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This is my first story but I have been reading the ones on this site. But here it goes...

I live in a house in Woonsocket, one of the oldest mill cities in America. Right now it's just me and my brother but when we were younger, the entire family lived here. We built a bedroom in the basement seeing as there wasn't enough room for my mother, her boyfriend and the 5 kids (myself, 3 brothers and sister). The house is over a hundred years old and is located near many old mills. There have been occurrences near my house by people I know (Graffiti City, but that's a different story).

When we were younger, my brothers and I lived in the basement room (I still live in that room today). My brother Sean would tell us that he could feel a presence in the room with us very often. My brother Nick said he never felt alone downstairs and that someone was always following him. But that would stop when he got to the stairs to go to the kitchen. Sean would hear scratching on the wall next to his bed at times... Now my mother and sister lived upstairs. Both of their rooms are giant mirrors (it's kind of creepy) and the are conjoined by the bathroom and hallway. I personally get creeped out whenever I go up there, which is why I never moved up into that room when my mother left.

Now when my brother met his girlfriend, things got weird. We could hear a little girl laughing some nights and the scratching on the wall would be heard by all of us. So my brother moved out with his girlfriend and it stopped. But whenever they would come over, it would happen. When my brother broke up with his girlfriend, it all stopped again.

Now back to the upstairs... I had one of my friends over one night when everyone was on vacation. We were upstairs and we were making out. She stopped suddenly and told me that we needed to go downstairs, that there is a man in the doorway and he is staring at her. She said it felt like he was confused, like he was wondering why she was there and who she was. I just wrote it off as that she was just imagining things and wanted to go down to my room. But a few months later, my mom mentioned that her "friend" who hangs out upstairs has been messing around with her (moving her lighthouses, hiding the shampoo). So I asked her what she was talking about. She told me that there is an old man upstairs that stands in her doorway and watched her read at night. That he isn't welcome in her room so he just stands there.

Now when my mother moved out, I got a female roommate who moved into my sisters old room. This is the girl who is best friends with my brothers current fiance and had once brought a spirit to my house from Elder Ballou Cemetary. She dreamt that there was an old man bothering her and she could see him clear as day. She heard her name called and woke up to find this man staring her right in front of her face... If you all see the pattern with this man, he only bothers women. No men have ever encountered this old man

So when my brother met his new fiance, she came over to the house and immediately told us that there were spirits here. More specifically that there is a little girl who lives in the basement. She has a crush on my brother Nick (which is why weird things happen when he has a girlfriend) and that she was jealous that Nick had another girlfriend. But she also told us that this little girl was "hiding" in the basement and is afraid to go upstairs. My brother Sean sometimes feels her walk behind him up the stair to the kitchen door, but she will not enter the kitchen. Is this girl hiding from the old man upstairs? Was he a pervert who did something horrible to this little girl in the basement?

I can sometimes hear her giggle downstairs, or sometimes my personal things are moved but nothing really harmful. Maybe I will post the story of when my roommate came back from the cemetery with my sister-in-law and brought a spirit back. And my other roommate's encounter at "Graffiti City" right around the corner from my house.

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vanlewie232711 (1 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2013-12-06)
😢 baby ghosts well, I for one have this feeling that these girls don't know who the man is and he scares them so they stay where they feel the safest at. You can tell them that as long as your home with them they are safe to look around and see that that man won't hurt them. Maybe bringing them out of the basement may free their souls. Just a thought
Zack84 (8 stories) (32 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-19)
You might have luck starting with the Property Tax rolls for that house. Depending on how and where your local tax records are kept you may be able to get a listing of all taxes paid on the land since its initial deeding. It gets a little more tricky if the parcel was once part of a larger plot that was split since that would bring about an address and parcel number change. You can search tax rolls until you find a split, then look up your areas equivalent of the planning commission record authorizing the split to find the original parcel number and/or address to continue further back.

It's a lot of work, trust me I know LOL but it's a good way to get the owners' names and purchase/sale dates so you know where to look for things like newspaper articles and obituaries for prior occupants. You can also find evidence of disasters via tax records if the property was devalued as the result of a catastrophic fire or flood etc... Good luck to you!
theshedcrew (4 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-19)
[at] geetha

I am currently trying to find history on the house. It's very old and records are hard to find. But something had to have happened here if there are 2 little girls here. Maybe they both had sickness, maybe they were murdered. Why are they in the basement of all places? I want to learn all I can about the house. My grandmother owns it now but my grandfathers name was on everything and he passed last year
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-17)
Is there any way to find out the history of the house? Find out if anything happened there? I usually don't recommend this but if you are up to it, why don't you and your brothers try to communicate the ghosts, especially the girls in the basement. If you can find out what happened, you can help them cross over.
theshedcrew (4 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-16)
And I live in a location that was inhabited by French immigrant in the 1920s and the name Eloise is French and I believe my brother said she was wearing an "old style" dress like from the 20s or 30s
theshedcrew (4 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-16)
She freaked out. Woke her boyfriend up and everything.

My sister in law hears them when she is here. I asked her the other day about them and she told me there are actually 2 girls in the basement. They are both very young... One appeared to my brother in a dream and he heard the name Eloise. When I asked my sister in law, she said one said her name was Eloise. And then she told me the other girl, who is younger would scream in her ear at night. She's the one that won't come upstairs. According to my sister in law, Eloise comes up to the kitchen but won't go all the way upstairs. But the old man, she described as a creepy and nosy peeping Tom. He likes to watch people in the shower and opens closed doors.
HassaniSabbah (1 stories) (17 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-16)
Great story. Honestly I really do think that when you have a ghot in your basement it is more intriguing than scary, except the two most scariest things that freak me out are when I would be sleeping and hear whispering or giggling. If you don't think that theese spirits are harmful or fearful you could do a seance to get a better understanding of their intentions. Also how did that girl react to seeing the old mans face staring at her the moment she woke up, thanks.
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-03-15)
theshedcrew - interesting group of housemates you have. Gotta say, I'm hoping the old man isn't a pervert, okay? Maybe he only had daughters LOL. (I have a soft spot for old men 😊) Hopefully there is a different reason the little girl is afraid to go upstairs and that it has nothing to do with him 😕

Have you, or anyone else, ever tried to communicate with any of them?

I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing it with us.
theshedcrew (4 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2013-03-14)
Yeah, we all thought the girl having a crush on my brother was funny, including him. He even told her that if they were the same age, he would love to be her boyfriend.

But I haven't found any information on the house or land. My grandparents own it now and before them, it was another old couple who are both still alive. But when my grandfather passed last year, the activity seemed to lessen and I have seen my grandfather in his old office.
rockangel13 (guest)
9 years ago (2013-03-13)
Wonderful story. Yes, maybe that guy did something horrible to the girl, which might be, um, part of the history of the house or land? And as for the little girl being jealous, well, that's just funny 😊


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