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Was It My Grandpa?


I have been reading ghost stories from this site from a week, wanted to share my experience as well. It is about my grandpa (my mom was adopted by them from my mom's actual parents as they didn't have a baby).

A little bit history before the actual event. My grandparents (grandparents in the story are parents who adopted my mom) used to live in Indiranagar Bangalore, and we live in Banaswadi Bangalore. My parents are strict and they used to not allow us watch lot of TV like most of the parents. We, in fact, didn't have cable connection either. All we used to watch was DD1 that is doordarshan. However during our vacations we used to stay at our grandparent's place and they had cable connection and we used to watch TV all day and night. I and my 2 younger sisters used to love watching cartoon network however I used to watch them until 2009 that is until I was 21. And the next channel we used to watch was HBO, as most of the time in HBO they telecast horror movies.

Once what happened we had been to our grandparent's home and my mom also had come with us. And we had our lunch and wanted to watch TV, we turned on the TV and switched the channel to HBO, that day they were telecasting Mummy part 1, and all of us were watching the movie including mom and grandparents. While we were half watching the movie my grandpa got up and went out and mom for some reason went out, my grandpa didn't know that, my mom was on the way to step out of the house, power went. She came in soon and told us to get ready so we can leave. As there was no power we got ready to leave. And we came home, my mom was kind of angry and shouting at us for no reason until we reached our home, I asked her what did we do that made her angry, she used to tell us never watch TV at grandpa's place as we were kids we used to watch, that day she told us why, it seems when she went out grandpa to turn off electricity as we were watching TV. From that day we used never watch TV even if my grandma insists nor we used to stay there, as I was doing my engineering so I would not stay, nor my sister as one sister was in her 10th standard and only my last sister was left so she didn't want be there alone without us.

Coming to the actual story, it was sometime in the beginning for year 2009 my grandpa became very ill, so my parents asked my grandparents to come and stay at our home and after lot of no no's from my grandpa they came home. As he had diabetics and stroke he got worse. It was starting of September that he became very ill; he used to not listen to anyone.

However on 19th of September he was very fine, he was speaking well, on other days he needed help to sit straight, but on 19th he manager to sit fine, he asked mom to make something nice for him to eat. He asked my dad to take him to his house, that's in to Indiranagar. As it was Saturday evening dad told Sunday won't be possible as we had to go to church, for which he agreed and said to take him on Monday. He had his food and slept. On Sunday morning I came from church and asked my grandpa if he wants something for which he didn't respond. I thought he was sleeping so didn't disturb him. Mom came from church and check on him and found he was no more with us. As he wanted to see his house we went there and made our funeral prays there. And mom was told that grandma will have to stay there for 40 days and then perform the 40th day pray and come back home. During which my grandma and my grandpa's sister and some of our relatives stayed there.

One weekend mom asked us as well to stay at my grandpa's place. And as we stayed and had nothing to do we were watching TV, 1st time after almost 2 year, as my grandpa was no more, we planned to watch movie. We had dinner, my sister and I lay down on the mattress and we were watching movie. We were watching DDLJ the famous Sharukh Khan's movie which I had not watched until then. The movie started around 10:30PM as it was on TV with commercials the movie would take about 3 hours. During ad break we used to switch channels to see what's telecasted in other channels. It was around 11:30PM. I switched to HBO and guess what it was Mummy part1; however I saw the movie many times wanted to see it again.

It was when the mummy comes to life when a dog started to cry, and the sound seems to come from the gate, I guess the time was around 12:00AM. I started feeling strange, it is usually said dogs bark or cry if they see spirits. It started crying loud, and my sisters were sleeping beside me. The youngest sister got scared and asked me to change the channel. I did, but still she was scared, he held my hand and tried sleeping, and luckily she did sleep off.

