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My Parents' Home


I have always been fascinated with the paranormal and have had a few occurrences that have left me puzzled. First off my story is about my parents' home and the strange unexplained feelings and weird unseen being that scared my infant son.

My parents moved into their brand new home in Pearland, Texas in 1999. The house is two stories with a total of five bedrooms with 4 up and the master down. When going up the stairs you have a living room straight ahead, two bedrooms and a bath to your left and two bedrooms and a bath to your right. My room was on the right side of the upstairs and the bathroom was one of those that had the vanities actually in the bedroom. The upstairs was only covered by half walls and you could see the door to my room from the garage entrance to the house (this will be important for the second half of my story).

Now, I only lived in the house for a short period of time because we moved in my first semester of college and I actually only lived in the house for about a year and then moved in with my now husband.

When I lived in the home I never had any sickening feelings and I always felt warm and welcome. The strange feelings started after I moved out and would come back to visit or spend the night in my old room. I also need to mention that I have two younger sisters and they always hated my side of the upstairs. They would never go into my room and, when using the computer in the office, they made sure that the doors connecting to the bathroom and my room were closed.

I guess the first time that I noticed the strange sickening feeling was just after I got married and spent the night because my husband was out of town on business. There seemed to be this dark and ominous feeling emanating from one corner of my room. I thought that it was strange that no light would pierce that corner of the room. My room faced the street and light would bounce off all of the mirrors and where this dark spot was and a mirror was directly in front of it and light should have gone through but it never did. When I would have to go to sleep I would pile pillows on the bed so I would not accidentally look at the corner and, for some strange reason, I felt like building a wall would somehow protect me.

My sisters would tell me that when they were home alone and sitting in the office they would hear their names being called and they got that sick feeling when they would look toward the bathroom and my room. I never heard voices but I was extremely scared of my room.

Anyway, move forward about three years and I moved into my parents' home with my infant son because my husband traveled with his job. My son never seemed to be scared of my room but he did not sleep well if he was in his crib and away from me (at first I thought this was because he was trying to get used to a new home and of course being a baby).

One evening the family went out to dinner and I was the first to arrive home, and remember I said earlier that from the garage you could see my bedroom? Well, my son was being really fussy when I got him out of the car and I figured he was ready for bath and bedtime. When I walked through the garage door, he immediately went quiet. He grabbed a hold of my shirt and went rigid and he was staring at the door to my room (which was closed). I tried asking him what was wrong and it was like he didn't hear me. He just stared at the door and then he started moving his eyes and head like he was following someone walk down the hall from my room, through the living room and then to the landing above the stairs. Out of no-where he jumped and started to claw at my clothes and screaming so loud as those someone had pinched him.

Of course this really freaked me out and I ran out the house as fast as I could. My parents and sisters were getting out of the car when I ran into the garage and they were very concerned about how Cade was acting because he was a very happy baby and only cried when he was hungry. I told them that something in the house scared him and I begged my dad to walk around upstairs and make sure no one was in there. Of course no one was. I had to drive Cade around for about two hours to get him to fall asleep before I could go back in the house. That night my room did not feel scary and I remember thinking that this thing whatever it was decided to leave.

I can go there now and not feel uncomfortable and Cade, who is now 7, has no memory of that night and shows no sign that he is scared of my old room. My sisters say that they no longer have fears of that side of the house and for a time one of them even moved into my old room.

Thank for letting me share and please feel free to leave any comments. I would love to hear if anyone has had similar experiences or could explain what may have been going on. Sorry for the length.

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MJackson91 (2 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-11)
Thanks for sharing this, I have recently been observing my son wich is 18months now. He often will get distracted by "something" not visable and will watch "it" for minutes at a time. We have a closet in the hall way of our appartment that he will often point at and try to draw my attention to it, If the closet door is shut he will just open it and point to the inside (all that's in there is sheets and towels). He hates wen the door is closed he will yell as if telling us to open it. He will often look out the door of our room at night and point and shout as if something was in the living room. It just freaks me out a little bit due to the fact I have seen my little brother interact with spirits (I have a story posted about that) and I can't help but wonder if my son is seeing some one or some thing that I can't see
Argette (guest)
11 years ago (2013-02-08)
Excellent account. Really very scary. I have done the pillow thing, too.
Casper_the_ghost (9 stories) (180 posts)
11 years ago (2013-02-08)
LMAO I thought I was the only one who did this:
'When I would have to go to sleep I would pile pillows on the bed so I would not accidentally look at the corner' 😆.

Really nicely narrated account, laceye.

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