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House In Port Adelaide


It was the first home I had owned in Australia. After being offered a regular contract with the Australian Government to do tests on sites for future Oil Rigs, I signed a contract where I would have to spend at least six months on and off in Australia. It sounded like a good opportunity at the time as I had just got divorced from my wife of 11 years and was looking for a bit of a change and a fresh start.

I started living in Adelaide in July of 2001 renting a room in a mens' boarding house on South Terrace at the East Terrace end of the city. I was pretty much only there to sleep. In my time off after about 3 months of living there and getting bored of having no real privacy, I started house hunting. As the boarding house was only to be temporary. And just a month later I found a nice smallish older style home in a suburban part of old and historic Port Adelaide (I've seen enough ghosts in the actual part of the town and in Adelaide to write a lot about too. And will when I get the chance). The home was what they called a Working Man's Cottage from around the 1890's. It was Slate, Bluestone and Sandstone built with walls nearly 2 foot thick. It had been fantastically restored to brilliant condition and had a new kitchen, 2nd bathroom and a huge Lounge/Dining room built onto the back. It was perfect. So I paid for it with a little help from the bank and moved in on the 14th December, 2001. And soon filled it with things I cared about and some wonderful furniture. I was very comfortable.

Sadly the peace and quiet of the house didn't last very long, just a few days later I started noticing some really odd things going on.

To describe the home for you it is like this. When you go in the front door, your straight into a LONG hallway that goes right down to the kitchen and original dining room. Along the hall are doors for certain rooms for people to reside in. On the left there is 3 doors, 1st My bedroom, 2nd My home office and the third the original bathroom that's also been done up. On the right is 1st my Son Jason's Room, 2nd my son Shane's room and 3rd a Guest bedroom. Then you walk into an open area still going in with the hall doors running through each end is the original Lounge/tv room where we generally sit and relax. Then through the doors it opens up to the Kitchen on the left and the original dining on the right which we used then mainly as a breakfast nook. Then the Laundry and Bathroom just at the bottom of the kitchen going on through to the build on which had a new formal dining room and our larger lounge room we used when we had guests and it also had a Pool Table and a TV with a playstation 2 (at the time), Dvd player and Video. Then you had double doors that opened to a patio and a fairly large sized backyard, as older homes in the area had larger yards. The house also had a wine cellar you had to enter through a trap door like contraption in the kitchen and a Large Garage on the side of the house. The garden was well looked after by the previous owners and looked great. And my boys loved it.

Now to the strange goings on. After living there a month and getting used to all the noises the house makes, I started feeling that something was a bit off. Not much to start with, just the odd feeling like someone was watching me on and off when I was in the Kitchen. Not anywhere else with that feeling. It heated up when I got my dog Louie (a Jack Russell X Fox Terrier) as a rescue from the R.S.P.C.A. He was about 2yrs old when I got him and not a little pup. I started noticing Louie staring at the wall next to where we had the Refrigerator/Freezer combo. Once in a while he'd either whine or bark or would wag his tail and dog grin at something I couldn't see. Other times he would be out in the backyard running around and he'd suddenly stop and start dancing around in a circle and go up on his hind legs look like he was trying to get someone to give him attention. As he used to do this to me when he wanted mine. He would also roll over like someone was trying to belly rub him and lay there for a minute or two like they were. He would also bark happily and paw the air (giving his foot for his shake trick) like he was playing with someone I couldn't see. At first I thought Louie was just being silly. Then I thought he might have something wrong so I took him to the vet. Nothing was wrong with him. So I just thought that maybe Louie had found a friend, someone maybe to play with and keep him company when I was at work. Which as he wasn't getting hurt or upset by this spirit friend I let it be. And for the rest of the time I lived there and had Louie, he would play with this friendly to him spirit.

