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Grandpa George


I think I have told this story to everyone I meet because it makes me feel happy and bubbly inside.

So a little over two years ago my grandpa George passed away, it was really heartbreaking for my whole family especially my grandma.

But this story takes place last year when I was at my grandma's and we had just gotten into her car and we were ready to leave and go shopping together. So the car was parked on the driveway and it was facing the street so we didn't have to reverse out we could just drive forward, so we're in the car and my gran is driving because I don't have my driving licenses, and all of a sudden my gran starts waving her hands as if she's signalling someone to get out of the road so she can drive forward off the driveway and I look and no ones there so I ask her what's she doing and she turns to me and says "Your grandpa George won't get out the way". She said it in quite a joking way as if my grandpa was teasing her by not moving, but the fact was no one was there so I turned to her and said "Grandma, grandpa George passed away" and she smiles at me and says "Yes, but just because he's dead doesn't mean he cannot visit me". And ever since then she tells me stories about how she'll walk into the living room and grandpa George will be sitting in his armchair and he'll smile and wave at her before disappearing, and it makes me feel happy because I believe she is seeing him and I feel complete knowing they are still happy and can still communicate and see each other. My gran always phones me whenever she sees him and the happiness in her voice is the best thing ever to hear.

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Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-27)
Wow! This is so cool... My family has had similar experiences as well. I love reading about these visitations of family members who have passed on. It solidifies our own experiences.

Thanks for sharing!
RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-27)
This is a beautiful story going into my favs. My father in-law visits my house and has for over 20 years. Sometimes I will see him sitting on the couch and he will give me the uh-oh I've been caught look and disappear. He plays jokes on us like taking something and moving it.

shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-26)
That's so nice! I remember the few years my grandma was alone after grandpa died, she would tell us how he would visit her at night.

She told dad that grandpa had visited and told her it was her time and he would help her. This really upset my dad, he thought she had lost it, but she did pass away at the appointed hour, I guess with grandpa by her side.

My family always thought it was spooky, but I always thought it was romantic. 20 years have gone by and I still think so.
BeagleMom (3 stories) (84 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-25)
Dear Flowersnroses,

First off, I am sorry for your loss. But, what immeasurable peace and happiness your Grandpa is bringing by his sweet spirit visiting your Grandma! Some say love is eternal. It certainly seems to be the case when it transcends the grave!

Wishing you the Best!

❤ Mother of Beagles
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2016-10-24)
Greetings & Welcome to YGS, flowersnroses!

While you clearly don't need any advice on this narrative, I thought I'd let you know it went into my "favorites" list before I even responded. This is a great, positive, upbeat story more about love than the supernatural.


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