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The Old Charleston Jail


My mom and I went to the old Charleston Jail, which was made in 1802. We went inside with about 25-30 other people, and we went to the first room on the left. Everyone was standing together in a "U" shape, and my mom and I were in the back of the group, right in front of the doorway, listening to the guide.

The place is INSANELY hot inside, like 90 plus. So we were standing right next to the open doorway, and out of nowhere I feel this very chilly air coming from the doorway. It was a bit odd, so I looked over, and then looked at my mom. She felt it too, but we ignored it at first and kept listening to the guide. So we kept listening, and a few seconds later I felt it again. I literally stood right in front of the door way and could feel it moving around me, and DEFINITELY coming from the hall. The reason it was so odd was because the air was moving verrrrry slowly, and this was not a breeze because it was wwwwayyy too cold. I could literally feel it on only certain parts of my body at certain times, and it literally took a few seconds to reach my mom, who was only a couple inches to the left of me. It could not have been a vent, literally because of the speed of it. I swear it was literally a mass of random cold air moving through the doorway and behind me and my mom.

I was in these old houses all day, and I know what that summer breeze feels like, and trust me that was not it. I asked the guide if there was any ventilation in the building, without mentioning the experience, and he insisted that there was none. I swear it was like a slow walking pace, and one solid mass.

That is all that happened here. I don't think that anyone else felt anything, but they could have just kept quiet as my mom and I did. My second story is much more intriguing, but this was my first questionable paranormal experience in the Deep South. The best part about this was that it happened on my birthday, so I ended the day with what I view as a gift from them to me, even though they obviously could not have known it was my birthday.

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vanlewie232711 (1 stories) (42 posts)
9 years ago (2013-11-30)
😊 I am from Charleston SC and yes that old jail is haunted lol if you stand outside during august to October you can hear the chains rattling like someone is held. You can see lights that are not normal lights and still see several old jailers walking in the windows lol its a very haunted city for sure! ❤

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