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I work in jail that was built in the 1700 era. I have been employed here for a little under a year now and I have experienced multiple things on my shift. I grew up believing in ghost, it was just a thing in my family, even today I am amazed with the after life but I don't go looking for it.

One night I came into work and I was placed on the minimum housing unit block. At the start of my shift I normally talk to the inmates for a little. I bounce around from cell to cell just talking to everyone. One night I am sitting in the officer station dozing off. At the time my son was about 4 months old, so I didn't get much sleep prior to the start of my shift.

The unit that I was on had two levels and I was adjacent with cell 8. The first time I dozed off I jumped up and looked directly at cell 8 because I saw a shadow, the shadow ran to the left in-between the inmate bunks at first I thought they were joking with me. This happened twice, the third time I noticed the shadow standing directly behind the cell door just staring at me.

At this point I fully opened my eyes and the shadow figure was still standing there. When I stared back into the cell the shadow ran back into the bunks. Approximately a half hour later the nurse came up to the cell block and we were passing out medication. We went cell to cell, I told the nurse what happened and she told me she had something happen to her on the special needs cell block.

She said that she turned on the light in the special needs cell block area and a inmate was about to gulp his meds and the light turned off. She said when she looked to the side the switch was flicked down and she asked the inmate if he did it and he replied to her you were looking right at me.

Anyways when we reached cell 8 I asked the inmates if they were messing with me and they all looked at me like I was crazy. They all looked like they just woke up.

Another thing that happen to me was cell opened on its own, this cell was marked down for repair and it was empty. I was placed in the hole as my post for the night. The hole is where people go as a punishment. They are put in a very small cell approximately 8 feet long and 3-4 feet wide for a long period of time, most of the people who come to the hole are people who committed murder or simply act disorderly. I was instructed to have the inmate workers paint any cell that needs to be painted.

So this cell 23 had some graffiti on it. I attempted to open the cell door with the key but the key wouldn't even turn. The inmate yanked on the door while I was trying to turn the key but it wouldn't budge so we left it. We walked down towards the officers podium and back up with the paint to the cells. When we reached cell 22 which was right next to the cell we couldn't open, which was 23 the cell door was wide open as if someone forced the door completely open.

The doors on these cells in the whole are different compared to other cells. These doors are very heavy doors and they need to be forced open. I tried to duplicate it but even if the cell door fell off the locking mechanism it wouldn't have opened all the way like it did it was locked when we walked away. It was just impossible for it to open the way it did without some kind of force.

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H2olily (5 stories) (158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-11)
I also work in a jail type setting and noticed blurry flashes or shadows from time to time. I now know them to be supernatural events, very real and very aggressive. Something is trying to get your attention...

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