Another thing that happened was in the bedroom where I slept. It had an old open fireplace as did all the original rooms except the bathroom and kitchen. Above the fire place was a shelf and a built in mirror, it was large and had a decorated frame. I liked it as I could make sure I was neat and tidy before going off to meetings, etc. I woke up one night from a deep sleep to see a elderly lady dressed in clothing that looked like she was from around very early 1900's. She was tall and thin and had her hair up in a kind of bun like roll on her head. She was looking into the mirror and pinning her hair with clips she was carrying in what looked like a tin in the other hand. She payed no attention to me and after a couple of minutes disappeared into thin air. I was so startled to see her I yelled out a less than kind word and sat in shock upright in bed as she went on doing her hair and ignoring me completely. I don't know who she was or why she was haunting my room, but I would see her two or three times a week. Always in the same spot and doing the same thing. And never noticing me no matter what I tried to get her to pay attention to me. I think maybe she was a imprint of a person who was living in the house during that time. As she never was seen anywhere else or trying to communicate with anyone who was in the home.

Another thing was this ginger cat that I'd see around the house in different places. Most often walking up and down the hall between my office room and the bedroom. When he got to my door he would scratch at the door like he wanted in and then disappear. Both my sons and I saw the cat do this on several occasions. Other times we would see him in the back garden sitting or laying curled up under the Magnolia tree. The tree was probably 60-70 years old and it gave a lot of shade. I got curious one day and tried to pay it attention soon as I got close enough it quickly got up and ran around and disappeared as it rounded the tree. Curiosity got the better of me and I got down and had a look around the tree. Wondering why the cat had vanished before he got around the tree. So I felt around and saw something leaning against the back of the tree. Again got more curious and went to get my torch to find out what was going on. And after getting back to the tree and looking around it, I found something that shocked me a little bit. A home made cross grave marker with one word painted on it that was badly faded and could hardly be read. The marker said "FREDDIE" nothing more. As I didn't want to go digging around, I just carefully put back the cross marker where it was and offered Freddie an apology for disturbing it. I'm guessing Freddie was the cat I saw that someone who cared about him in life cared enough to make a special marker for him where they obviously buried him when he died. Either way it was so nice I think. And the cat who it was for still was there making sure he still has a place in the house where he was clearly so loved in life. Like the lady, I continued to see Freddie the rest of the time I lived there. And I'd always say "Hey Freddie" when I did. Not that he ever reacted to me. It was just to good to see him strutting around the house like he owned the place all the time as cats do.

Other minor things happened around the house too while I was there:

1/ I had someone I couldn't see kiss me on the cheek at night once or twice a week for sometime until I asked them to please stop. It wasn't some crazy wild kiss. Just the kind of kiss a mother would give a child as they tucked them into bed at night.

2/ I constantly had things moved, mainly my keys, mobile phone and wallet. I would put them on the lamp table next to my bed and every morning I'd wake up and they would be put up on the shelf in front of the mirror above the fireplace... Lined up neatly like they had been carefully placed there. At first it bugged me, but then I decided that they were probably better off up there and starting leaving them there myself every night before I turned in for the night. Never had anymore trouble with that stuff being moved after that.

3/ Footsteps up and down the hall from the front door to the guest Bedroom and then on to the lounge then kitchen, they would stop near the stove and then after a minute or two they went back to the guest room. This would happen twice a night most nights. Harmless spirit who just made footsteps, this never bothered me and it did cause any grief so I let it be.

There were a few others that were here and there mostly the odd unattached voice calling out to another unattached voice, I couldn't work out anything they were saying, it just made me wonder a bit with what was going on. Other than that the house was quite ok and I enjoyed living there. But I just grew bored as I do and after living there until 2005 I sold the place to a married couple with 5 children who needed all the room.

And I moved to a House in Parkside in August 2005. But that is a story for another time as that place had some ghosts of its own.

Thanks for reading and I hope to put up some more stories for you all to enjoy very soon.


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SebastianRaynes73 (2 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-20)
It would be nice to read your stories if you decide to post them I'm sure they'd be good. It was nice of your granny to show herself to you. Wish my grandma would show herself to me. I miss her.

