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After the apparition I saw and told you about in my last post, we started discussing about spirits and other so called paranormal stuff with my best friend and family. Everyone had some sort of story to tell, quite interesting ones at that. Anyway, some time passed without any significant encounters with the things beyond.

One day, the same trio as before of me, our friend and sister, were at our friend's house again. We were trying to get the time to pass and suddenly found ourselves talking about all things supernatural once more. Our friend then started typing something on Google, and soon we were going through this magnificent page about Ouija. It had it all. We spent some time reading it all through, at the same time me and my sister telling stories our mom had told us about her own experiences concerning Ouija; or as they called it, spiritism.

After all was read, we looked at each other, everyone apparently thinking the same thing. We should try it. So, since we didn't have a Ouija Board, our friend [the resourceful person she is] decided to print one out! We picked a picture of the most pleasing looking one, a light wooden board with a sun and a moon pictured on the corners, and a woman who has a face amongst her hair [a detail I noticed after a closer look]. There we had it, then; a printed out A4 sized Ouija Board, which looked like the real thing.

After the board was set up, we started looking around for something to use as the planchette. I didn't want to use glass, since it brought up in mind the game of spiritism all played for fun around here, asking questions like "Does he like me?" or "Who's my future husband?", and I couldn't take it seriously anymore. And I wanted to be able to take it seriously, to actually maintain a slight feel that something could actually happen, that there could be an actual spirit in contact with us. My sister was the one who discovered a suitable pointer - a piece of candy box! Yes, indeed, our planchette came from a cardboard candy box. But it so happened to be exactly the shape of the real planchette, and it even had a round hole in it which was the exact same size as the letters on the board.

Happy we had everything, it was time to use the board. And I say use, not play, since I don't think Ouija Board is something to play with, a mere toy. It's a serious item which shouldn't be taken too lightly!

My sister didn't want to participate in touching the planchette. She was a bit scared. So it left our friend and me to do the work. We had the lights off, some candles around and our friend turned off her computer screen so the bluish light wouldn't mess the atmosphere. We wanted to have a right feel to it, and since it was middle of the summer, it was far too bright to have any "spooky" feelings if the lights would've been on and the curtains open.

My friend was nervous and fidgeting a lot, but for some odd reason I had a sudden calm settling over me right before we started. We had read that you shouldn't use the board while afraid for it could draw in negative energy. Maybe my subconscious was doing me a favor. Putting our fingers on the pointer, we said "Hello". And waited. Nothing happened at first, and we were just going to start talking since I felt a bit stupid just sitting there, staring at our hands on the board. But then, it started moving. Slowly, the planchette making an eerie scraping noise against the surface of the paper, there came a response of "Tere", which means "Hi" in our hometown's slang. Looking at each other, we were a bit taken aback. Of course we had wanted to contact a spirit, but still, I believe everyone has that slight doubt in their mind on the first time. We proceeded, asking who s/he was. The answer came slowly, but without a wait. "Juhani". Breathing in slowly, I glanced at my friend and sister. Was this really the same spirit I saw before, the young man who was killed and who used to live in this house...? We started asking questions, like his hair and eye color if I remember correctly. Little, harmless questions. We had read what shouldn't be asked, and I wasn't going to ask questions that could get too personal.

Then my friend had to go and do it. She looked at me over the board, and whispered, "Should we ask him to give us a sign...?". I looked at her in shock, hissing back that we cannot ask that! That was on the No-No list, since it could give the spirit an access to the physical world according to the page we were on before; it would create an opening, a door to our level. It was an invitation. But before I could do anything, the pointer started moving quite fast. It felt almost eager. I realized our fingers were on the planchette when she had said that, and if the spirit wanted, it could see it as a loophole. How could he know the question wasn't directed to him, right...? The planchette moved over only two letters, "P...C". All three of us looked at each other, perplexed. PC, it's a computer, right...? Shrugging it off we continued, since nothing else happened. No noises, no weird knocking, nothing. I thought we had made it.

We didn't continue too long after that. Only a couple of minor questions which have now disappeared into the oblivion for me. We said our goodbyes and stopped. Discussing the experience, we got back up from the floor we were sitting on, taking our seats in front of our friends computer. And what we had there waiting for us, was dozens of different pop-up windows! Our friend's internet connection had broke down, there was countless pop-ups filling the whole screen without anyone even using the internet and there was many virus warnings flashing here and there. And then we remembered those two letters...P...C... Our friend has asked for a sign. This was the sign. He had messed up our friends PC.

After our friend had cleared the screen from all the windows, and after the internet connection came back up, we just sat there in silence for a while. Then we started talking about all the things that had happened. A bit startled by this little PC trick, we decided to put it pass us for that day, and started watching a movie.

