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Strange Stuff That Happened To Me As A Child


Up until the age of 8 years, I lived with my parents and sister in a old miner's house. Where we used to live had been a mining village, but in the late 1980s it closed down. This house was very old and very large. It had an attic and that's where the strange things would happen.

I was always scared to go up there. For a while my parents used it as their bedroom but decided to move downstairs. The attic had a small door which was a loft to store extra stuff. This door had a lock. One day me and my friends were playing up there when we got called for dinner. I noticed that the loft door was locked, but when I came back up stairs it was unlocked with the door wide open.

This house was always cold. I had a terrible accident here when I was 3 years old. I burnt myself by sitting too close to the fireplace and I am now scarred for life. I had to go to hospital and was in there for 3 months.

Sometimes I would see someone walk down the stairs which overlooked the living room. It looked like my mother, but I knew it couldn't be her because she was fast asleep. The woman had short red hair, and an orange T-shirt on (like something from the 1970s). She didn't wear glasses so I knew it couldn't be my mum.

The scariest thing that happened was when I woke up one night. I used to share bunk beds with my little sister. I was on the top bunk. One night I woke up for no reason. It was pitch black in my room but I could see the outline of a very tall thin man standing in my doorway. I remember feeling so frightened. After what seemed to be a lifetime, I finally managed to get out of bed and turn on the bedroom light. The 'man' had gone but I still felt sick in my stomach.

I would often have horrible dreams, always involving going up to the attic. In my dream I would recall climbing the stairs (which had awful faded red carpet) up to the attic. I don't remember anything else, but I would often have the same dream over and over again. I'm 24 years old now but I can still recall that dream I had as a child.

Strange stuff has continued to happen to me over the years. My parents separated and I moved away with my mother. But the hauntings wouldn't stop.

In the most recent house I lived in with my mother, stepfather and my half siblings, very odd things would happen. Like plates falling off the kitchen side and smashing. Once whilst in the living room, we heard a crash happen in the kitchen. We all got up to have a look to see plates everywhere. A cup had managed to make its way into the hallway but there's no possible way it could have rolled into there.

I've had strange dreams about this house too. I've also heard someone call my name. Am I being followed by a ghost?

I now live with my boyfriend, nothing has happened for a while and I hope nothing does! Anyway, there is more but I feel this is too long already!

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-11)

May I ask where you came by your method (s)? I have read a couple that you have posted and I am indeed curious. Was it from a book, or was it something you developed on your own? If they are things you have developed on your own just what do you practice? Most importantly, how old are you / how long have you practiced?


DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-11)
bizzibee9: I feel there may be a few things happening here firstly I think your subconcious is affecting your dreams and bringing up the terrible experience you had when you were younger, combining that with the paranormal events as well you could see why you continued to be haunted by these dreams.
The other theory could very well be that a presence is following you, I don't feel as though it is anything malevolent by any means, merely just wanting to be acknowledged every now and then. Please keep us updated. Thanks for sharing.

icewolfghost (17 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-08)
I have a recipe for repelling ghosts it will take a few days but it has an 8/10 chance of working, if it does not work keep trying.

Day 1: place a white lotus (or lily) in the centermost point in your house

Place a scented candle in your living room, light the candle and focus on the flame. Visualise the person you saw with the orange t shirt collapsing.

Sleep with a white rose under your pillow and lavender

Day 2:if your current house has and attic follow these (or in your bedroom if you don't have attic)

Sprinkle sea salt around the enterance.

Sprinkle lavender in the north and south

Sprinkle yellow rose petals in the east and west

Day 3: open all windows, doors and cupboards and other things so light can get into every nook and cranny if there is no way of light getting into one room use a rose scented candle.

Give everything a clean out and brush the tables and seats

Sleep with a brightly coloured rose (any rose) under your bed.

Day 4: relax in bed and have a sleep in. Drink some weak tea. Do not eat anything with a strong flavour today. Sprinkle a mixture of salt and icing sugar in bowls in each corner of your bedroom.

Now it will usually take 2-14 days to work

All the best 😊

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