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I feel it's time that I tell you my experiences. It all started when I was around 6 or 7 years old. I slept with my mom then, because I was scared to sleep in my own bed, We always leave the hall light on for me because I was scared of the dark.

My mom was in the basement watching TV and I was in her bed with the blankets covering up to my nose. I was looking out into the hallway where my grandpa's room was, all the doors were closed except for my mom's door. I closed my eyes trying to go to sleep but I could not sleep, so when I opened my eyes and looked out into the hallway I saw a black figure with horns in its head walk past the door and into a closet in the hallway.

But the strange thing is, I never saw or heard the closet open... Also that night I had actually came back from a Halloween party dressed as batman, and I used to tell my mom and dad that I saw batman walk into the closet in the hallway. Ever since then I stopped liking batman. But from what I know now it sounds like a demonic apparition, but it strangely did not do harm which was good.:)

My other experience was when I was 14yrs old.

My best friend/dog Sasha passed away from cancer in her nose, after a Christmas party that I didn't go to (Which I regret every day of my life.)

So a couple days later I was relaxing in my bed with my bedroom light on listening to music, at maybe 9pm? I was laying on my side facing my doorway with my arm holding my head up when I saw a white apparition of a golden retriever (Sasha) facing me with a big smile, almost saying "I'm okay, I love and miss you, you are my best friend. Thank you so much." It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Shortly after that my mom found me bawling my eyes out. When I told her what had happened she believed me. Her and my grandpa's girlfriend both believed me.

Now every time I think of her or see pictures of her, it's almost like I feel her with me.

This last one is kind of creepy, so hear we go:

My grandpa moved back in with his girlfriend when I just turned 15, and since it was originally his house we moved out, but we go there almost everyday but that's not the point.

I had just turned 16 and my little sister and I slept over at my grandpa's house. I was having some trouble getting to sleep, so I put music on. We were sleeping on a mattress in the living room near the TV, there was light coming in from the window so I could see the kitchen and out of nowhere, at the corner of my eyes I saw something almost like a naked werewolf like figure so skinny you could see its ribs and spine, run from behind the kitchen counter passed the stairs, to the door and vanished. But It wasn't over yet.

A couple minutes later I felt my arms and face turn cold, and also seconds after although I didn't see it I felt as if it was face to face with me. But for some reason my fear of it just went away, almost like when a normal cute dog looks at you when you call its name. I didn't feel scared anymore because I didn't feel like it was going to harm me, and eventually it vanished completely and I was warm again and feel asleep.

I'm glad I shared my ghost experiences with you all.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
9 years ago (2013-02-16)
Hi gummybearbubblegum, I really appreciate the way in which your friend manifested herself after she passed on. It really speaks volumes about the love and affection both of you shared when she was alive and love goes beyond the realm of life and death.

As far as the other two incidents are concerned, the first one I feel might be because you had worn the batman dress for the Halloween party and without your knowing might have slept and had a vivid dream. With regard to the second one, it might be something that probably you saw on TV. You said you switched on the TV and what were you viewing. Did it have any connection with the werewolf. That incident also, I am quite skeptical whether it is paranormal. Please clarify.

Regards and respects to you.


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