However the dog howling never stopped, instead the dog seems to have managed to come inside the gate, and it was howling and the sound seemed to move behind the house, right behind my grandpa's room. However I ignored it and was watching the movie. I checked on my youngest sister found that she was sound asleep. So I changed the channel to HBO and I don't remember the scene however I remember it was the part mummy mourns, at that time I started hearing another mourning sound too. I got really scared and changed the channel back to Hindi movie, but still the mourning sound didn't stop. We were in the hall room and behind the hall is kitchen and next to the kitchen was my grandpa's room, however the dog never stopped howling all the while. All that time I was telling pray (Hail Mary) I didn't show out my fear as my other sister will get scared. However I didn't want to turn off the TV I wanted finish seeing that movie as it was embarrassing when I tell people I haven't watched DDLJ. And then the mourning stopped and so did the dog remain quite.

As things were silent I changed the channel to HBO. And it was the scene when my grandpa had turn off the electricity last time, exactly at the same time the TV got turned off automatically. I thought it was because we had been watching TV for long time but I had forgotten that we turned on the TV just 3 hours before. As I didn't think it paranormal I tried to turn on the TV using remote but it didn't work, so went and pushed in the TV button and it started working, when I did that I felt someone was staring at me and was very angry. I came back to my place without looking up, because I got scared and moreover if I turn I would able to see my grandpa's room and didn't want to do that. After I come back I didn't change the channel to HBO cause I didn't want to take a chance. It would have been 3 minutes when the TV got turned off again. I hesitated for a minute then thought I would complete watching this movie under any condition and went and turned it on.

Before I come back to the place the TV turned off again. I was about to go to turn it on again when the dog started howling again near the main door and the TV is right next to the main door. I lost all the courage I thought I rather shut up and sleep instead of challenging. But I was too scared; however there was night lamp on so there was brightness in room so thought of trying to sleep. Then everything was quiet I got up turned off the TV and slept.

Next morning as soon I woke up; I called my dad and asked him to come pick us up as soon as possible. But he asked us to stay as few more days we had to come for the 40th day function. I then called my mom and told the whole story, she sent dad to get us back.

Then on 40th day my mom went to stay there and she also felt his presence but he didn't trouble mom like us.

My grandma shifted at our place and we planned to leave the place for rent or rebuilding the house as there were lots of wasted space which can be used to build better house. Though grandpa died at our place we didn't feel and activity at home.

However there was a lady staying with her family opposite to my grandpa's home. Her son once told mom that she is not keeping well as she said she had seen grandpa many time and has got scared and has left to her village. And I remember mom telling that she died after some days. God knows what the reason was for her death.

My grandpa's house was rebuilt and we have let the house for rent, the tenants have not complained about any activity. And the TV that was there is bought to our house, even though the TV is one for 1 complete day it never turn off automatically, which confirms that is was paranormal activity that we encountered that day.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-04-14)
Well everyone has a learning curve 😊: prior to posting your story, you're given a chance to edit it. What some like to do is write their story out in something like Microsoft Office Word, which also has a spell checker, then copy and paste it into submissions. Others, like myself, edit as they go, or re-read and edit before posting. To change something place your cursor at that spot and either backspace or you can highlight/delete the error and type in what you want. Hope that helps!
jmj (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-14)
Sorry guys, this is first time I have written something, when I read after posting I found the mistake, and I don't know how to change them.
However thank you for your comments...
lostghostgal (69 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-14)
My Grandpa was like that When I stay over their house along time ago as a child well it was summer but my grandparent don't care what day it is but they rather sleep early so I was watch tv and feeling the floor creak to look up to see him tell me to turn tv off and go bed I like to be up all night but my grandpa don't like me to stay up all so I told him mom let me but he say she not here so go bed so I turn off and go bed. My grandpa is christian and strict and don't like horror movie like my mom and my grandma is fan of horror movie.
valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
9 years ago (2013-04-09)
It took me a bit to understand what you were driving at. I was a bit confused about the dog crying when the Mummy came alive, until I realized you were not talking about some dog howling in the movie, but actually outside your house's gate. Many in the States share that belief that dogs will bay at spirits or when death is near. It sounds to me like Grandpa either disliked that movie, or just wanted the tv off for some reason.
Shady4u (2 stories) (188 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-09)
Hey there! It was a great story but it took me a long while to understand what you actually wrote out there. Maybe your grandpa was against you using his television set. Be good. Thanks. -Shady

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