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Black Shadows And Odd Feelings


I was a regular at the camp for young actors every summer called 'Penobscot Theater.' It is a lovely place and everyone that was there was very loving and fun to be around. I made so many friends and looked up to so many of the older actors. We had the camp in two spots. Once in the Penobscot Theater itself and another time in the old, Brewer High School. Both hold ghost experiences and both are said to be haunted.

In the theater there is said to be two ghosts. One is a very beautiful woman that stayed around after her death to wander at the balcony where she sat in her life when attending the plays. The other ghost is very free when it comes to placement and could be seen or mostly felt anywhere. I had been downstairs alone in the bathroom and I remember wanting to run everywhere. I know when you're a kid you get scared, but I actually felt the need to run to people or away from where I was if I was alone. I remember feeling very uneasy in the bathroom and hearing lots of scary sounds and other unexplainable things.

My friend came in to grab her coat which she left in the theater area. She turned on the stage light to go grab it when she looked up at the balcony. There stood the lady. "She was very pretty. Very early 1900's. She looked like she was looking down to watch a play and didn't seem restless at all." Of course, my friend didn't stay much longer after gathering her description. Those are the ghosts of the theater. Then we get to Brewer High, where my apparition story takes place.

The high school is very old and it's had lots of people go in and out of it. It was high school to parents, their parents, and their parents. It's been around forever. It's only natural to have a death or two. The one I saw was a girl that had passed away while attending. She was in study for acting and she had been messing around on the balcony when she fell to her death. I had been walking near the stair area. We weren't allowed on any other floors, make a note of that. I look up to the top floor (It's a spiral stair), where not even the janitors go, and I see this black shadow, clearly a girl, looking down at me. She seemed and I got the feeling she was curious about me and why I was there, and very harmless.

Thanks for listening! I've been blessed with not encountering any bad spirits. Just a few that have been hanging out after their deaths. A few that are too in love or too lost with their places of death to want to leave. No angry or evil souls. Thanks and God Bless!

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Amihet (5 stories) (94 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-02)
Dear VSAngels: After reading your touching story I decided to read your first post and something is off. In the first story you said that you are interested in ghosts or spirits but you have never seen one. The first story was written a couple of weeks ago. Now in this post you admit that when you were younger you saw the black form of the little girl that fell through the spiral stairs and died. So if she wasn't a ghost or spirit than what was she? Please explain because I am a little confused.
Amihet (5 stories) (94 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-02)
Dear VSAngels: I really enjoyed reading your story but it amazes me as to why some spirits choose to remain on this earth while others take the journey to the other side. I know there are different theories which sometimes makes sense and sometimes it doesn't. I have a question and please anyone feel free to express your opinion; why would a person who was so unhappy with their situation, life, etc end it by committing suicide, but their spirit hangs around their home. Or a soldier that dies on the battlefield still rooms the very place that caused him so much turmoil that took his earthly life. I have compassion for these spirits. You are lucky to only have encountered harmless spirits. In a way it's a blessing because we know that when our journey in this world is over, we will begin another journey in the next life. Thanks for sharing your touching experiences.

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