Ive recently submitted two. And hopefully they will be up sooner or later when the mods get through the million submissions the poor people's have to go through which must make em crazy once and a while. I know Id be no good as a Mod. Id loose my mind. Lol.
They do a good job.
Mothertrinity (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-19)
Hey Sebastian. I have had ghost experiences only they were in Australia just nothing here other than my granny letting me know she's visiting here in Canada. My husband is also French-Canadian. Look forward to hearing more of your stories. Maybe I'll write mine some day.
SebastianRaynes73 (2 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-18)
Thankyou everyone for all these great comments to my first ever story on this site. Really makes me less nervous about posting more, I'm currently submitting as soon as the page re-opens at least 2 more for now at least stories. Hope you enjoy them when you get a chance to read them once they are up after submitting.

BabySquatch, BeauZah and enchantedglades. Your support of my stories and your kindness has cheered me up greatly. Glad youve enjoyed this story. Thankyou again. 😊.

Cliney1212, I agree with you fully. That lady ghost sure was a special one of a kind type. And we all really loved having her around. Funny thing is I still miss seeing her. And I moved out from there 7yrs ago in August. Despite the fact she paid no attention to us not matter what we did to try to get it (Nothing Bad only friendly stuff to try not to upset her). She always raditated kindness, friendlyness and a feeling of love and care that people only feel usually when your around loved ones. I think she appreciated a kind family in her house by the energy she gave off. Even my boys miss her.
Sadly my dad passed on in 1994 from Bone Cancer. But yes, he had told me many great things he experienced with spirits over the years. And I will try to very soon put them up for submission too. As I'm sure you'll get a real kick out of them as my family and I have.

Thanks again for reading.
Cliney1212 (4 stories) (121 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-18)
Hello Sebastian, I enjoyed reading your first account... The house you lived in sounds lovely and I think the old lady (spirit you saw) probably agrees... It seems to me she enjoys having 'guests' but that it will always be her home... And I for one think that's great... Looking forward to your next story (I bet your Dad has a few too being an archeologist) 😊
enchantedglades (10 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-17)
this was a very interesting but spooky story to read. Thankyou for sharing.
BeauZah (10 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-17)
Awesome story! I like the feeling of togetherness and community when I read it and I absolutly love ginger cats and jack russels. Wish that was my house. 😆
BabySquatch (6 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-17)
Wow, I really enjoyed this story. Great detail. It seems like you are very sensitive & open to the spirit world. I can't wait to hear more!
clever210 (3 stories) (189 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-17)
You're welcome. You have a very distinctive way of writing and give great attention to the details.
SebastianRaynes73 (2 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-17)
Clever210, thankyou for enjoying the story. No, I haven't thought about writing any fiction. Havent had much time to over the years, maybe its something I could try as a hobby when I have some time.

clever210 (3 stories) (189 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
Sebastian, have you ever thought about writing fiction? I think you would make an excellent writer.
SebastianRaynes73 (2 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
Hey everyone, thankyou for your great messages and for enjoying this ghost experience. It gives me courage to submit more for you to enjoy. And I'm currently organising some to submit as soon as the submit page re-opens as it sounds like its closed due to overload currently.

Koalagirl, glad to read you are also seeing animal spirits. My current home, the third in Adelaide also has a animal ghost like the first one did. As its only so far shown its self to me as big a small shadow I'm not sure if its a dog or cat. But it sure moves fast. There sure are some funny things going on in the suburbs. Lol. Glad you liked the story. Hope I get to post some more for you to enjoy soon.

Psychicmama, a ghost cat sounds like it would be a perfect pet for you with your allergies. You could enjoy having a pet without the allergy side effects. Unless ghost cats make your allergies play up too. But that wouldn't be much fun would it.
Ideal solution to animal allergies. Ghost pets. Sounds fantastic. I'm happy you liked my story. This is helping me get the courage to post more. At least on this site people don't think your nuts if you see ghosts.

Mothertrinity, hey there thankyou for reading and enjoying my story also. I was Born in Canada. Canadian Dad (French Canadian if you want to be picky) and an Italian born and bred mother. Proud Aussie citizen since 2005. Now I have a Aussie better half and I feel like I'm fitting right in. Be careful what you wish for I thought my most recent home had no ghosts. Until Id been here a month and realised we had 6 at the last count and a couple more that seem to be trying to make themselves known recently. You never know when one may decide to show up or attatch it self to you. I have had that happen to. After I bought an old car. Stranger things have happened I guess.