The following night we spent at our friend's house, since we were having another sleepover. We slept with the lights off, naturally, and despite the happenings in the house lately, I slept quite peacefully. But when I woke up, pretty early in the morning, my sister was already up! And she is the champion sleeper, usually. Our friend happened to wake up a bit after, and then my sister told us something she had seen during the night. We slept on two mattresses on the floor with my sister, next to our friends bed. The computer, wardrobe, bookcase, couch, etc were on our right side, the door just opposite us. She said that while she was trying to sleep, facing the wardrobe [next to which we used the board... I was facing our friend's bed], she suddenly felt like someone was watching her. Opening her eyes, she saw a young man standing next to the wardrobe, and just staring at us! And that young man was non other than our new acquaintance Juhani.

A bit creeped out, we decided then to move downstairs for breakfast.

And that was the first time I have ever used an Ouija Board; but not the last time. I will post our other experiences with this "game of games" later, since it would definitely turn into a novel if I were to post them here. Thank You for reading!

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
7 years ago (2016-03-05)
You can't be cursed if you use someone else's Ouija Board if you don't ask first. Just DON'T use a Ouija Board PERIOD!

You should not be using the Ouija Board either, nobody should. It's not a game as you say but by "using it" all the time that's the same as playing with it. You also can't be "sort of" pagan. Either you are or you are not. Like I said to Livinit2 just DON'T use a Ouija Board PERIOD!
katzifilth (4 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-09-18)
Thank You all for your comments! (: And apologies for the late response...

Livinit2: Thank you (: We have used the board several time after, two times with my best friend, and the rest with my sister/s. We have always been very careful, taking necessary precautions (if there can be any bullet proof ones), and luckily, nothing bad has happened. I will post more of our Ouija-experiences in the future!

Swimsinfire: That is true, I believe. They can cause grief and terrible things, for what I have heard, if you treat it like a game and do not respect the spirit you are dealing with. We usually make a protective cirle around ourselves and the board nowdays, that should prevent negative energy entering through the board. We didn't thought of that at the time when this story's events happened, nor two of the times that followed; only after that, me and my sister (who are both pagans of sort) decided to start creating one. Plus we always say Goodbye before we take our hands of the board; that should seal it so no spirits can use it as a portal to physical world. And we never leave the pointer on the board; that can work as a portal too, or so they say. Better be safe than sorry, so we do not leave it on the board, nor take our hands of it before saying Goodbye (:

Groovieghoulie: That's a horrid experience! I can understand why you have decided never to use one again, and that is a wise decision! If you have any doubts or fear, you shouldn't use an Ouija-board, for the negative spirits can feed off of that frightened energy...

CharyWithThePoltergeists: Thank you for commenting (: The spirits, although some has been nastier, haven't done anything bad yet - thank goodness! And the name of the site we used back then is >> - if I remember correctly, that is the site we went through before using the board for the first time:>

WeScorchedTheSky: Thank you for your recommendation, I shall look that book up! (:
WeScorchedTheSky (9 posts)
8 years ago (2014-07-22)
Can I recommend a book to you? Maybe read "The Ishbane Conspiracy", by Randy Alcorn. It's is honestly an eye opening book, and gives us an insight into the spiritual world. Just a recommendation, thanks for sharing your experience.
CharyWithThePoltergeists (3 stories) (61 posts)
9 years ago (2013-06-07)
Well as long as you're safe and the spirits aren't harming you then you should be OK. May I please ask the name of the site? Thanks for sharing!
Groovieghoulie (1 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-05)
Time for my Ouija board story and why I will NEVER touch one again... My niece and I were kids and we went to an aunt's garage sale... In the stuff my Aunt had out for sale was a Ouija board... Having never "played" with one we grabbed it and took it over to our car to sit in the backseat and see what we could contact... I remember asking if my deceased grandmother on my dad's side of the family was there with us and all of a sudden, the car doors locked, and there was this ungodly, horrible high pitched whitsle and the board began to vibrate in our laps... We were screaming and trying to get out of the car, I mean we were two very hysterical little girls and my sister started to run across the road to see what was wrong with us and just as she started across the road, there came a big black car like a lincoln continental out of nowhere... This road was out in the country... Very little if any traffic on it at any given time and you could always tell when a car was coming because you could see the plumes of dust behind the car, and you could hear the engine... There was no sound of a car's engine and no tell-tell plume of dust signaling this car's arrival...weird! I have not to this day ever touched a Ouija board again.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-02)
I've heared those ouija boards can cause a lot of grief. If it was me, I wouldn't use one. But someone who posts on here says there's a way to "open" and when you're done "close" them. The spirit world is likeswimming in the ocean, you're pretty safe as long as you remember most everything is stronger than you!
livinit2 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-06-02)
Awesome story. My older sister and her friend used one of those, but I don't think anything happened. You are right; those are not for games! Good luck the next time you use one but beware, using things like that more then once can make things get dangerous. And if you use someone else's Ouija Board ask first because if you don't you will be cursed.

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