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Adelaide Hotel Sighting


It has been a long time since I have posted thank goodness! It's been a pretty uneventful two years. However something happened to my husband and I that I cannot explain!

We were in Adelaide for the week and staying at the Crowne hotel, we have stayed there a number of times and not had any issues.

This particular trip we had had a big day and didn't much feel like going out of our room, so we stayed in and watched Bad Boys 2 on T.V. When the movie finished my husband randomly blurts out "Where did Satan come from?" (He is a new Christian and often asks me questions about Christianity, God and the devil so it wasn't a shock to me) I explained how Lucifer used to be the angel of Music and so forth, satisfied with my answer he held my hand and I drifted off to sleep.

I laid there and just as I got comfortable I heard a noise on the balcony (we were on the 12th floor) the room was ever so slightly lit by the city lights. I looked over my silent husband towards the balcony and when looked back towards the dark ceiling there "it" was. It was a black blob at first on the ceiling. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, then the blob got bigger as if it was coming towards me. I closed my eyes tight and turned my head towards my husband on my right. Then I felt a warm breath on my left cheek, I turned my head back and opened my eyes to the black blob which now had a face and was about 5 inches from my face. His eyes were dark red, his face was covered in black hair he was panting and staring at me with so much hatred. (I'm not sure what makes me think it was a man, perhaps the size and the hairy face. Certainly didn't feel human.) I was frozen with fear, I felt as though I didn't even have control of my eyes to break the stare he had with me. I watch out of the corner of my right eye him outstretch an arm pointing over my husband and almost growl "Look what you've done to him how dare you try and take him, Look what you've done to him" This all happened withing a 20 - 30 second period but felt like forever he was glaring at me.

I somehow had control of my hand all of a sudden and gripped my husbands hand which was still interlocked with mine, startling him, the thing moved off me and I lay there blankly staring at the ceiling breathing heavy. I then heard my husband say "What the F**k is that" and his grip get tighter on my hand. I snapped myself out of my blank stare and watched my husband shuffle up the bed with his back to the head board, there was just enough light coming in from the city outside to see he had an absolutely terrified look on his face. I said to him "What? What are you seeing" His eyes were fixed on something moving at the end of the bed, His eyes followed something to the corner of the roof and fixated. He finally spoke to me eyes still fixed on the corner of the ceiling " I just watched something come up from leaning over you, it walked in front of the picture to the end of the bed and it's sitting up there. Can't you see it?" I could not see anything. But he was absolutely freaked, he wouldn't let go of my hands and I asked if he would pray with me, as its the only way to make it go. His eyes wouldn't leave that spot on the ceiling as I touched his cheek tears were rolling down his face. I have seen him cry once in 5 years; nothing makes him cry, we prayed together and he said he couldn't see it anymore. We had a bit of trouble going to sleep that night.

This was the first time my Husband has ever seen anything. Safe to say he believes me now, he gets goosebumps when he tells people what happened that night.

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MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
EmmalineTexas -

Yes, Emma, I will do that for you. I was told (three times) to write about what happened, and I will.

I won't use YGS, however. There is a more appropriate platform available and no ghosts involved in my experience.


EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (163 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
Hi MrRiggs, I read your comment about spending 40 minutes on the other side. If it's not too personal would you share what happened with us sometime?

EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (163 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
Hi MacKenzie2015, thanks for sharing this experience with us. It's incredibly frightening when you're faced with the fact that good and evil are not only very real but very tangible.

One thing that I would take away from this is the fact that evil can't stand against good. It might have been a threatening visitation but the issue was that evil had lost your husband. Yes, look at how he doesn't belong to anything dark anymore. I'm glad that you prayed until it left.

I've had experiences where I have seen the good with my own eyes and evil also. It changes your perspective and makes you realize how every little our every day problems are.

I hope that you haven't had any more visitations like this.

MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
I agree with rookdygin. This is not really about a hotel haunting. This is the result of a religious conversion. The very good news is that the conversion was clearly effective. Had it not been, the entity would likely not have made this appearance.

There is an American saying that is currently popular... "We don't know what we don't know." That saying can be interpreted in a number of ways that change its meaning. Simply put, mankind does not yet have complete definitive knowledge of all things. This encounter seems to fit that description. We just don't know...

That said, I do not want to create a verbal void and step away. In a near-death (like) experience I spent 40 minutes on the "other side." Given that experience, what has been described here makes sense to me.

Could this ghost story be poppycock or sheer fabrication? Of course. I believe this experience to be within the realm of reality.

Understanding that people of many cultures and religions may be members of YGS, it is prudent to be cautious regarding sensitive topics. I will simply say that upon departing this life for what comes, it would be wise to be on good terms with your new host. What is very memorable to me regarding my visit is that infinite justice takes priority over infinite love.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

I must say this... This sounds like it has way more to do with your Husbands recent conversion (May I ask how long had he been a convert at this time?) and less to do with the hotel you were staying in.

There are others who have recently converted to a Christian Religion who have experiences with 'non-human entities'. I find it interesting that this 'entity' revealed itself to you before it showed itself to your husband... (Has/did your Husband had other experiences with 'something' before this occurred, but after his may have even been dreams?)


Rex-T (5 stories) (288 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
Hi MacKenzie2015, this was a very dark read. Hits home as my wife has family in Adelaide and we have visited a few times but not at the Crowne (thank god).

I do have two aspects of your experience to explore.

1. If this happened on your first night at the Crowne, where did you stay for the rest of the week?
If it had visited us, I would have moved to McLaren Vale and cleaned 'Fox Creek' out of sparkling Shiraz.

2. From what it said, it sounds like your husband stirred its interest and you explaining the origin of Lucifer, etc, sparked its ire.
From all that I've read on this site this entity is powerful, being able to switch off you, onto your husband and then disappear when you both started praying. I suspect the same would happen if you tried to snap a photo.

I agree with MrRiggs comments. I have only felt pure evil once in my life, in the highlands of Bali, but that will be a posting for another day.
I hope that this is the end of this story for you both. Your strength prevailed.

Regards, Rex-T.
Myst (63 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
publicways- If it were me, I would have been concerned with continued existence. Never would have thought of a photo until later. It's very easy to sit back as a reader and critique;a whole different thing to be in the experience.
publicways (32 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-07)
What I don't understand about stories like this is why wouldn't you take a picture or video with your phone? Frankly, it makes the story very hard to believe.
MrRiggs (7 stories) (102 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-06)
Well, MacKenzie2015, that may be the scariest thing I have ever read.

It is one thing to read about deceased humans cavorting about, wishing well, delivering messages or making mischief. It is another entirely to come face to face with an emissary from hell.

What may await some humans is so terrifying that the mind cannot, dare not, grasp what an eternity of well-heated horror really means. To understand would drive us to untreatable and unrecoverable madness.

Some here may enjoy a hint of fright before bedtime. This crosses the line and carries the reader to a dark reality that most seek to avoid.

My compliments on your presentation. Well done.

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