Thankyou all so much for enjoying my story. I will post some more as soon as I can. I have a few for you all to enjoy. Hopefully you will anyway.
Mothertrinity (5 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
Great Ghost story. I'm an Aussie but now live in Canada for the last 22 years. No ghost stories from my house. 😢
psychicmama (1 stories) (51 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
This is a GREAT story, thanks so much for sharing. I like the details and the fact that these seemed to be harmless ghosties! I love that you had the cat around. My friend has a ghost cat at her house too. I'm a little jealous! I'm allergic to cats, but also love them, so a ghost cat would be very welcome at my house... Ha!
koalagirl (3 stories) (111 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
hi I really enjoyed your story, I to have seen the spirits of animals I have seen this dog in my home quite a bit, looking forward to reading more of your stories. Thanks for sharing. DI
SebastianRaynes73 (2 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
Hades666, Australia sure does have a lot of ghosts every state I have been in mostly for work. I have seen some interesting things. I'm guessing that with some of the intersting things that have happened in this country over the years its bound to have some interesting hauntings. I'm really enjoying being here and seeing or hearing or feeling the ones I am. I'm getting more fasinated by them all the time. I'm still trying to come to the grips with whatever abilities I seem to have. And even with a few less than pleasent experiences I have has over the past few years. I don't quite understand why I can communicate with them. Just that I can and try to when I get the chance. And now I'm getting better at it. I'm really having a lot of fun doing so. And I get a kick out of it when they try to communicate with me and do answer when they can. Its awesome whatever it is.

Hey DARKNESS, *waves at darkness in western australia* Hello neighbour. I only know where you are beside you being an Aussie cause I read your profile before replying to you. I am only a recent Aussie, became a legal Citizen in 2005. Born in Canada. Raised in various Countries all over the world cause my Dad's work (he was an Acheologist working for various Museums and private high level collectors with the right legal papers for collecting). I love being a newer Aussie. This place has been great to me since I moved here.
This house sure did have some brilliant spirits. And it made for an enjoyable experience to live there. And my two boys loved the place too. We were so very lucky I think that the spirits were so good to us. None tryed anything funny or nasty. And we got to really like having them around. I think I started being nice to them saying hello etc when I saw them, even the non-communicative ones just to be nice to them. So maybe in some way maybe they'd know I was happy to have them there. Silly maybe, but I didn't want some part of them there to think I didn't like them or something and then they might try to cause problems, if not for me then for my boys when they visited or my friends when they did. And it became habit.

The day I moved out for the last time I walked around the house and went down to Freddie's tree (as we called it) and said goodbye to them all. I'm sure as I walked out the door for that last day. I heard a voice of an older woman say almost in a whisper to me in my ear "We will miss you" and a cat purring just for a few seconds (which id never heard from the cat before he was quite). The voice was a shock but I quickly said since no one else was around "Thankyou. I'm going to miss you all to". I wish sometimes I never left. But I have always been a nomad type and I got bored. I should have stayed and would have if Id know the house in Parkside's ghosts would give me such grief (will write and submit about that soon I promise).

I tryed to do research on the house. Went to the Local historic Town Hall, Libary, even the Immigration Museum etc. And I could only find that the house had been first owned by a ship sail maker called Bernard (last name) , Andrew? Or Adam? (records have him down as either at different times) and his family, he had 11 children and his first wife Anne died in childbirth along with a 12 child in 1900. Maybe she was the lady pinning her hair I saw. As my bedroom was their bedroom while they were there. Lived there with his second wife Irene or Eileen (again papers show both names) until he died in a work accident in 1911, not sure how no record other than in an accident. His family sold the house in grief and moved interstate. Again don't know where. After they left 18 families moved in and out over the years until I got the house. The house over the years had been owned mainly by people who worked doing some job in the industry work around the Port. Except one who was a Lawyer who lived there in the 1980's. Sadly couldn't find anything else and I tryed for some time. Really wish I could of. I'm a history buff.

