someone walking about. Occasionly I feel a breeze come past me and here breathing 😲
Amethyst20 (1 stories) (4 posts)
15 years ago (2007-05-03)
Thank you for your comments! I do believe this to be poltergeist activity because the word 'poltergeist' means noisy ghost. I don't know if I can class being pushed down the stairs being caused by an 'intelligent' ghost. However I do understand what you are saying also. They are just glad it's over.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-04-30)
I would not have labeled this one poltergeist activity, especially since the events described went on for years. This is more of a classic intelligent haunting, one in which the spirits or entities actually interact with the living. It sounds as if a previous owner who passed on, wasn't happen with what was taking place in what they still believed to be their home. That, or it could possibly have been a lower level being playing tricks on your Nan and Granddad.

Peace, Love, and Luck be with you.
Alison (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-30)
Wow, that's really strange. It sounds to me like this poltergeist just liked to mess with you guys! It's scary that it could've really hurt you, though.

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