Argette, thankyou also. All input big or small I think matters when it comes to telling true ghost encounters. If you don't paint the picture well enough as you termed it. The picture looks a little unfinished and out of place. And leaves to many confusing questions. So I did what I could without going too nuts. Lol. It was a great house and I do miss it alot. With the thick walls it keep warm in winter and took days to heat up in summer and even then with the a/c kept it cool. They built the houses well back then. Thats all I can say.

Redwolf, Hey man so glad you enjoyed the story too. I'm glad to have recieved so many great comments from everyone so far. Thankyou again all of you. I think if you really like haunted places, you would have loved that house as the ghosts there were all really great. Louie loved his friend. And I'm guessing misses him/her sometimes. It was a really friendly. My sons loved the house. My now fiancee (as of this past Tuesday. And I found out I'm going to be a daddy again in November. After an nearly 10yr break). Natascha loved the place for the last month I was there.
I didn't tell the new owners as one I wasn't sure how to bring up the subject as I didn't want to frighten them. They needed the big house as they had 5 kids and what was an obviously another on the way. That and they were very highly into the church. And I didn't want to have them thinking I was some nut or worse.
Either way I have spoken to them since when I gave them my mobile number to let me know if they got any important letters or parcels. I got a call about 2mths later when a parcel arrived from Germany from a company that forgot Id given them moving details. So I drove back to the house to get it. I asked how their time in the house had been so far. And they told me that they were really getting to love the place and were fitting in well. And were having no problems at all. Maybe the ghosts left when I did. Or the new owners were in tuned to them. Either way I never heard anymore from them. So I'm guessing there wasn't any problems.

So glad that you have enjoyed this story and I have submitted another yesterday. Hopefully youll enjoy it too when its up. Redwolf youll like it. Its about an experience I had visiting New York a few years ago. Thankyou again for your great comments. And this has encouaged me to try to submit more soon. I was worried. But obviously I needed not to be. You have all been very kind.

Oh and thankyou zzsgranny for editing and working the story. You did a great job for me.

RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
I loved the story. You gave a great account of the happenings of the house. Sounds likethe type of house I would like to live in. Too bad you didn't stay there.
I live in New York and I read somewhere that if you know you have a ghosts/haunted house you have to tell prospective buyers. Well I have 2 ghosts that are children that come and go but I doubt I would tell any buyers if I ever sold the house because they are harmless.
Argette (guest)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
Sebastian, thanks for taking the time to paint such a vivid portrait of both your house and the experiences you had there. I was as fascinated with your house as I was with the incidents you described. I agree with Jenn, this is the type of story I really enjoy: Small incidents that taken in total are really very scary.
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
Hades666: We have more then a fair share of haunted homes in Australia I can give you that!

SebastianRaynes73: Loved your account mate, great first submission, sounds as though there was a lot of residual activity and a little bit of intelligent stuff goin on also. Getting the impression that whoever was still residing within the home respected you being there as you did with them I'm glad you gave the time of day to acknowledge them and Freddie!

Did you ever find out about the history of the home and land etc besides it being a Working Man's Cottage? Good to see another Aussie on board YGS there are a few of us now! 😊 Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next submission.

Hades666 (guest)
9 years ago (2013-02-15)
Nice to know that Australia has its own share of haunted homes, and just curious to know did you ever mention to the new homeowners about the ghostly inhabitants. 😆 Great story though and thanks for sharing
SebastianRaynes73 (2 stories) (31 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-14)
JennZ, I'm really glad you liked this story. I was a little worried when I posted it for submission if it would be good enough for the site. But obviously the mod who worked on it liked it enough to put it up.

Im new at this writing stories bit. Havent really done much since high school and some later in college. Not bad for a Oil rigger, hey. Lol.

JennZ (72 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-14)
What a Great Story! This is the type of stories I enjoy reading... Can't wait to hear more...


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